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  • Progress of Chevy through Time  By : Brent Moody
    It all commenced when Chevy started out in 1901 being a competitor of the Ford Model T. Then in 1912, the Chevy Classic Six was introduced for the awaiting buyer.
  • Porsche Logos And Badges - The Image Of A Brand  By : Gen Wright
    You may be a maniacal lover of cars, able to recognize a good car at a glance and even name its make, model and specifications just by hearing the engine note. But for many people, the sticker is what lends the final confirmation to an identification. When the Porsche is named a Porsche, it gains an extra bit of value.

    For owners who identify themselves with their cars, there is no substitute for that branded badge on the coat lapel, unless it is the branded sticker adorning the main door.
  • 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo  By : Saulius Narunas
    2007 Porsche 911 Turbo Review
  • Taking Pictures of Ferraris for Fun and Profit  By : David Nalin
    You may have a fascination with expensive cars that you can turn into a fun hobby or possible profit from when taking pictures of Ferraris. If you are a competent photographer, or an accomplished amateur, taking pictures of Ferraris can be a fun filled activity.
  • Show off Your Investment Taking Pictures of Ferraris  By : David Nalin
    You’ve worked long and hard toward providing yourself and loved ones with an up scaled lifestyle that allows many prized possessions like automobiles. Taking pictures of Ferraris owned and sharing these with family and friends is a great way to express your pride of possession.
  • Taking Pictures of Ferraris For Insurance Purposes  By : David Nalin
    It is a great idea for owners to be taking pictures of Ferraris owned as a record for potential insurance purposes. Often, your insurance agent will come to your residence to take pictures of Ferraris you own to place in your account file. This is important because these cars are exquisitely expensive, you are paying top dollar premiums for protection and the insurance company always wants a before look. This is why insurance pictures of Ferraris are an important detail for your financial prote
  • 1964 Impala Restoration - Must Have Books!  By : Richard London
    You've always been a do-it-yourselfer but you don't have experience in all the areas of classic car restoration. You can replace parts, do a tune up, and you've even done some interior work before. Engine rebuilds and body work are something you've never touched but you would like to learn.
  • Preserving Your Old Chevrolet Impala  By : Richard London
    A prestige car within the reach of the average American citizen. This was said by Chevrolet’s chief engineer in the late 50s when he was asked to describe the Chevrolet Impala. This sedan-based automobile is indeed one of the most successful and prestigious cars built by Chevrolet, having endured the industry’s tough competition for more than three decades. Its name seemed to have brought much luck to Chevrolet that it was revived twice—in 1994 and in 2000 after eight and four years of hiatus.
  • Unique Characteristics of a Lowrider Impala  By : Richard London
    In 1962, one of the most popular low rider was the 1964 Chevy Impala hardtop edition. Another model was the 1958 - 1964 Impalas. Meanwhile, the 1961 - 1964 Chevrolet Impala become the fastest selling car together with the 1978 - 88 GM G-bodies. Also hot in the market were the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Buick Regal and the Pontiac Grand Prix. The 1973 - 1977 relative edition became the entry level low riders.
  • Moving Forward, the advancement of Motor Vehicles  By : Andy Freeman
    Early cars looked very different to those we see on the highway today, and performance was also very dissimilar. Cars today vary in performance, but almost all can reach quite high speeds quickly, and are able to competently maintain highway speeds without hassle. As acceleration improved and vehicle top speed increased, changes to automotive brakes were also necessary. There is no doubt that car technologies have come a long way, from the use of pneumatic tires to power steering and anti-loc
  • What You Didn't Know About Go Kart Engines  By : Michael Schamacher
    Go kart engines are marvels of manufacturing. When you understand some of the similarities and differences between different engines, you'll be able to choose the go kart you've always wanted.

    Governors for safety
    Of course, safety should always be a first concern. For this reason, most go kart engines have governors which are mechanical devices that are incorporated into the engine to ensure that the go kart will not exceed a predetermined speed. An average go kart engine will have 6.5 horsepower and 150cc. It's never a good idea to modify a go kart to increase its speed potential. The go kart's handling will most likely be negatively altered, causing instability and loss of control.

    Two-stroke go kart engines
    Some go kart engines are two-stroke engines. Two-stroke engines, which use unleaded fuel, have some great advantages. For instance, a two-stroke engine has a simple build and is lighter weight because it doesn't have any valves. Also, unlike the four-stroke engine, which fires on alternate revolutions, two-stroke engines fire on each revolution; this provides considerable power enhancement. In essence, two-stroke engines have more impending power without taking up more space or adding more weight; so two-stroke go kart engines are simpler engines, and cost less to produce.

