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  • BOAT BUILDING  By : Bev Hayden
    Build your own boat for a fraction of the cost of buying one. How to go about finding a good set of boat plans and support.
  • Discover The Secrets To Making Model Ships That Look Like The Real Thing!  By : Jimmy Cox
    Simplest of all standard methods of model hull construction is the "bread and butter" method of lifts. This particular method gets its name from the fact that lifts of wood, cut approximately to the various horizontal sections of the hull, are placed one on top of the other and glued together. When first assembled, the side of a glued up "bread and butter" hull resembles a series of narrow steps.
  • A Difficult Sailing Maneuver Explained  By : Jimmy Cox
    Sailing is a mighty safe sport but now and then something happens to damage your boat or some other craft. In most of these cases, the trouble occurs as you are either getting underway or coming in for a landing. You have no brakes and no reverse gear, nor can you sail directly into the eye of the wind.
  • The Small Sail Boat. Is It For You?  By : Verlyn Ross
    Experiencing a small sail boat can be a wonderful and enchanting thing. I hasten to add, if you're driven to outdo your neighbors and friend, it'll just be frustrating until you trade up.
  • Purchasing A Sailboat For Heavy Air Conditions  By : Dave Bello
    This article describes the proper process to buy a sailboat. Unlike most boat purchase advice, written by manufacturers and designed to persuade the reader to purchase one brand or another, the suggestions in this article are written from the perspective of a sailboat buyer and are drawn from the collective wisdom of the author's dozen or so sailboat purchases.

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