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  • Do You Take A Chance On Fourth And One  By : Becky Long
    The most difficult area in which to make a decision one way or the other, is if field position is between the opponent's 35 and 40 yard lines
  • NFL Super Bowl History  By : Rich Stephenson
    History of the NFL Super Bowl game which is the football championship game. This years NFL Super Bowl XLIV game will be held at Landshark Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on Feb 7 2010. Super Bowl 44 tickets are expected to be at a all time high this year.
  • Pro Football In The Beginning  By : Becky Long
    Today there are only 2 original pro teams that survived the turmoil in the beginning.
  • The Most Stunning Kick Off In History  By : Becky Long
    There is no other game quite like football. Anything can happen in a Football game, that is one reason why it can be so crazy, this game was no exception!
  • Dallas Cowboys San Antonio Training Camp – NFL Football  By : Jonathan Freegard
    San Antonio is a favorite location for the Dallas Cowboys training camp, and every team fan visiting this area would be thrilled to take part in some of the events that are organized on the camp premises.
  • Top 3 College Football Teams  By : Gen Wright
    Based on their history, performance record and current form, following are the top 3 college football teams.
  • 2009 NFL Draft Impact on Fantasy Football (NFC)  By : Milton Doyle
    This article discusses the impact of the players drafted in the 2009 NFL Draft on fantasy football leagues. Players from teams in the NFC who factor into the world of fantasy football drafts are discussed.
  • 2009 NFL Draft Impact on Fantasy Football (AFC)  By : Milton Doyle
    This article discusses the impact of the players drafted in the 2009 NFL Draft on fantasy football leagues. Players from teams in the AFC who factor into the world of fantasy football drafts are discussed.
  • Super Bowl XLI Milestone Memories  By : Steve-Vo
    February 4, 2007 would be the rainiest super bowl on record as the unrelenting southern Florida rain poured throughout most of the game. Super Bowl XLI would
  • Pre-game Preparation. Part 1: Mastering the Pre-Game Speech  By : Spencer Wood
    Coaches and athletes alike are well aware of the individual differences that exist in skill levels on any given team. Nowhere is this lack of attention to mental trait differences more apparent than in the coaches’ pre-game speech and in each athlete’s own pre-game preparation.

    Part 1 of this two part series on pre-game preparation will focus on the pre-game speech, while part 2 (to be published
  • The 'Variable' BCS System - The Best Compromise  By : Matt Baxendell
    There has been a lot of griping about Texas' exclusion from the BCS National Title Game in favor of Oklahoma this past week (including from yours truly) and it is with much trepidation that I have decided that the BCS needs revamping.
  • 2008 Utah Utes Football Preview  By : Joel Welser
    For the past three years, Utah has taken a backseat to BYU. This could be the year that the Utes find themselves back on top of the conference. Coach Kyle Whittingham, who played at BYU, has slowly built up the team over the last three years and now is the time for Utah to dethrone the Cougars.
  • BCS No More: College Football Needs Playoffs to eliminate the BS  By : Michael Shull
    In the past few months the idea of a college football playoff has a renewed fire. When interviewed the night before his election win over John McCain, President-elect Barack Obama said that an 8-team playoff was a must. A few short weeks later, Obama told 60 Minutes that he would "throw his weight around" to see what he can do to get an 8-team college football playoff started. While I love Obama's
  • 2008 Boise State Broncos Football Preview  By : Joel Welser
    The defense struggled during those losses, but the team still ranked first in the conference in just about every major defensive category. With linebackers Tim Brady, Dallas Dobbs and Kyle Gingg returning to their starting roles, the defense will be the best in the Western Athletic Conference again this season.
  • Take Back the NFL  By : Joe Brady
    We're knee deep in the NFL season and by now the pretenders are starting to get weeded out from the contenders. There is however another group within the NFL that needs to be pulled out by the roots and cast aside. I'm speaking about an ever growing genre of NFL fans.
  • Gaining a Competetive Edge in Coaching Football Through Instructional Videos  By : Active Videos
    World class football instruction with instructional videos can bring you to a championship level.
  • 2008 Ohio State Football Preview  By : Rob Wludyga
    Senior QB Todd Boeckman returns for his second year at the helm of the Ohio State offense. In his first season as the starter, Boeckman threw for 2,379 yards and 25 touchdowns. His 14 interceptions did become a concern at times throughout the season, but a year of experience may improve his decision making. The tools he has to work with at the skilled positions, and a rock solid line up front shou
  • 2008 Southeastern Conference (SEC) Football Preview  By : Matt Baxendell
    The SEC had another banner year in 2007, again finishing as the strongest conference in college football. For the second consecutive year, the SEC produced the National Champion as LSU became the first team to be crowned BCS Champion twice.
  • Ten NFL Players under pressure in 2008  By : Matt Fullerton
    A month before training camp and a few more before the regular season kicks off, their seats are getting hot. There are lots of players in the NFL jockeying for position, fighting to keep their spot as new talent pours in from the draft, free agency and trades. Players who haven't yet lived up to their billing and are at risk of losing their jobs if they don't step it up quick.
  • 2008 Big Ten Football Preview  By : Matt Baxendell
    The Big Ten had a tough 2007 as the conference dealt with the fallout from 2006's stunning showing during the bowl season where both Ohio State and Michigan lost badly after finishing the regular season both ranked in the top 3 and boasted 23 wins combined.

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