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  • His Most Famous Painting (Whaam!) - Roy Lichtenstein  By : Annette Labedzki
    The inspiration behind "Whaam!" was a comic-book picture from 'All American Men of War,' published in 1962 by DC comics. The painting shows a rocket being fired by a fighter plane towards an enemy plane, along with a red-yellow explosion. To add interest, the painting has the onomatopoeic words "Whaam!" on it, along with the caption saying, "I pressed the fire control... and ahead of me rockets blazed through the sky..." "Whaam!," a diptych, is a big painting, measuring 1.7 x 4.0 m (5 ft 7 in x 13 ft 4 in) and is presently displayed at Tate Modern in London, England.
  • Her Most Famous Painting (Oriental Poppies) - Georgia O'Keeffe  By : Annette Labedzki
    The American painter Georgia O'Keeffe (November 1887-March 1986) was a pioneering 'Modernist.' Her unique approach defied all the accepted norms of painting and gave a new definition to the 'American Modern Art.' Owing to her competence, American Art attained fame and recognition in creatively competent Europe. Flowers fascinated Georgia and they were her favorite subject on canvas.

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