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  • The Folding Bicycle  By : Sean Reynolds
    For the urban workers and city dwellers, riding a bicycle is very helpful especially if they only need to travel for a short time. If they ride the train or drive their own car, it will be a big waste of money, not to mention environmentally unfriendly because of the fuel that these modes of transportation consume. However, one problem that this entails is that bicycles are bulky and heavy, which makes it difficult to transport them.
  • Bike Tire Pressure: How to Set it Correctly  By : Sophia Goulski
    Good control of your bike starts with the correct tire air pressure. This article will tell you how to find the perfect tire air pressure setting.
  • The Origins of Lowrider Bikes  By : Richard London
    Lowrider bikes were originally fashioned after the lowrider cars of the 1960s. They were called by many names from lowriders to dragsters to cruisers to pimp bikes. As their name suggests their body was low to the ground. These bikes also had a long curved banana seat, they had apehanger handlebars and a sissy bar.
  • Mountain Bike Shoes  By : Gen Wright
    People who want to foray into the sport of trail cycling could find it hard to understand where to start, in terms of purchasing their first mountain bikes. They will also require some integral trail biking accessories,eg a sturdy pair of mountain bike shoes, before they can start riding.
  • Mountain Bike Wheels  By : Gen Wright
    A mountain bike wheel is sometimes made of a specially-designed wire spoke system that allows for light-weight sturdiness, developed to give perfect performance even under harsh terrains and numerous riding conditions. These wheels are integrated into the mountain bike with dropouts which are held by the bike fork and bike frame.
  • Mountain Bike Frames  By : Gen Wright
    A mountain bicycle's frame is the core element of the mountain bike. It is is attached to all of the bike's parts, such as the seating, suspension system, forks, handlebars, brakes, and tires. The frame comes in varied sizes and types, which customarily influence its general performance, as well as the kind of riding it best supports.
  • Full Suspension Mountain Bikes  By : Gen Wright
    A full suspension mountain bike is also known as a twin suspension mountain bicycle because it is equipped with shock absorbers for both wheels. This is in sharp relief to the hardtail mountain bicycle that has a shock absorber for the front wheel. Both types of mountain bicycles have their own uses. The hardtail bike is easier to pedal and is quicker than the full suspension bike on smooth terrain. However the latter kind can run quicker on coarse terrain as the shock absorber permits more traction by soaking up the results of obstacles. Apart from offering the rider a more comfy ride, the bike suspension also augments efficiency and safety.
  • Cycling Jerseys  By : Gen Wright
    Cycling for some folk is a kind of leisure but for others it is a significant sport. Apart from a great diet, good footwear and a superb physical fitness condition, cycling jerseys are critical for the cycling enthusiast. These are an essential part of the clothing for biking enthusiasts because they are able to help them reach maximum speed while helping them ride nicely. Before selecting your cycling shirt it is critical to understand its particular functions.
  • Mountain Bike Forks  By : Gen Wright
    Changing a mountain bicycle fork is an excellent method of upgrading your off-road bike. Today, forks typically come with suspension systems, to help with a bike's handling and maneuverability on rougher terrain. Mountain bicycle forks are classified according to the technology incorporated in them. Some bike forks include 4X and Jump suspension forks, Freeride / Mountain suspension forks, Freeride / downhill forks, XC suspension forks, and Cannondale Lefty's. Each type of suspension fork has its own advantages and drawbacks, and is developed for specific surfaces and uses. Heavy aspects of suspension forks include travel, which is the measurement for the movement of a suspension coil from action to rest.
  • Cycling Gloves  By : Gen Wright
    Cycling gloves are a crucial part of the right clothing for biking enthusiasts. These categories of gloves have several functions and aren't only used for style. One of the explanations for wearing them is to defend your hands in case you fall off the bike.
  • Mountain Bike Tyres - Useful Info  By : dorian
    I think you know how are you going to use your bicycle. That’s why choosing proper tires is considered to be a very important matter. If you want to ride safe and win you’d better learn about bike tires as much as you can. Of course, you like mountain bikes.
  • Cycling in Lance’s Hometown  By : Joe Cline
    Austin is home to cycling’s best-known figure, Lance Armstrong. The seven-time winner of the Tour de France maintains a home in the city and is among the many cyclers who enjoy the riding the streets and trails of the area.
  • All About Cycling Shoes 101 -- Find Interesting Resources  By : Nathan Knightley
    There are various types of shoes in stores specifically designed for cycling. The main aspect in purchasing a pair of cycling shoes depends on what kind of

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