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  • Collecting Star Wars Toys, Figures and Playsets For Fun  By : Erik Vanhorne
    If you are collecting, or preparing to start collecting Star Wars toys, figures or other kinds of collectible items, you don't necessarily have to be the utra serious type of collector who hopes to make a fortune one day by selling his unique collection on eBay. There's nothing wrong with collecting your favorite Star Wars or Clone Wars characters, vehicles or scenes just for fun. If you're just starting, here's a couple of tips to help you choose the ideal category of Star Wars collectibles.
  • G.I. Joe Action Figures--The History Of A Phenomenon  By : John Mowatt
    It all began in 1963 when Stan Weston, who was a toy inventor, saw how the Barbie doll for girls had become such a huge success. He invented a military themed "doll", which could be marketed to boys. Don Levine, who was the creative director of Hasbro at that time, thought this was a good idea and approved it. He also named the line, after a 1945 movie "The Story of G.I. Joe".
  • Why are there so many different Japanese Bandai Godzilla 2000 Toys?  By : Ross Tanner
    Born in a time when competing movie monsters were just magnified insects, what is it about Godzilla that has given him a cult following? What has made Godzilla, first called Gojira, grow to become known in both America and Japan as the King of Monsters?
  • Collecting Wrestling Action Figures  By : Aurel Radulescu
    If you are a wrestling fan, then you probably enjoy collecting memorabilia that is associated with your favorite sport of superstar. Everything from t-shirts and books to trading cards are available, but perhaps the most popular is that of action figures. The reason is because these small collectibles bare the resemblance of a wrestling superstar and take up very little space in the display case.
  • McFarlane Toys - The Pinnacle of Action Figure Collectability  By : Martin Brinkman
    To call the action figures produced by Todd McFarlane Productions Inc., just toys would be an insult to Todd McFarlane and collectors alike. The semi-posable, amazingly detailed figurines are some of the most popular, and highly sought after collectables available in the realm of toys or otherwise.
  • Action Figure or Doll?  By : Captain Toy
    In the debate of Action Figure or Doll, there are many opinions. Michael Crawford aka Captain Toy weighs in with his, knowing the debate will never be truly settled.
  • GI Joe - The Real American Hero  By : Evelyn Williams
    In 1964, Hasbro played with the idea of creating a new toy figure for boys to play with. The G.I. Joe action figures were created with the intention of creating more than just another " green army man". Hopeful that the stigma of boys playing with "dolls" would not take off, Hasbro was pleased when they saw that this toy was going to be very popular.
  • G.I. Joe Takes The World By Storm - History of the Real American Hero from 1989-1995  By : John Gibb
    By 1989 G.I. Joe was the best selling action figure in the United States and was being marketed in other countries around the world. Not bad conquering the world by the age of 25, but the producers at Hasbro were not ready to settle there. COBRA, was G.I. Joes greatest competition and the dynamic of good and bad made for a more interesting story line to the G.I. Joe, Real American Hero plot.
  • The History of G.I. Joe - The First Twenty-Five Years  By : John Gibb
    G.I. JOE was the first boy's "Action Figure" in the world. G.I. Joe first hit the scene as an 11-1/2 inch "doll" for boys. What made G.I. Joe unique was its 21 moving parts for interactive play. G.I. Joe is named after the movie "The Story of G.I. JOE" which gained great popularity in the early sixties.

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