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  • Pandora charms are ideal for all kinds of occasions  By : Steffan Suter
    World renowned provider of high quality jewellery, Pandora produce a range of precious items.
  • Celebrate Your Daughter's Life Together With A Charm Bracelet  By : Lewis Jewlers
    She's your princess. Plus whether she's eight or 18, you may have realized your daughter is growing up way too fast. Just yesterday, she was the chubby baby who provided hours of fun plus sleepless nights. Today, she's still providing the laughs plus a large amount of sleepless nights as your daughter grows into a young woman. You can obsess concerning whom her friends are, how well she's doing in faculty, and what course she'll soak up life. She can be your princess forever, but she's not a baby anymore.
  • Collecting vintage charms  By : Anne
    Have you seen a real vintage silver charm bracelet? They are all different - the charms have been collected by their owners over many years.

    Charm bracelets can be full of movemet and have charms each of which mean something to their owners. Here is an introduction to collecting vintage silver charms and charm braclets

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