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  • Collectible Figurines - Which Are the Luckiest Creatures to Keep?  By : Monica Swanson
    Collectible China - Which Are the Luckiest Animals to Keep?
  • Thangka, a little bit about ancient Tibetan paintings  By : Caroline Cuif-Letrange - Reach Summit
    When visiting Tibet you canít fail to notice the beautiful Thangka paintings that hang from monasteries and home altars across the region. These paintings are full of information about Buddhism and the Tibetan worldview and they unite the opposing passions of religion and analysis in their geometric and rule-governed depictions.
  • Folk Paintings in Vietnam  By : Suzanne Macguire
    Folk paintings in Vietnam have an intimate association with its rich traditional and cultural fabric. Vietnamese folk paintings offer an interesting combination of traditional cultural values with ancient artistic methods molded through the efforts of the previous generations. Vietnamese folk painting can be categorized as Tet holiday paintings and Worshipping paintings.
  • Chinese Calendars: Information You Should Know!  By : fongsuimy
    Many people do not understand exactly what Chinese calendars really are, but to be honest, it is very close to the Western calendar, it has just been in place for longer. 2600 B.C is when the first Chinese calendar was introduced and it is the biggest chronological calendar on the books to date. Empe
  • All About Collecting Chinese Antiques  By : April Kerr
    Possessing Chinese antiques is a great way to enlarge your antique collection. Some unique Chinese antiques that can be your prized possessions are:
  • The Wrath of Dragons in Vietnamese Art  By : Suzanne Macguire
    The influence of symbolism in Vietnamese art has been in vogue since prehistoric times. One of the most supernatural of all creatures, dragons and fairies, symbolized various instances of Vietnamese art. From the Dong Son civilization to the modern Nyugen Dynasty, the dragon motif has been used in various forms and shapes in sculptures, paintings, palaces, and different religious or architectural
  • Enter China's Forbidden City  By : smitharticles
    China has been growing at an incredible rate for the last several decades and today with the focus of the Olympics and their huge economy and manufacturing sector many Westerners are once again focused on this world giant. China offers to many Westerners exotic culture and architecture. In fact, one of its landmarks- the Forbidden City is now becoming one of Chinaís most popular tourist attractions.
  • Chinese art antiques - A brief bit of history  By : Brian Fogarty
    Early forms of art in China were made from pottery and jade in the Neolithic period, to which bronze was added in the Shang Dynasty. The Shang are most remembered for their bronze casting, noted for its clarity of detail.
  • Choose The Perfect Netsuke To Bead With Silk  By : Anita Satin
    Netsuke toggles were created originally for the practical uses for hanging pouches, small crafted boxes or small woven baskets for being able to carry along small personal items, and were worn around the waist. Boxwood and several other hard woods are another very popular material used, but materials of boar tusk, hippopotamus teeth, rhinoceros horns also carve very well for detailed Nesuke.
  • Netsuke and Inro Really Belong Together!  By : John N Cohen
    Explaining a little about what netsuke, inro and ojime are, also how they were used, and the fact that although these antiques are often collected separately they really belong to be together.
  • Amazing Pictures From Flaws or Inclusions Found in Stones!  By : John N Cohen
    About the amazing pictures that have been formed from natural flaws, or inclusions discovered in the stones, used by the brilliant carvers of antique stone Chinese snuff bottles.
  • The Fascination of Japanese Lacquer Inro and Boxes  By : John N Cohen
    Japanese Lacquer Inro and Boxes are such incredibly beautiful works of art, particularly, pieces from the late 18th and early 19th century. I consider many of them to rate very highly, amongst the finest treasures of the World!
  • Netsuke Cord Holes (himotoshi)  By : John N Cohen
    About inspecting antique netsuke, detailing the reason for different sized netsuke cord holes and how they should be positioned. One way of recognising a poor quality modern netsuke. Informative for any new netsuke collectors.
  • Antique Chinese Snuff Bottles, Heavy Stones That Really Float!  By : John N Cohen
    All about antique hard stone Chinese snuff bottles that are described as well hollowed out and the most amazing stone snuff bottles that are so wonderfully hollowed out, that they will float in water. Valuable guidance for potential collectors of snuff bottles
  • Antique Inside Painted Chinese Snuff Bottles  By : John N Cohen
    Describes these extraordinary Chinese works of art and what aspects of inside painted snuff bottles intrigue the author (an antique snuff bottle collector) the most.
  • Vietnamese Art: Uncovering The Passion Beneath  By : Suzanne Macguire
    It's not been long since Vietnamese art established its ground in the past century. With the Ecole De Beaux Arts opening its doors to local students some 70 years back, began the slow diffusion of Vietnamese art into the local scenario. However, the cultural inception of Vietnamese art goes back much further.

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