    Four-stroke go kart engines
    Go kart engines with a four-stroke combustion cycle provide certain benefits as well. Four-stroke go kart engines also use unleaded fuel, but much more efficiently than two-stroke engines, making it possible to get more miles to the gallon. Also, four-stroke engines cause less pollution than two-stroke engines because they do not combust oil like two-stroke engines. Also, you'll most likely get a longer lifespan from a four-stroke engine, due to its part-protecting lubrication system. As for size and weight, manufacturers of go kart engines constantly seek to develop four-stroke engines that are much lighter and smaller, like two-stroke engines.

    Go kart engines are the powerhouses behind the fun. Now get going!
  • Hot Rods and American Muscle Cars  By : Jamie Hanson
    During the 1950's up to the 1970's, muscle cars and hot rods dominated the world. Even females cou ...
  • Some hints on new Muscle Cars  By : karl donald
    From the time that Ford showed the way with the first classic "muscle car" in 1964 in the form of the Mustang, America has been in love. With the on demand performance that these cars offered, the Ford Mustang became the top selling car for many of the years during its "performance era." Times are very different, though, and there are many factors that would seem to hinder the muscle car's popularity. High fuel prices and strict Federal regulations would seem to cause a restriction for all that
  • The History of Police Cars  By : James R Shaw
    The very first police car is said to date to 1899, when an electric car patrolled the streets of Akron, Ohio. It could only go 16 miles per hour, and needed to be recharged every 30 miles, but it was a major development in the history of police forces. Police officers actually used motorcycles far before they used patrol cars, in part because cars were more expensive.
  • 1965 Shelby GT-350  By : James R Shaw
    The 1965 Ford Mustang was one of the most successful cars ever built, selling over one million in the first eighteen months. This iconic car formed the basis for the 1965 Shelby GT-350. In 1964, legendary Carroll Shelby was approached by Ford to produce a race version of the popular 1965 Mustang. Shelby had been a racer in the 1950's; by 1960, he had retired, becoming a designer of high-performance cars.
  • Purchasing My First Classic Vehicle Without Any Help  By : Ian D Wright
    For most people, owning classic or vintage cars is a dream-come true. Owning classic cars are considered a luxury. It isn't cheap and a lot of people can't buy one, much less pay for the restoration of one.
  • Top 9 Used Car Salesmen Tricks, and How to Avoid Them  By : felix h
    Top 9 Used Car Salesmen Tricks, and How to Avoid Them
    One of the biggest moments in many people's lives is driving off in their brand-spanking-new automobile. It's an exhilarating feeling. It's also a big moment because in that very instant,
  • Selling or Buying a Collector or Antique Car  By : jankov
    Buying collector or antique cars is a special hobby. People love antique cars because they feel luxurious and many of them are hand built. A classic or antique car is not just a piece of machinery but a piece of art. Value of an antique car can reach up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Selling and buying a second hand car online is easier than you think  By : jankov
    Buying a car online has many advantages over traditional medium. Foremost advantage is that it removes most of the middle layer. You should understand that while choosing your car, budget is the most important criteria.
  • Smart Vintage Car Buying in South Africa  By : Alex Jochheim
    The second hand motor industry can be a bit of a minefield for the first time buyer. We list a few tips that will keep you from being swindled by unethical dealers.
  • Classic Car Scratch Repair  By : Jason Smith
    If your car gets scraped, finding a car scratch repair kit might seem like an easy answer to fix it. However, if you are thinking any of the numerous items that say “scratch remover” on the label will do the job— think again.
  • Collect this Car, It's a Classic!  By : Steve Dolan
    Antique and classic cars are being collected now more than ever. Classic car collectors learn their hobby over years and years of research and browsing, even attending a half dozen or more car shows each year. However, some basic information is available to help anyone begin the lifelong passion of collecting antique automobiles.
  • 5 Reasons to Ship Your Car  By : markbutchher
    If you need to move a car over a long distance there are many reasons that you may consider having it shipped rather than driving it yourself. Besides the obvious reasons like the time you will save or the convenience of it, there are a few other reasons to ship your car when the need arises. The next time you need to get a vehicle across the country, or bring one, here are some of the other reasons that you should consider having it shipped.
  • The Popularity of the 1932 Ford  By : James R Shaw
    There are actually two versions of the '32 Ford, one with a four-cylinder engine and one with the new V-8 flathead, which offered more power. The four-cylinder model is known as the Model B, while the V-8 engine style earned the name Model 18. The Model 18, in fact, offered the first V8 engine to be commercially successful.
