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  • The Truth About Viking Horn Helmets  By : John Hilde
    The Vikings were a Scandinavian people who came out of present day Norway, Sweden, and that whole area in Northern Europe. They stared raiding and expanding their territory in the late 8th century ad and into the 11th century. They were famed for the long boats which cut through water and were very fast. They were also were said to have heads of dragons carved in the bow of the ship to intimidate the enemy as they landed near shore.
  • Prominent Greek Helmets in Ancient Times  By : John Hilde
    There are a few different "main designs" of Greek Helmets that the Greek wore (or their close related factions) that are worth mentioning or that most people are looking to add to their collection. These include the Trojan helmet, Corinthian helmet, Spartan helmet, and Hoplite helmet. Most of these can be found in online stores, but you may want to do some research as to which are historically accurate before buying.

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