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  • All About Ceramics  By : Clyde Dennis
    Ceramics come to be when different kinds of stone is ground into
    a fine powder, then mixed with water until what results is a
    paste like substance. This resulting paste is appropriately
    formed and fired in a and oven called a kiln at very high
    temperatures until the particles of stone melt and fuse together
    to create a strong glass like substance.
  • Using Plate Racks To Display Exquisite Representations Of  By : Muna wa Wanjiru
    Plates are a type of dishware on which food is served, they are
    concave flat vessels, sometimes even rectangular. They are used
    in homes, in restaurants and even in parties for food reception.
    Plates are mainly made from different kinds of ceramic materials
    such as bone china, porcelain and stoneware, plastic paper or
  • Ancient Ceramics, Bringing The Past To Life  By : Andy Spinks
    For hundreds of year’s ceramics have been created to express emotions, reflect the period and attitude, and provide functional uses. As ceramics have evolved over these centuries and Arts and Crafts have evolved over the past century, most of the techniques and materials used to create ceramic pieces have changed very little.
  • What You Need to Know about Greek and Roman Ceramic  By : Mitch Johnson
    Ceramic has come from a long history of time. With human being has more knowledge and advanced equipment, people start making the development in ceramic making. In this article you will learn the history of ceramic from the Greek time until Roman time.
  • Different Type of Clay Used for Ceramic  By : Mitch Johnson
    For making strong and beautiful ceramic, it is very important to use pure and good quality clay. Some materials are also added to strengthen the clay. In this article you will learn the different types of clay and where to find them.
  • Antique Japanese Valuables Hidden In Plain Sight  By : Gust Lenglet
    Antique Japanese pieces are often described as being sought after for their almost delicate beauty, and meld between tradition and culture. However, when discussing Japanese antiques it would be amiss to exclude the monetary value that their popularity has brought on. Some collectors pay great amounts to obtain rare and valuable pieces, and yet others choose to search for those that are hidden in plain sight.
  • Antique Japanese Pottery: Collecting the Pre-Ceramic Ancient Past  By : Gust Lenglet
    Antique Japanese pottery was around long before the discovery of porcelain. Dating back to the Neolithic period itself, and then onwards until the late 16th century, antique Japanese vases and other earthenware items were prized possessions even then. Despite the fact that ceramics all but replaced the traditional earthenware industry, if you’re collecting Japanese antiques, you should know that there is a lot of value in these more ancient items.
  • Ceramic Restoration: How Millenia-Old Pottery Pieces Are Preserved  By : Andrew Stratton
    Ceramic restoration can take many different forms and different methods are employed depending on the type and age of the ceramic piece. For example, the goal of restoration of centuries old or even millenia-old pottery is to make as few changes to the original construction as possible, to preserve as much information about the ceramic as possible.

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