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  • Kinds of Civil War Antiques  By : Charlie Reese
    The mid-to-late 1800's are an era ripe with American history, full of real-life heroes and as many villains. And there are more Civil War antiques and collectibles available than I could have imagined. The thought of my son (and me, by default) owning a real piece of history is actually quite thrilling. There are dealers throughout the United States, but as one might expect, I found them to be concentrated on the east coast.
  • Unique History Ė Why Civil War Reenactments Occur and Why You Should See One  By : Mark Ruda
    Civil War reenactments can be fun and educational experiences for the whole family. These unique tributes started earlier than you might think, beginning even before the Civil War itself was over.
  • Hobby of Honor: Civil War Bullet Collecting  By : Kevin Bailey
    Throughout the course of the Civil War, over 1,000 types of bullets were used. Although not very common, the hobby of collecting these bullets is definitely around. The main reason for this is because of the rapid development of firearms and ammunition, therefore new bullets and weapons were being put into regulation constantly.
  • Robert Moffat Livingstone: A South African in the American Civil War  By : Ross Dix-Peek
    Robert Moffat Livingstone was the famous Scottish explorer, David Livingstone's, first-born. The eldest of six children (three boys and three girls), Robert Livingstone was born on the 9 January 1846, at Mabotsa, Bechuanaland, which is today a part of the Republic of South Africa.
  • Collecting Civil War Antique Swords  By : William Davis
    Civil War antique collectors may differ on which swords are the most interesting to collect. The purpose of this article is to identify some of the major producers of Civil War swords, and some facts about each manufacturer.
  • America's Rebirth at Appomattox  By : Sean Priestley
    The end of American Civil War is considered the rebirth of
    America; particularly its cultural principles and moral values.
    After the last battle at Petersburg, the Confederates
    surrendered and interestingly enough, it is believed by many
    historians that both sides were content with the so expected
  • Excerpts from Letters by Confederate Soldiers  By : Mary Arnold
    This article is a series of excerpts from letters written by
    four brothers who served in the Civil War for the Confederacy.
    Jennifer Mansfield uses the letters to offer insight into the
    personal experiences and feelings of four Texas soldiers.
  • Battle on the Nueces, 1862  By : Mary Arnold
    This article examines the events that led to the confrontation
    between German unionists and Confederate soldiers on the banks
    of the Nueces River. Stanley McGowen presents evidence that the
    German settlers were heavily armed and, therefore, not massacred
    as some later generations have claimed.
  • Jefferson Davis and Chief Black Hawk- "From Kentucky Cabin to the  By : Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D.
    After graduating from the United States Military Academy at age
    20, Jefferson Davis received a Commission in the US Regular
    Army. The young Second Lieutenant was initially assigned to the
    Sixth Regiment of Infantry and then he was assigned to the First
    Regiment of Infantry.
  • Jefferson Davis The Boy- From Kentucky Cabin to the CapitolĒ  By : Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D.
    The public is well aware that Jefferson F. Davis was President
    of the Confederate States of America. This article is one of a
    series of articles about Jefferson Davis-A Memoir by his Great
    Great Grandson and From Kentucky Cabin to the Capitol which will
    share the rest of the story of who Jefferson Davis was and what
    he stood for and his wide range of accomplishments.
  • Jefferson F Davis- US Army Lt. and then Col. Zachary Taylor - Their Early Realtionship  By : Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D.
    This article shares an insight into who Jefferson Davis really
    was and specifically his relationship with Colonel Zachary
    Taylor, who would play an important part of Jefferson Davisís
    life for several decades
  • Jefferson Davis, Cadet at West Point, From Kentucky Cabin to the Capitol  By : Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D.
    Just after a month Jeffersons 16th birthday, in 1824, his father
    Samuel died. Jeffs oldest brother, Joseph Davis (who was twenty
    years older than Jefferson) became a surrogate father and mentor
    to his younger brother Jeff. Joseph Davis in spite of the fact
    he was a successful attorney, discouraged Jeff from transferring
    to the University of Virginia Law School.
  • Jefferson Davis - Bridegroom to Widower in 89 days  By : Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D.
    The public is well aware that Jefferson F. Davis was President
    of the Confederate States of America. This article is one of a
    series of articles from a forthcoming book Jefferson Davis-a
    Memoir and the article series From a Kentucky Log Cabin to the
    Capitol which will share the rest of the story of who Jefferson
    Davis was, what he stood for, and includes his wide range of
  • Writing the Civil War and Researching the Causes  By : Phil Bryant
    Many an aspiring short story writer or novelist has dreamed of
    putting to paper a romantic tale to rival at least come near to
    the quintessential civil war novel Gone with the Wind. Romance,
    treachery, occupation and struggle were the overt messages from
    Margaret Mitchell's best seller.
  • Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest CSA  By : Howard Watkins
    It was characteristic of him to lead the charge shouting with
    sword and pistols in hand. He had twenty-seven horses killed and
    wounded under him in battle and was twice severely wounded
  • Interesting History - Little Known Facts About The Civil War  By : Mark Bowman
    1. When Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation he
    wasn't actually freeing ALL the slaves, he was only freeing the
    slaves in the rebellious states. It's interesting that he chose
    to free the slaves in those states that he had the least power
    to do so.
  • Treasure Hunting For Civil War Artifacts  By : David Cowley
    If you're a modern-day treasure hunter you may wonder how you can find some great Civil War artifacts, whether on your own or through another seller that has already found them for you. Believe it or not, there are still some great items you can find from the Civil War even after all these decades.
  • Civil War: The Role of Ex-Slaves after the Civil War  By : Etnest Berstein
    When Abraham Lincoln took office as President on March 4, 1861 -
    the United States was a divided country with slavery as the key
    issue before the nation. In order to preserve the Union, it was
    inevitable that something had to be done in America. The
    differences of the states spiraled into America's most dreadful
    and bloody civil war.
  • Writing the Civil War, the why and how it was fought  By : Phil Bryant
    The American Civil War was fought not by professional armies but
    by armies filled with patriots who answered the call of their
    respective side and put aside all personal want or gain for the
    larger call of defending their nation.
  • 12 Confederate Flag Amazing Facts - From Stars and Bars to the Rebel Flag  By : Beth Gabriel
    Twelve Questions and Answers About the Confederate Flag
  • Facts About U.S. Colored Troops  By : Ann
    Center design of the 6th U.S. Colored Troops regimental flag. The top motto reads, "Freedom for all". From the Library of Congress Collection 1) Only men ages 18 to 45, of good health and physical condition could enlist in the U.S. Colored Troops. Before December 1863, Missouri slaves of loyal masters needed consent before enrolling.
  • Confederate Regiment  By : Ann
    On the outbreak of the American Civil War, 313 officers left the United States Army to join the Confederate Army
  • Facts About The Civil War  By : Ann
    At least 618,000 Americans died in the Civil War

