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  • A Flight through the History of Aviation  By : 4Ps--Marketing
    The history of aviation boasts an interesting story with many successful, and just as many unsuccessful, attempts by people to take to the skies.
  • A digital photo shooting session of airplanes in an air show  By : Carol Pruitt
    A few weeks ago I went with my friends to see an air show. The schedule was packed with acrobatics and many types of planes. The highlight of the show was the blue angles with their jets doing dangerous routines. I took my camera hoping to capture some good digital memories of that show.
  • Continuous focus mode used for shooting digital photos of moving objects  By : Carol Pruitt
    It is harder to shoot good digital photos of moving objects than of still objects. When objects are still you have all the time that you need to focus on the object and set the other camera parameters like shutter speed and aperture. This time shortens as the objects in the frame move faster and faster.
  • Methods for focusing your digital camera on moving objects  By : Carol Pruitt
    Focusing is an important part of shooting a good photo alongside with composition and lighting. Focusing on static objects is relatively easy either by manually focusing or by using the camera auto focus feature. Focusing is much harder when the objects are constantly moving.
  • The Wonder of Hot Air Balloons  By : Charles Kassotis
    Many people have ridden in hot air balloons over the centuries. Before there were planes and hang gliders, there were hot air balloons. When humans first began to take to the skies with any regularity, they used hot air balloons. In fact, many early parachute dare devils performed their feats out of hot air balloons, since there were no planes for them to jump from.
  • Military Helicopters  By : Marcus Peterson
    Traditionally, helicopters were used by the military for evacuating wounded soldiers or carrying weapons and supplies from one place to another. However, during the Vietnam War, helicopters were reinvented as an offensive weapon.
  • Aviation Development Throughout History  By : Caleb Anderson
    Man's wish to fly is old as man itself. Old myths and legends
    describe man's wish to fly and rule the air space. The most
    famous antique legend is one about Icarus and his father Dedale.
  • The Early Years In Helicopter History  By : Low Jeremy
    History tells us that the first concept of man trying to defy gravity and actually fly was through a helicopter flight. Accounts date way back 400 BC in ancient China with a hand-spun toy made from a stick and feather that flew when rapidly spun between palms to generate enough lift and then released.

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