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  • A Brief History of the Cookie Jar  By : Sarah Freeland
    The origin of cookie jars began in Britain. First known as biscuit jars, their first use began at the end of the 18th century. These early cookie jars usually found in grocery stores were usually made of glass with metal lids. The more early types were cylinder shapes with floral or leaf painted decoration.
  • Collectible Cookie Jars As A Home Based Business  By : Ann Marier
    One day, when my mother was doing her spring-cleaning of the
    kitchen, we put together some 50-cookie jars of all shapes and
    sizes, which had been collected inadvertently over the last
    several years.
  • McCoy Cookie Jars  By : Karen Bradsell
    McCoy cookie jars are a lot of collectors' favorite jars. McCoy
    pottery was manufactured in Roseville, Ohio. In 1920, Nelson
    McCoy and J.W. McCoy opened the Nelson McCoy Sanitary &
    Stoneware Company in Roseville, Ohio.
  • My Cookie Jars Collection  By : Martin Stoleman
    I have no real idea when or why exactly I began to collect
    cookie jars. All I remember is that one day I became extremely
    intrigued by them and that I started purchasing them whenever I

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