    Of every 1,000 Federals in battle, 112 were wounded

    Of every 1,000 Confederates, 150 were hit

    The 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, in a charge at Petersburg, Virginia, 18 June 1864, sustained a "record" loss of the war-635 of its 900 men within seven minutes.
  • A brief history of American Civil War  By : Ann
    The American Civil War (1861-1865) was a civil war between the United States of America
  • The American Civil War And Civil War Collectibles  By : Dianne Hamments
    The American Civil War was one of the bloodiest series of
    battles ever fought within a single country. It was an epic
    struggle waged for five years (1861-1865) between the northern
    free States, as the United States of America, and the seceding
    Southern slave States, which formed a splinter country known as
    the Confederate States of America.
  • Civil War Uniforms: 9 Universal Tips on HOW TO Choose Accurate yet Inexpensive Buttons  By : Paula and Coach McCoach
    1. Get yourself some good buttons. Stay away from plastic and modern buttons. Go with glass, bone, shell, metal, porcelain, 2-hole catís eye or Mother of Pearl.
  • Civil War Uniforms: 10 Tips to Picking the Right Colors for Your Trousers and Jacket  By : Paula and Coach McCoach
    1. There seems to be a lot of discussion on color and fabric. The most accurate statement on this issue that I can make was there was a great variety of colors and fabrics.
  • Civil War Uniforms: Top 10 Things to Do with Your Trousers  By : Paula and Coach McCoach
    You want to be comfortable in your trousers right? Follow these tips and not only will your impression be accurate, you will have trousers that fit and feel great!
  • Civil War Bullet Collecting - a Hobby That Honors the Past  By : Nicholas Tan
    Did you know that during the Civil War, more than 1000 different types of bullets were used? This is one reason Civil War bullet collecting has become a popular hobby.

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