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  • Chinese Traditional Culture - Paper Cutting  By : Venturiwang
    Paper cutting (jian zhi) is a traditional Chinese folk art, it could be seen in many parts of China during the Spring Festival.
  • Identifying Alaskan Native American Items  By :
    For centuries Northwest Coast Native people (those inhabiting the coasts of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Northern California and British Columbia, Canada) lived as fishermen, hunters and subsistence dwellers. These folks created hauntingly beautiful and distinctive carvings, paintings, and woven works and their subject matter came directly from their natural surroundings. Using only natural grasses, spruce roots and cedar bark the women wove intricately designed baskets of every imaginable size a
  • African Art - A Unifying Expression  By : Anthony Riali
    African Art is a lovely expression of the unifying qualities of long ago. Africa is home to some of the most imaginative, beautiful and even fear provoking art that can be found anywhere in the world.
  • Celtic Revival Styles  By :
    Celtic culture is most associated with Ireland and Scotland, although the culture is more widespread. Celt was a term first applied to various peoples of continental Europe. United by common language and some cultural traits, they were not a unified monolithic group of people, but a conglomeration of various tribes, often warring against each other.
  • The World of Sand Art Bottles  By : Kristi Ambrose
    Sand art is the creation of different colored particles of sand in a bottle. These creations are absolutely stunning to say the least. And, the amount of time it takes as well as the amount of passion that goes into making these pieces of art is incredible.
  • Kathakali: The Confluence of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Art  By : Thomas Thottungal
    The most representative dance form of Kerala, Kathakali is a spectacular classical dance drama that combines the performing art forms of opera, ballet, masque, and pantomime, with themes drawn from mythology.
  • Jaipur Handicrafts  By : Chandra Mohan
    Jaipur Handicrafts are renowned all over the over the world for their sheer beauty, splendor and variety. Jaipur is often referred as the crafts capital of India. Since ancient times the royalty of Jaipur patronized the craftsmen and artisans, which led to the flourishing of arts and crafts in the State. The Jaipur bazaars provide rich and varied hand
  • Sand Art History in a Bottle  By :
    From the magical city of Petra, Jordan and its multi-colored sand mountains, the original inspiration was born: Bottles with multi-colored sand from the Petra mountains for the city visitor to take home. The bottles often had sand in geometrical decorations and mostly layers of different colors.
  • The Men in the Life of Cleopatra  By : smitharticles
    Cleopatra is always portrayed as an incredible beauty and a handy seducer of men. And while new evidence shows that perhaps her beauty wasn’t all it was rumored to be, her charm and appeal to men couldn’t be overestimated. Throughout her life, Cleopatra had many lovers and close male acquaintances... and while some of these turned out to be her enemy, many of her relationships were very useful.
  • Know All About Russian Silver And Enamel  By : Anita Satin
    Russia has a rich and compelling history in the production of some of the world s finest works of art and crafts. There aren't too many Russian crafts as impressive as the work the nation has done with Silver and Enamel.
  • Global Spike In Silver Judaica  By : Anita Satin
    Judaica is anything that pertains to the Jewish religion objects, art, literature, music and even recipes that are particular to the rituals in Judaism. Sterling silver is used to craft innumerable objects in Judaica. The preferred metal is silver though there are objects crafted in gold and other precious metals with precious and semi precious stones studded.
  • Ancient Egyptian Art -- Timeless and Beautiful Today  By : Ann M Hession
    Ancient Egyptian Art is one of the most recognized, admired and collected art in the history of the world. From delicate gold jewelry to vivid paintings to massive statues dozens of feet tall, for over 5,000 years Egyptian art has fascinated, delighted and awed generation after generation with its beauty, style and mystery.

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