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  • Selling Signed Memorabilia  By : David Thoreau
    Selling signed memorabilia through autograph auctions can be a worthwhile endeavor. Knowledgable sellers have an edge when it comes to selling signed memorabilia through an auction company. Here are some of the key considerations.
  • Believed to be the earliest known George Washington signature in private hands.  By : Adrian Roose
    Dated March 23, 1750-51 this handwritten land survey bears the surveyor's signature on the front and rear - the surveyor being an eighteen-year-old George Washington.
  • Online Autograph Catalogs  By : David Thoreau
    Online autograph auction catalogs are a wonderful place to view and study autographs. Whether you are a collector, history buff, or purveyor of interesting memorabilia, online autograph catalogs are a perfect way to learn about autographs and find fascinating items for display.
  • Free Sports Autographs - 4 Steps to Successful Sports Autograph Collecting  By : Teddy Hill
    Collecting sports autographs through the mail is a great hobby. It will provide you with personal satisfaction and lots of fun. My goal in this article is to teach you how to fill your mailbox with autographs of your favorite athletes and make you a very successful collector.
  • Recognizing the Authentic Autograph  By : Virgil E Morris
    Recognizing a fake is not as hard as it may seem and there are many organizations and dealers who will help collectors authenticate an autograph free of charge. Recognizing a fake is not as hard as it may seem and there are many organizations and dealers who will help collectors authenticate an autograph free of charge.
  • Autograph Dealers and Long Time Collectors Fight Back Against Forgers  By : Virgil E Morris
    Autograph collecting is one of the many avenues you can use to feel a part of some special event or person and as a hobby may be one of the least expensive and most entertaining than most. In fact an investment in time may be all you need to become a success at autograph collecting.
  • Celebrity Autographs - Michael Jackson, more Than a Piece of Paper  By : move-posters
    Yesterday Michael Jackson died. So, for the next few months there will be thousands of articles, TV and online dedications. We will hear all the talking heads discussing his legacy. His fans and those who despised him (primarily his personal life dramas) . So, I will leave all that to the self proclaimed experts. But, as a collector . . ..
  • How to Preserve your Autographed Photo Collectables  By : Casey Markee
    Autographed photos are fun to collect and can be a very profitable hobby. Whether you collect autographs to resell at a later date, or just collect them for your own personal satisfaction, you'll need a way to safely preserve your autographed 8 X 10 photos and other memorabilia. After all, what is the point of collecting autographs if the photos are faded and crumbling in a few years? If you need solutions to safely store your autographs, use these tips.
  • How to Get Autographs from Pro Football Players  By : Jordan McAuley
    Learn how to contact and get autographs from pro football players and others.
  • Framed Autographs: A Dangerous Combination  By : Brian Kathenes
    One popular method of displaying autographed letters and signatures is in a glazed frame. This may cause damage to a rare and fragile autograph. More importantly, framed autographs cannot be easily authenticated. Framed fakes and forgeries are routinely sold to unsuspecting collectors. Knowing how to determine genuine signatures from the fakes can save many dollars, and hours of aggravation.
  • Great Autograph Deal or Ripoff? Can You Tell The Difference?  By : Ruth Moore
    Autograph forgers often go to great lengths to make it so that their forgeries appear authentic. Fortunetly, autograph dealers and retailers are cooperating with one another in order to authenticate and verify autographs prior to selling them.
  • 10 Tips To Collecting Free Golf Autographs By Mail  By : Aurel Radulescu
    Collecting autographs is fun, rewarding and can even be free if you know the right technique. Every day, people are going to their mailbox and pulling out autographs from their favorite athletes, movie stars and other notables. If you are a golf fan and/or a collector of autographs, then you are in luck. This article will provide you with 10 important tips to making your autograph hunt successful.
  • Collecting Rare Sports Autographs  By : Richard Mueller
    Perhaps no other collectible carries the history of the autograph. Dating back generations, it's one of the most personal pieces of sports memorabilia you can find.
  • Finding Companion Pieces is Like a Treasure Hunt  By : Jason Diehl
    Looking for a companion pieces for your treasured item can be a fun venture. Companion pieces can also make the value of the piece, in certain instances, more valuable.
  • What Factors Determine The Value Of Autographs?  By : Daniel Stone
    For some people autograph collecting provides an important link between the past and the present. Autograph collecting takes many forms it depends on the interests; enthusiasm, and focus of the collector. People tend to treasure signatures and want to have concrete evidence of having known a celebrity, even if it is in a small way.
  • Investing in Autographed Collectibles is Preserving History  By : Jason Diehl
    Whenever we invest in our culture we are preserving our history. Collectors of all types are helping to maintain our ever-changing culture. From the original art drawn by artists that put humor, reality and fantasy in our everyday lives to music by our favorite musician or band. Collectibles are a remembrance to that time when for whatever reason, it meant something to you.
  • It's All In A Name  By : Jim Brown
    There's nothing more exciting that having a poster or picture of a movie star with their name scrawled across it in black sharpie. Knowing your favorite actor or person has signed something that belongs to you is a neat personal experience.
  • Autograph Collecting: More Questions and Answers  By : Lon Strickler
    Autograph collecting terminology and common sense are vital for the hobbyist in order to make informed purchase decisions.
    Question: What advantages does autograph collecting offer as compared to other collectibles?
  • Autograph Collecting: Questions and Answers  By : Lon Strickler
    Obtaining autographs from celebrities requires patience and a little luck. As well, purchasing autographs online requires knowledge of the hobby.
    Question: I want to start sending requests to celebrities for autographs, what should I include in the letter?
  • Collecting Autographs  By : Frank Kush
    Every sports and entertainment fan has their favorite players, drivers and celebrities. Even though our dreams may have been to be as famous as our favorite stars, there is nothing like being able to meet them in person. For those of us that are lucky enough to do that, there is no better way to remember the occasion than by a photograph or an autograph.
  • An Introduction To Graphology  By : Richard Steiner
    Graphology became a common term. Many people have started to use it, but only few know what Graphology really means and what graphologist do when they analyze text samples.

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