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  • Vintage Cookbooks - Still Good for Recipe Ideas?  By :
    Even in this day and age vintage cookery books can be useful when preparing a meal. Traditional foods such as game or food produce collected from the land will have many old recipes in vintage cookbooks that may not be so common in more recent cook books.
  • Hertfordshire in Literature  By : 4Ps--Marketing
    Hertfordshire is home to many pretty towns and villages and it has retained a pleasant, old-English county appeal that attracts many to visit.
  • An interview with: Stephan Ludwig, Chairman at Bloomsbury and Dreweatts  By : Adrian Roose
    Stephan Ludwig, Chairman at Bloomsbury and Dreweatts Auction House, talks exclusively to Paul Fraser Collectibles

    'The best items continue to become more and more fought over'
  • 10 Classics that Are Must Reads  By : Aubrey Moulton
    There are so many fantastic books to read. Classics are everywhere you look. But if you’re not an avid reader, there are too many books to read. Then it can be hard to decide which ones to pick. These 10 books are superb choices to read for the first or even a fifth time.
  • Satisfying A Bibliophile's Hunger  By : Gen Wright
    Are you the one who has finished the fourth book this week, and is hunting all over bookstores for something along the same lines that hasn't been read already? If yes, I feel your pain.
  • The Banning of Books  By : Charlie Reese
    As such, the book Inherit the Wind about the Scopes monkey trial was banned from the school and municipal libraries. When he tried to do a book report on that play, he actually received a failing grade on his assignment. His teacher insisted that it was not appropriate for the class, and would not budge from that position.
  • How To Store Rare And Antique Books  By : John Harvey
    Shelving The appointment of the shelving within a room is important, in an ideal world it should be a minimum of 3cm away from any given wall to allow the circulation of air. The wall should not be an outside wall as this can encourage damp. The shelving should be robust and not sag in the middle when fully laden.
  • Rare Books-How to recognise a modern first edition  By : John Harvey
    The following beginners guide on how to identify modern first editions, while not exhaustive, is and should be helpful to those with an interest in collecting books:
  • Bookbinding - How To Traditionally Bind A Book  By : John Harvey
    Traditional book binding explained in five stages.
    Stage 1. The start point of traditionally binding a book is to gather the sections of pages (chapters) of the book together with the guards, otherwise known as protection pages. These are then sewn together.
  • Collecting Autographed Books  By : karl donald
    It can be an awesome yet time consuming hobby to try to collect presidential autographs such as President Obama's signed books. Sometimes it may take years in order to gather a good sized collection. Size is not the only concern for some collectors. You may find a collector who would prefer focusing on the quality and prestige of the signatures that were collected rather than numbers. It does not matter what kind of collector you are; there is always an excitement when you locate that autograph that you have been hunting.
  • Review of Some of the Top Abraham Lincoln Books  By : karl donald
    During the Lincoln Bicentennial and beyond, the Lincoln book floodgates opened, yet very few are checking the quality of the water to see if it's recycled. A New York publisher wrote that a surefire bestseller would be a book about Abraham Lincoln, but there would have to be something new to say. If that litmus test were applied to most of the rush of books, it's likely that we'd find only various forms of retreads of the Lincoln anthology.
  • The Origins of Paper Filigree  By : Warren Wong
    No one really knows when or where paper filigree actually started. However, it is believed that it did develop very soon after paper was invented. Since precious metals were used to create ornate ironworks and latticework, the art of rolling paper was intended to replicate the same designs in a simpler and smaller fashion. Because paper does not age very well and can be destroyed when it gets wet, there are not very many surviving examples of filigree designs from paper.
  • The Quick And Easy Guide In Making Bookmark Souvenirs  By : Chelsea Nicole
    Custom bookmarks can be great gifts or souvenir items. They can be used as wedding souvenirs, conference giveaways, bookshop promotions, gift mementos, party prizes, public relations fliers, press relation kit items, and many other things. This is because custom bookmarks are very cheap to produce, and easily adaptable for different kinds of messages.
