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  • Hummingbird Feeders Food Recipe The Right Way  By : Bridget Roland
    Hummingbirds are possibly one of the most admired birds that people attempt to attract to their yards. Of course one of the simplest ways to draw them is to append to your yard the flora that they naturally nourish on. This can contain flowering vegetation like honeysuckle or trumpet creepers. However you may not be able to position these where you be able to simply observe them, consequently the next best answer is to mount a hummingbird feeder where you can spot it, and that means you will want to load it with hummingbird food.
  • Parrot Toys  By : andrei johnsons
    If you own a nice parrot that you are proud of, and you want a perfect toy for it, you must know which of the wide array of parrot toys on the market is safe for your pet. Some of these toys are dangerous for birds and may hurt them. Thus, toys are an important issue in parrot care.
  • Parrot Cage Advice  By : andrei johnsons
    The size of the cage and its bar spacing and thickness depends upon the size of your parrot. A cage must be large enough to enable your pet to spread both its wings freely and hop around in the cage. Make room for toys and other stuff in your birdís cage to enhance your bird's environment. The larger the cage size, the better.
  • Parrot Care  By : andrei johnsons
    If you have been contemplating buying a parrot and making it your pet, you must educate yourself first and be sold on the idea, before making a decision. Being the owner of a parrot, and any pet, is not a joke. It is a serious responsibility, since you will be held responsible for the well-being of a living creature that cannot normally communicate with you. You must read and acquire some information about parrots, to significantly help you to do the best and have a happy and long li
  • Can you really teach a parrot to talk?  By : Neven Zeremski
    Parrots are exotic and entertaining pets. They look unusual; have beautiful coloring and, best of all, you can teach them to talk. Thatís right, itís true Ė many people think that talking parrots are merely an urban myth but with a bit of perseverance and regular practice for a few months it is possible to teach your parrot a few phrases. Itís a great party trick and can keep people amused for hours.
  • Breeding African Grey Parrots Successfully  By : Amanda Edwards
    Many of us get attached to pet greys and consider breeding at a later date in time. This type of bird is really friendly and interacts well with people. Do not rush the choice to breed this bird species, first ask if this task has been done by people you know, to grasp exactly what is involved with this process. Breeding a bird is different and more involved than breeding a commoner pet like rabbits or dog.
  • Selecting The Right Bird Cage  By : John Walter
    The most important facet that is to be considered while buying a bird cage is that the pet is safe and gets comfortable wing-space in it. Crammed cages can prove detrimental to the health of a bird and thus should be avoided at all costs.
  • Buying A Cage For Your Bird  By : karl donald
    If your bird is going to be in its cage for more than 8 hours a day, then you will need to purchase the largest cage appropriate for your type of bird. It is not recommended that you keep your birds locked in their cage 24/7; this causes severe mental problems which lead to screaming, biting and feather plucking out of frustration. Even with the largest cage available it's still tiny...try locking yourself in your powder room for a few hours and see how long it takes for you to go crazy.
  • Choosing The Right Cockatiel Cage  By : piercemckee3008
    If you have pet cockatiels, you may have heard that they require special types of cages. You should buy the biggest cage that you can that is suitable for a cockatiel that you can afford.
  • Chicken House Plans Made Easy  By : Mille
    I love chickens, and I hope you will too. You want to make sure you have a plan so that your chickens will be safe, healthy and prosperous. There are a number of reasons that families want to raise chickens, as many as there are people. For our family, we received a "present" of 12 baby chicks for E
  • All The Secrets Of The Amazing Green Parrot!  By : Dane Stanton
    There are many different species of parrots, but none so popular as the breeds of the green parrot. There are of course many different subspecies of the green parrot, including the Australian king parrot, the Eastern green parrot, the king lorry and so many more.

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