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  • All about the Riddler  By : Jason Mcdonald
    Of all of the Batman Villains, maybe none have more mystery around them than the Riddler. A little information should be able to help clear some of this mystery up.
  • Popularity of Hello Kitty  By : karl donald
    Hello Kitty is a cute small cartoon character cat created by Sanrio, a well-known Japanese company. The kitty was initially created in 1974 and has since become a world phenomenon. There's no question that the cleanly drawn large-faced, white cat in a pink outfit is appealing to kids, but you'd almost certainly be surprised to learn she's's a hit with adults as well. In actual fact, Hello Kitty is one of the hottest cartoon characters in the world and has a global host of fans of all ages. There
  • Who's fearful of The Dark Knight  By : Jason Mcdonald
    Like any other respectable hero, Batman has had his adequate share of enemies. Taking into account that it is nearly seventy years since the creation of Batman you can imagine that to comprise a detailed dossier of each and every foe that Batman has faced would be a very sizeable job.
  • 19th Century Literature Defined Today's Vampire  By : Gen Wright
    The 19th century was the age of the vampire. No longer were vampires dirty, ghoulish, creepy creatures to be feared and loathed. Vampires took on a fresh persona, one of charm, power, and sexuality. Here's a brief look at 3 pieces of vampire fiction that fueled today's vampire craze.
  • Vampires Of Old  By : Gen Wright
    Vampires are capricious devils and turn up throughout history. Here are four tales of vampires.
  • Vampirism May Be Explained With Modern Medical Science  By : Gen Wright
    Vampire legends are widespread throughout our history. Some stories date back to the 12th century. It's possible that these early stories of vampires were generated by real medical conditions.
  • The Roots Of Numerous Vampire Myths  By : Gen Wright
    There are a great number of myths surrounding vampires. Many of these myths find their roots in early Christian doctrine. Others are the result of the superstitious people of the Middle Ages.
  • Why Vampires Capture Our Imagination  By : Gen Wright
    Vampires are a all the rage group in our cinematic and literary lore. Vampires seize our imagination, draw us in, and make us believe in creatures outside of our normal lives. The vampire has morphed from a once maligned, often hated and feared, always undesirable being into a romantic being that embodies superhuman power and eternal life.
  • Bram Stoker Writes About Vampires  By : Gen Wright
    Abraham Stoker (his family called him Bram), was an Irish novelist and writer. Stoker was born on November 8, 1847. Stoker died on April 20, 1912. Stoker came from a grand Protestant family. Bram was child three in a seven child family.
  • What Makes a Character Brand Licensable  By : Aldric Chang
    It is very easy to think that character design alone determines the success and failure of a character brand and how many licensing and merchandising deals it can garner. That's not necessarily so.
  • Is The Show Ben 10 a Collection of Borrowed Ideas?  By : David Rosenthal
    A theory about the true origins of the Ben 10 Characacter is now making the rounds. Did they just make the Ben 10 character from a bunch of other characters? Looks like it.
  • Muppet Beginnings  By : Walter Mondrez
    Many people would be surprised to learn that the Muppets were created in the early 1950s. Since this time, every generation of children has been able to enjoy the pure magic that these loveable characters bring into our lives.
  • Fashion must-haves take the center stage at Barbie games  By : Alexa Swan
    Each season marks a new color, silhouettes, fabric, texture, and elegance, these factors make up fashion. Fashion must-haves take the center stage to define them. Find sculptured silhouettes, contrasting hues to make an impressive outfit. Donít forget your ideal hair in the list of your fashion must-haves.
  • Getting Acquainted With Hello Kitty  By : Catnip 12
    Contrary to popular beliefs, Hello Kitty was actually born in London, England on November 1, 1974. Kitty is a fictional character created by Sanrio, which is a Japanese company. Kitty was supposed to be named as "Kitty White". Kitty White is the name of one of Alice's cats in the Lewis Carroll book, "Through the Looking Glass".
  • Why Comic Book And Movie Superheroes Are Still Popular  By : Gregg Hall
    We all love to watch comic book movies like X-Men, Daredevil and Spiderman they are movies for the whole family. So why do we love comic book movies and superheroes so much? Are we really interested in mutants and giant green men more than we are real people? The box office numbers would say that we are.
  • Batman Animated Series Cartoon Characters  By : Craig Rad
    Bruce adopts the Batman disguise in order to be able to fight crime under a hidden identity. Together with allies such as his butler, Alfred, his sidekick, Robin, his former partner, Nightwing, or the acrobatic Batgirl, Batman manages to fight crime and protect the innocent.
  • What Is A Variant Figure?  By : Colin Dorman
    Not sure what these terms mean? Whether you are new to collecting or you have been collecting for some time it's important to know which figures are the Chase figures, Variants or Exclusives in any series because these are generally rarer and more valuable.
  • Girly Games  By : Lisa Park
    Wondering what to do online? If the intense bloodbath of most virtual games doesnít interest you, itís time to leave the world of hyped up boy games behind and gain a true understanding of girly games.
  • The Timeless Appeal of Superman and His Friends  By : Mike Freemen
    From his early days in the world of comic books to the many
    movies and television shows of the past several decades, few
    characters have captured the imagination of the world the way
    Superman has.
  • The Phenomenon That is Hello Kitty  By : Kim Trude
    When the Japanese company created Hello Kitty and then products like the Hello Kitty luggage, they would not have known the impact their creation would have on the world and millions of people as the cartoon character swept the world off its feet.
  • Batman - Where Collectors Go  By : Mike Selvon
    The serious comic book collector should use whatever resources
    are readily available, whether those are books on collecting
    comics, sites like Batman or bloggers.
  • LEGO Star Wars for Collectors  By : Tracey Edwards
    When it comes to Star Wars collectibles, one of the most coolest
    stuff to collect is without a doubt LEGO Star Wars. The first
    set which was based on the original trilogy was released in 1999
    to coincide with The Phantom Menace and included a model X-Wing
    which you could build with the LEGO pieces.

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