  • Books that Failed the Test of Time  By : Fernando Bessega
    Every year thousands of books become obsolete. Maps are updated, Travel guides add new hotels, and scientists develop new technology however there are other times when event happens that changes history or an author’s theory is just plain gets it wrong. Below are 10 examples of books that didn’t stand the tests of time.
  • Books by Presidential Losers  By : Fernando Bessega
    With a presidential election there can be only one winner, but what happened to those who fought and lost? Some have eventually returned to win a future election, but what about those who never became president. Over the past 68 years there have been a dozen men who ran for president and never won an election; all of them have written books. The topics of their writing vary from conventional
  • Authors and Their Surprising Tattoos  By : Fernando Bessega
    Get that stereotyped picture of tattooed sailors and truck drivers out of your head. Tattoos are mainstream and have been for several decades now, plus the literary world actually has a long tradition of wearing tattoos and also writing about them.
  • The Story and Stories of Edgar Allan Poe  By : Fernando Bessega
    Today Edgar Alan Poe is a celebrated pioneer of the mystery genre and leading figure in the American Romantic movement; however he spent most of his life facing poverty, debatable literary success and addiction.
  • The History of the Hobbit  By : Fernando Bessega
    As popularity grew publishers and fans alike began urging Tolkien to write a second book. As he began writing it wasn’t that long before Tolkien realized the need to revise the text of The Hobbit so it would properly integrate into a sequel. This also came at a time when Tolkien was in an ongoing piracy battle with US publishers and editing the text enabled him to copyright the book and end the
  • Collectable Screen Plays: Film Scripts Worth a Fortune  By : Fernando Bessega
    In the world of ephemera looks can be deceiving. To an untrained eye a scruffy pile of paper may actually be the building blocks of a Hollywood blockbuster like Quentin Tarantino’s star studded Pulp Fiction - a document worth $950.
  • Great Literary Hoaxes  By : Fernando Bessega
    Over the course of history some authors have had a blurred conception of the difference between fact and fiction attempting to sell their made up tales as true personal memoirs. Here is a history of some of the most major literary hoaxes to be discovered in history.
  • 24 Books That Changed the World  By : Fernando Bessega
    Not many people can lay claim to having written two books that changed the world. Karl Marx, author of The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, has a unique place in history as the creator of Marxism.
  • Some Advice on Writing Children's Books  By : lifevestpublishing
    Because they tend to focus on simple stories, and are told in clear, easy-to-read prose, a lot of people tend to assume that anybody can write a children's book.
  • Book Binding Instructions - How to Repair Your Favourite Paperback  By : Kim Baillie
    Many of us have books we love and read every year. Some are probably showing the years (even more than we are), so here are some basic repairs you can do with a minimum of equipment, although I do recommend you get the right supplies - particularly the book tape.
  • Finding Collectible Books: How to Get Started as a Book Hound  By : Shane Dayton
    Love rare books? Want to learn how to become a book hound? Read on to find out some of the steps you need to take to learn this fantastic hobby inside and out.
  • Collecting Antique Books: How to Become a Bookhound  By : Shane Dayton
    Love to collect antique books? Want to learn how to take a hobby to the next level and make a good business out of your passions? Read on to find out how to become a top notch book hound!
  • The Phantom of the Opera: The Novel, the Musical, the Mystery  By : smitharticles
    When Gaston Leroux published his novel, The Phantom of the Opera, as a serialization in French magazine Le Gaulois, it took the novel some time to gain much notice. But when it did, this classic work became one of the most popular pieces of literature ever written... and one of the most widely adapted.
  • What You Must Know About Collecting Antique Books  By : Victor Thomas
    As in many facets of antique collecting, antique books is an immense field. For the collector, it may be as general or narrow as you'd like. You may choose to collect a certain historical period or a particular genre. Or you could collect books by a favored author or books from a specific year. You might even choose to collect books about a specific geographical area.