  • Porsche, Ferrari Or Land Rover Gear, Where Does Your Logo Loyalty Lie?  By : Dominic Donaldson
    A phrase that I was unfamiliar with until recently has kept on cropping up in conversation of late, 'logoed up'. The term is a humorous way of describing people who wear clothing that displays the designers name prominently somewhere and looks like the item of clothing was created around the label rather than the other way around.
  • Buying a VW Camper - what to check in the interior  By : Nick Wright
    When you're checking out the interior of VW Campers,the normal rules apply, look at a range of Camper models - you'll get a much better idea, not only of what configurations are available, but also what you want.
  • Take Advantage of Falling Used Car Prices - Buy That Rolls  By : Dianne Logan
    Car prices had been steadily declining over the past one or two years, despite the increase in the cost of steel and other raw materials. This is due to the sluggish demand for new cars, forcing the manufacturers to operate at very thin profit margins. Subsequently, the prices of used cars had seen a drastic fall. In the United Kingdom, a survey in June 2008 revealed that the price of cars that we
  • Auto Salvage Yards - Goldmines for Auto Parts  By : marri
    Just like any other product, cars too unfortunately have their own shelf life after which they are confined to the junk yard. An auto salvage yard is different from other junk yards for one reason. You can find many useful parts here, which is not always the case with other junk yards.
  • Chevy Chevelle: Great Collectible Auto  By : Julie Davis
    One of the most successful cars to come out from the stable of General Motors, the largest automobile manufacturer in the US, is the Chevy Chevelle from the series of Chevy. Introduced in the year 1964, Chevy Chevelle is intended to primarily compete with Ford Motor Company’s Ford Fairline vehicle.
  • Hybrid Cars, the Prototype of Modern Vehicles  By : ghostevyta
    Mercedes-Benz has taken the wraps off of its first hybrid car for passenger, the S400 Blue HYBRID. Based on the S350, this mild hybrid auto pairs an electric motor/generator and the first lithium-ion battery in a production car with a specially tuned version of the company's 3.5L V6 driving the wheels through a 7-speed automatic transmission.
  • Should I Bring My Classic Car to a Restoration Shop?  By : Alice Lane
    You finally got your dream classic car and can't wait to get on the road. The only problem is your classic beauty needs restoration to get running. Should you bring your classic car to a restoration shop or do it yourself?
  • Do You Know the Origin of Your First Love - the Automobile?  By : Devraaj Khattri
    In 1908 Henry Ford began production of the Model T automobile. Based on his original Model A design first manufactured in 1903, the Model T took five years to develop.
  • Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance Is Where It Is At For Cars  By : Ann Knapp
    It's become one the premier automotive events of the year, the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance attracts thousands of enthusiasts to see the beautiful, unusual and rare in the automotive world. It's also a great place to be seen arriving in a luxury sedan or limo. Here's a little background on this event.
  • Photos that capture moving objects motion  By : Carol Pruitt
    Still photography freezes a scene. A photo is still in nature but sometimes you would like to convey a feeling of motion to the viewer. For example when taking a photo of a moving car or a runner. There are techniques that can help you achieve that - here is how.
  • Impounded Cars For Sale  By :
    People have a love affair with automobiles. And most people want bargains. Whether it be haggling with a dealership for new cars, or kicking the tires while talking down a used car salesman, people also love deals on cars. Some of the best bargains around can be found when authorities offer impoun
  • What Are Government Seized Car Auctions?  By : ajit.dc
    Are you thinking about buying at a government car auction? This article is designed to provide you with the details on how government seized auctions work and how they can get you the best deal on used car. Specifics may vary from auction to auction; however, the following information includes helpful and important guidelines from which everyone can benefit.
  • 7 steps to fixing a car on a budget  By : Livaivanova
    When you’re tight on funds and you really don’t have the money to spend. There are some things that you can have done to your Japanese auction bought car if you have kept your car in good maintenance. Here are seven steps on fixing your car on a budget.
  • Getting Car Insurance for Your Antique Collectors Car  By : Elizabeth Newberry
    Getting car insurance for your antique collector’s car is not the same as buying insurance for your everyday car. The insurance for collector’s cars is different than other auto insurance. Every antique car collector should know a few things about antique car insurance.
  • What the Transport Authorities Hate to Tell You About Used Cars...  By : ClaraKenpnb
    You must engage in a comparative analysis of used car prices before you make up your mind to buy. Used cars vary in cost depending on factors such as age, mileage and brand name. Pricing a used car requires admirable negotiation skills and an even more admirable knowledge of cars and their prices.
  • The World Of Collection Cars  By : Aurel Radulescu
    Collection cars are highly sought and even have special trade shows dedicated to their very existence. In the world of collectors, you have mechanics who can rebuild old cars to look new, individuals who have protected the original beauty of the car without extensive restoration or collectors who completely build collection cars from the ground up.
