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  • What Are The Simple Facts About What Makes A Sketch Or Drawing Into A Painting!...  By : Anna Meenaghan
    When you pencil in a rough draft, or spontaneous illustration, in fact, you could well state that this is the total opposite to a painting. However, however if you do a quick drawing, if truth be told I would state this is in all probability to ensue the set up of your painting. When you sketch, what you essentially accomplish, is to really formulate divisions of the working area of your representation, its fabrication, and then entrust it to be supplemented with the added particulars later.
  • What We Want To Look Out For When You Start Painting On Canvas!...  By : Anna Meenaghan
    Why do people from time to time have a preference to paint with a canvas?
  • Special Things You Have To Know About Utilising Glass Paints?...  By : Anna Meenaghan
    Basically there are two kinds of paints meant for glass that you can use. There is water based and non-water based paint.
  • Art Value Of Canvas Wrapping Methods  By : Travis Olague
    The second method is so called a museum type. It is the method where the white canvas wraps around the edges to the back. This type thus allows hiding staples on the back of the canvas. The sides are at the owner's disposal as he can use them as his or her own purposes. Read more on canvases` methods of wrapping.
  • Oil Paint Was Made From Plants - History  By : Nanine Masclee
    This article is an introduction to oil paint, different kinds of oils that are used in its production and the plants from where these oils come from. This article reveals their properties and uses related to painting and daily life.
  • How The Artist Uses Color  By : Charles Griffith
    Color is one of the most important elements of design for the visual artist to master. This article covers the basics of color theory and offers advice on the effective use of color in a composition.
  • Symbolism of Color - Colors and Their Meanings  By : Annette Labedzki
    The colors that are used by the artist are very subjective with many different emotions attached to them. The viewer may see entirely new hues and shades within the same color, and find other meanings and feelings than what the artist had intended to express. The artist may have used red to express love and passion however the viewer may mistake the red to mean anger or aggression. Colors are a beautiful mystery because they are elusive and subjective; yet scientific as well.
  • Duchamp, Double Sided Tape And Fine Art  By : Dominic Donaldson
    Now specialising in industrial themed art, I still use doubled sided tape, but of the more hardcore type than was given to primary school children back in the seventies. The applications for specialised tape are limitless. If you can recall the Polyfilla adverts, probably from the same era, the strength of industrial adhesives are enough to keep a poor bloke in a boiler suit stuck to the underside of a plank while sharks swim beneath him. With this kind of advancement in adhesive properties, double sided tape can stick anything.
  • Basic Drawing For The Artist  By : Charles Griffith
    Drawing essentials for beginning and experienced artists alike, emphasizing the importance of draughtsmanship and providing basic exercises for improving drawing skills.
  • Creativity and the Artist  By : Charles Griffith
    A discussion of various approaches for improving creativity for the visual artist.
  • The Basics of Design  By : Charles Griffith
    Learn the fundamentals of design as they apply to painting and drawing, so that you can create artwork of the highest artistic quality.
  • 3D Street Painting - What You Should Know About Street Painting  By : Tracy Lee Stum
    Street painting has been recorded throughout Europe since the 16th century. Street painters in Italy e called madonnari (pronounced: mah-doan-are-ee with madonnaro being the singular form) because they often created pictures representing the Madonna.
  • Learn How to Use Acrylic Paint  By : cash330
    Acrylic paint is a popular painting medium and is very forgiving. Both beginning and advanced painters used acrylic. Acrylic paint is great for several reasons. First, it dries quickly. This may or may not be a good thing for you. It better for those who like to layer their paint. Oil paint takes a long time to dry and if you layer, it will take even longer if it ever does completely dry.
  • Learn How to Use Oil Paint  By : cash330
    Oil Paint has been used by many of the most famous painters. It is a great medium that isnít hard to use and has many exceptional qualities. Before you begin painting, you need to make sure you have all the supplies including paint, brushes, terpentine or another oil paint solvent, canvas to paint on, and anything else you might need.
  • Find the Best Drawing Pencils for You  By : cash330
    Choosing a drawing pencil sounds like it should be simple. You just go to your pencil jar and grab one, right? The hard part is that there are so many to choose from. Believe it or not, it is not as simple as choosing to use a number 2 pencil. Number 2 pencils are fine for math class, but not necessarily for drawing.
  • Different Watercolor Painting Techniques  By : cash330
    Watercolor paint comes in two different forms. You are probably most familiar with the cakes. You can buy watercolor paint in the form of cakes that is simply color paint pressed together and formed into a cake. You can get the cakes lined up side by side.
  • A Brief History of Airbrushing  By : April Kerr
    The history of airbrushes is as old as the root lies in the year of 1893, which is far before the year when the world war took place. It was not exactly the current model but somewhat similar to it which was invented by Charles Burdick. Then gradually the usage of airbrush gained popularity and during the 1920s this particular device was used for retouching the photographs.
  • The Art of Etching Through Time  By : James Monahan
    Etching is the method of engraving using acid on a metal surface. It is also a printmaking method wherein the image is carved into a surface of a metal plate with the use of an acid. This acid bores into the metal surface, and leaves behind rough areas or lines if the surface is too narrow.
  • The Basics of Collecting Art: Fine Painting  By : Shannon Southway
    Though fine paintings are a staple of both the art world and of the home decorating world choosing one for your home or office can be intimidating and overwhelming. Even with all of the variety that art galleries and online art emarkets have to offer, making a purchase can be difficult. Art, it seems, is not just a simple purchase so much as it is an investment, both financially and emotionally.

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