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  • Italian Bracelet Charms  By : Gabrila Rupp
    Italian bracelet charms are very different from “traditional” bracelet charms. Most bracelet charms you see dangle off of a dainty chain, and are tiny; you need to practically be cross-eyed to see it. They’re also frail and easily broken; one snag on a gate or a door handle and it breaks very easily.
  • Wholesale Sterling Silver Chains - Buyer's Guide  By : Torry Sanders
    Shopping for Sterling Silver Chains? This is the must-read guide you shouldn't be without. It covers all the types and sty;es of silver chains, and what to look to make the right purchase. Silver chains have become more popular, affordable and stylish. Innovative designs and modern techniques of production have made this type of silver jewelry alluring not just for men and women, but also for children.
  • Looking After Silver Bangles  By : Mark Bailey
    Silver bangles are thought of as one of the most popular items of fashion jewellery. An ageless fashion accessory for the fashion savvy. They are to be had in an incessant choice of styles as well as an extensive range of metals and other materials.
  • Handmade Jewellery and Clasps  By : Rob Colbourne
    Handmade jewellery is beautiful, graceful and simply stunning. The artisans who create these magnificent designs that are sometimes worn by the stars who walk the red carpet on Oscar night go to great lengths to make sure their pieces stand out from the crowd.
  • Some Tips When Picking A Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace  By : Erik Heyl
    Another thing to consider is where the piece you have your eye on was made. This may seem like something that is not of much consequence, but how happy would you feel if your sterling silver pendant necklace was made in a sweatshop, or by folks that employee child labor. Personally, this would not be something I'd be comfortable buying or wearing.
  • Preserve the Timeless Beauty of Your Necklaces  By : Lewis Jewlers
    The necklace - power, prestige and beauty enclosed inside one piece of jewelry. No matter the culture or era in history, the jewelry necklace has played an important role in ornamentation of the neck for ages. From being utilized to distinguish cultural and class distinctions to a symbol of beauty and mystique, the necklace is a chief player in fashion sense in cultures all over the world.
  • Picking The Perfect Silver Bangle- How To Find The One For You  By : Mark Bailey
    Bangle bracelets are some of the most popular fashion accessories around today. They are available in a wide range of metals and other materials. If you love silver, then a silver bangle may be perfect for you. But there are differences between the kinds of silver that can be used. Here are a few things to consider when you are looking for a silver bangle bracelet.
  • Woven Bead Necklaces: A Passing Fad of the 1830's  By : Pam
    A little over a year ago I purchased this sweet woven bead necklace. I have been collecting the loomed beaded Victorian necklaces for a while...the ones that date to the 1880s to early 1900s. At the time I purchased this necklace...I just assumed that it was from the same time period but just a different style. Apparently I was not alone in my assumption. Often these are misidentified as American Indian or late Victorian.
  • The History of Pandora Jewellery  By : Steffan Suter
    World renowned provider of high quality jewellery, Pandora produce a range of precious items.
  • The Charm Of The Charm Bracelet  By : Andrew Stratton
    Ancient Egyptians wore charm bracelets to ward off evil, designate their family line and as status symbols. Other cultures also wore them for superstitious reasons. Knights in the Middle Ages didn't just rely on their ability and armor-they wore tokens for protection in battle.
  • Celebrity Jewelry Trends Are Big, Bold and Colorful  By : Mae Smith
    One of the biggest trends we are seeing in jewelry fashion this year is colorful stones. So for the latest jewelry fashion, think colors, drama, and statement pieces. These kind of jewelry knockouts are a fantastic way to liven up last year's little black dress.
  • The Necklace as Jewelry Transcends Culture and Time  By : Ann Knapp
    Since the dawn of time, necklaces have been fashioned from jewels, chains, rocks, metal, cloth, wood, and shells. As one of the first man-made objects for wearing around the neck, necklaces once served as an elemental piece of apparel for men and women. Prehistoric fashions that draped around the neck and torso (forming the shape of a safety pin) were used to clasp layers of clothing.
  • A Charmed History: Charm Bracelets Provide Hope and Comfort Throughout the Ages  By : Ann Knapp
    As far back as the Neolithic era, humankind chose to carry unusual stones or a piece of wood as protection from enemies or evil spirits. During the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, the first recognizable charm bracelets and necklaces appeared. These were elaborate pieces of jewelry made of precious stones and metals. Charms were also used to identify an individual to the gods in the afterlife.
  • Bangles in Hinduism  By : Gen Wright
    Bangles hold great value in Hinduism and tradition. It is considered inauspicious for a woman to have bare arms. Traditionally, married Hindu women always weary bangles around their wrists. Nowadays, women may not wear bangles on a daily basis with regular attire. Bangles are more reserved for occasions and festivals, because they still hold sentimental value.
  • Necklaces of the Renaissance Period  By : Glenn Heitkoetter
    The Renaissance began in Italy during the 1300's, it spread to England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and other countries during the 1400's and ending in the early 1600's. This movement reached a height in the 1400's and the early 1500's when achievements had become some of the greatest in history.
  • Selecting the Right Pearl Necklaces  By : akoyapearls
    Pearl necklaces are in high demand due to the quality of them and the way they look. This isn't the type of jewelry that is going to lose its appeal a short time after you purchase it. They never go out of style either so you can be confident you will always look great in them. Selecting the right pearl necklaces to add to your collection is important though. You want to be happy with them each ti
  • Cheap Italian Charms  By : Kevin Stith
    The cheapest Italian charms are made of brass and there are many places to buy them. It is advisable to buy Italian charms from reputed retailers to get value for money. Most of the cheap charms are made of brass and care must be exercised to prevent them from tarnishing.
  • The History Of The Locket Necklace  By : Dror Klar
    The one piece of jewelry that is so incredibly personal to anyone that owns one is a locket. Lockets have been around for hundreds of years and during all that time they have been used for many different things. Lockets are generally associated with pendants that are worn on a chain, but lockets were often used on a ring as well.
  • Antique Bracelets Discussed  By : Rachel Lynn
    When my grand mother died, she left me a beautiful and strange antique amethyst bracelet, having many picturesque stories.

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