  • Tamil Historic Novels  By : Rangoo
    The novel form of Tamil literature has been in existence only since around two centuries. Before that, the poetry form used to rule the roost for nearly two thousand years. Novel is a relatively new genre in Tamil literature but is very popular among the Tamil novel readers.
  • The Great Tamil Poet – Subramanya Bharathiar  By : Rangoo
    ‘Bharathiyar’ is the name that reminds Indians of nationalism, patriotism and Tamil prose and poetry. Born in 1882 he was conferred the title of ‘Bharati’ for his poetic talent at a tender age. Bharati emerged as a prolific poet earning the name of ‘Mahakavi’, meaning a Great Poet. He died at the age of 39 but in his short span of life he had made immeasurable contribution to his country and language.
  • Kalki - The Legendary Tamil Novelist  By : Rangoo
    The mere mention of the name ‘Kalki’ is enough to send most the Tamil readers of yesteryears into a journey of nostalgia. Kalki is a name that sparks off memories of kingdoms and the saga of war, patriotism, love and loyalty that go into the making and perishing of those kingdoms in the Chola dynasty period in South India.
  • Tamil Short Stories  By : Rangoo
    The short story format originated from Europe. The Tamil world believes that the short stories in Tamil can be traced back to the seventeenth century to ‘Paramartha Kurunkathai’ a transition from the classical Tamil poetry.
  • Rare Book Collecting  By : John Harvey
    Collecting rare and antique books.
  • What Makes Antique Books Valuable?  By : Richard Neesal
    Old books are out of date, obsolete and boring - right? While you may think so, there are plenty of antique books floating around that many people will pay up to thousands of dollars to buy from you. Not any old book, mind you. These are rare historical books that have a market of collectors wishing to buy them.
  • Collectible Juvenile Fiction: Judy Bolton Series  By : Bev at A Turned Page
    Everyone knows of the girl detective Nancy Drew and many people try to collect all of the titles in the juvenile fiction series. A lesser known series, Judy Bolton is a nice alternative to collect with a more realistic heroine. I would like to give you a short background of this great series.
  • Do Want to Start a Book Collection? Here is a Suggestion.  By : Bev at A Turned Page
    Former best selling books would make for a very interesting book collection. It would span all genres of fiction and nonfiction and it won't be as easy as you might think to find a first edition/first print book of a bestseller.
  • Why Collect Science Fiction Books?  By : Alan Chudnow
    It all begins with sense of wonder, an almost magical attraction to books by a particular author, a distinctly engaging concept or theme, or the sheer joy of holding a unique volume with a compelling physical appeal. It is important to keep in mind that almost all book collectors begin as readers.
  • A Look At Science Fiction Books  By : Morgan Hamilton
    Science fiction books have been my favorite reading since my childhood days. I was introduced to the world of science fiction at the good young age of eight, when I was introduced to a science fiction book club. We children enjoyed good time reading classics like ‘The Time Machine’, ‘Invisible Man’, Journey to the Center of the Earth’, and a whole lot of science fiction books.
  • Determining the Condition of a Collectible or Rare Book  By : Alan Chudnow
    In the World of Collecting Science Fiction and Fantasy hardcover books it’s all about Condition.
  • What To Look For When Buying A First Edition Used Book  By : Catherine Dahrens
    What to look for when buying a First Edition used book. What is a First Edition Book?
  • Rare Books At Auction  By : John Harvey
    Rare and antique book collecting is a hobby that any person can easily learn, it is fascinating and can turn your hard earned pounds or dollars into hundreds (sometimes thousands) literally overnight. The skeptics out there will be thinking surely this is not the case. In a Pygmalion fashion let me tell you a true story:
  • Old Law Books are a Welcome Addition to Home and Office  By : Chris Robertson
    For those who are starting out in book collecting, whether for a
    home library or office library, it's important to understand the
    factors that make old law books valuable and collectible.
  • Guide To Antique Books  By : Masni Rizal Mansor
    Antique books are a fascinating glimpse into world history and
    the people who once made that history. Antique book collecting
    can be a guessing game sometimes since the actual age of the
    book may have nothing at all to do with the appraised value.

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