  • A Short History of the Automobile  By : Mick Call
    Driving to work and back in your car, you can not image your life without it. But how did we come to this? Find the humble beginnings of this everyday objects and its turbulent history.
  • The Truth Regarding Cars Auction - Find Ideas Now  By : Nathan Knightley
    It's easy to find discounted car bargains at car auctions. Anything from older, junk fixer uppers to great newer cars even to expensive luxury models can be
  • What You Absolutely Need To Know About Used Cars  By : ChristyJonpns
    Before buying a used car, ensure that it isn't stolen. There are two things that can tell you if a car has been stolen or not-- the vehicle registration number of the car and the plate number of the car. Ensure that the VIN of the used car you buy matches the number on the registration papers.
  • Collecting Vintage Car Memorabilia  By : Amanda Russell
    Do you have a passion for vintage cars? Are you a collector of memorabilia? If so, then I am sure that you will already know about the pleasure that can be had from searching out and finding classic and vintage car ads.
  • Car User manuals - Do it yourself maintenance  By : Clem
    Do you have a classic car at home? Are you thinking of ways on how to make your classic car run again on the road? Do you have a classic car that still runs but needs maintenance but you are currently short on the budget.
  • Have A Classic Car To Relocate? 3 Tips That Will Save You Money  By : Laura Buckley
    To some people a car is a car. You tend to forget sometimes that not everyone shares a love of cars like we do especially when it comes to classic or vintage cars. How can you really be sure that a company will take care of your car in the same manner as you would?
  • Ferrari History  By :
    The Ferrari name has been around for years. In fact, this brand of car is much older than most people think.
  • Ferrari Fan Merchandise  By :
    If you are a fan of Ferrari’s (who among us is not), it is safe to say that you probably have some merchandise that shows it. Ferrari merchandise is among the most popular when it comes to automobile manufacturers.
  • Vintage Car Restoration  By : Dan Farrell
    Classic car restoration is a huge project, but if it's tackled
    in the right way it can also be a lot of fun, especially if you
    do it with your family and make a family pleasurable time out of
    it. Classic cars are meant to be one thing, and that is
    pleasurable, if it's not fun for you, then you might want do
    yourself a favor and sell it.
  • The Ford Mustang Pony Car - A Legacy From Auto Marketing  By : Terry Z. Voster
    The Ford Mustang was one of the most pivotal cars in the
    American Sports and Pony Car sales and marketing as well as
    being an icon of the "Youth Generation". Sports, fast and very
    important inexpensive and affordable how did it come about?
  • The Emblem Of "The Beach" And Surfing - The Woodie Station Wagon  By : Terry Z. Voster
    Nothing signifies surfing on the west coast of North America as
    much as "Woodies" - Wooden station wagons. They were
    inexpensive and could carry a surf board or boards easily. As well,
    they could serve as a crash pad at night, parked along the beach
    or in a parking lot, whether it be on the coast at a California,
    British Columbia or Oregon beach.
  • The Three Amazing Sports Car Collections  By : Jackson Porter
    While thousands of sports car fans have put together notable collections there are three such collections that will inspire awe and demands the attention of any sports car enthusiast. These three are Toad Hall, LeMay’s collection and Ralph Lauren’s Collection.
  • How to Value an Antique Car  By : Carl Phillips
    Every year more become classified as antique or collector cars.
    With so many antique cars on the market these days, it's getting
    harder and harder to keep track of market prices. Luckily there
    are a number of guidelines you can follow to come up with a fair
    price for a classic automobile.
  • Why You Should Attend An Antique Automobiles Show  By : Norm Stamm
    Many people have been attending antique autombiles shows for
    years, meeting like-minded individuals and seeing cars that were
    roaming the streets decades before. However, many people have
    yet to experience what it is like to attend an antique
    automobile show, and for the uninitiated majority, they do not
    know what they are missing out on!
  • Trading In Antique Automobiles  By : Norm Stamm
    Antique automobiles are an excellent hobby for anyone that
    enjoys the thrill of the open road, and the wonders of
    machinery. From repairs to fine tuning to the all-gratifying
    test drive, spending your spare time with antique automobiles
    can be one of life's more enjoyable experiences.
  • Why People Adore and Collect Antique Cars  By : Carl Phillips
    The American automobile industry began in the early 20th century
    and has been a huge factor in creating the society we live in
  • The Saab Gt850 Sports Car - A Most Collectible Mid-60's  By : Ralph P. Stofman
    The story of the Saab Gt850 Sports Car.

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