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  • Denim, the evolution of a fashion institution  By : Paige Price
    A short essay charting the changing culture and history of one of the most significant fabrics worn today. What makes denim so special and why has it become such a staple item.
  • Menís Coats: A Guide to Menís Coats Styles  By : William H Yanis
    Itís one of the first things about a man that anyone can notice, so the type of coat someone wears can say a lot about them.
  • Kanchipuram Sarees  By : Hemant Jain
    Kanchipuram sarees are hand woven silk sarees famous for their durability, luster and finish. The texture and status and glamour associated with it make it valued possession for festive all occasions.
  • Art Silk Sarees  By : Hemant Jain
    Silk sarees has emerged in a new role to beautify the modern Indian woman in their own special way. Breaking the age old designs, Indian south silk sarees especially the artistic art silk saree has created new milestones in making every woman feel special and timeless.
  • Salwar Kameez For Eid  By : Hemant Jain
    From just being printed ones, cotton salwar kameez has come a long way to make it big in the line of ethnic Indian wear for women. Experimenting with prints, colors, work and designs, trendy salwar kameez is the preferred wear of the modern women.
  • Designer Faux Sarees  By : Hemant Jain
    Great designs, unique color combinations and eye catchy work patters have made designer faux sarees the most sought after Indian ethnic wear of the neo age woman. Be it at work or at any family occasion, the nice fit and texture of the saree will make you appear gorgeous.
  • Hawaiian Flower Leis  By : Polen Melchor
    We have all seen traditional Hawaiian flower leis on TV shows and in the movies but very few people actually know very much about them. For instance, what do they symbolize and before the arrival of the first tourists, where were they given out in traditional Hawaiian society. What does it mean when someone receives one?
  • Things To Remember About Silk Sarees  By : Hemant Jain
    Since apparels like sarees and dress materials are hard to be replaced, keeping certain things in mind before shopping online for sarees can save you from losses later.
  • Indowestern Tunics  By : Hemant Jain
    Indian women of today go for the trendy tunics as they are best buys at reasonable cost. Mixing style with comfort, they are the most prized ensemble in a modern fashionable ladyís closet.
  • Feel Like An Indian Princess With Traditional Embroidered Mojaris  By : Hemant Jain
    Mojaris have become popular among males both inside as well as outside India. Traditional skills combined with contemporary designs are sure to tempt one and all. The traditional embroidered mojaris are can best compliment your ethnic look.
  • Alpaca and the Spanish Conquistadors  By : Samantha Holmes
    Considering treating yourself or someone special to one of the finest, natural luxury fibres in the world?
  • A brief about the brand name Ed Hardy  By : Adam Haries
    Clothing has always been a thing that has been given a great importance by human beings. It displays the attitude that the people exhibit. Many brands have been existent in the clothing industry and a famous one among them is the Ed hardy clothing brand.
  • The Changing Patterns Of Indian Dresses  By : Hemant Jain
    Indian womenís dress today has undergone a sea of change mainly due to the traveling needs of women and their professional life. The Salwar has been replaced by jeans and the Kameez by tops.
  • Blend Of Tradition And Western Wear Ė Indian Menís Clothing  By : Hemant Jain
    Indian Mens Wear combines tradition with modern western wear. For special occasions and weddings, Indian men still prefer the traditional Indian clothes such as sherwani and kurta pyjamas.
  • Indian Fashion Trends Making Waves In UK  By : Hemant Jain
    Indian clothes have always been unique to the beholders. They have infused interest in people from various parts of the world. This is the reason it is of no real surprise that the people in UK have embraced them and they are one of the hottest trends in the nation.
  • Clothes And Indian Wedding  By : Hemant Jain
    Traditional Indian wedding clothing has undergone a makeover to catch up with the latest fashion trends. There are various accessories that make the traditional clothes even more spectacular.
  • Indian Dress And Jewelry Ė A Reflection Of Inidan Culture  By : Hemant Jain
    India is evolving as a nation and so is its dressing style. The mixture of Western dressing trends with the ethnic Indian ones has created unique fashion trends.
  • The Changing Face Of Indian Fashion  By : Hemant Jain
    Rich Indian fashion has undergone many changes with time but the core has remained the same. Traditional clothes have undergone some minor modifications to make them Westernized.
  • The Necktie: A Classic Accessory for Men  By : Jamie Hanson
    Women have accessories that define their styles and so do men. And for the male population, this ac ...
  • Careers in the Fashion Industry  By : Jamie Hanson
    The fashion industry continues to evolve and as years go by, more and more people aspire to work in ...
  • The T-Shirt: In Constant Evolution  By : Jamie Hanson
    The t-shirt goes as far back as the 19th century in Europe where it was first worn as an undergarmen ...
  • Jeans as Fashion Icon  By : Jamie Hanson
    Jeans are a staple in everybody's closet. Your grandpa had them, your mom wore them, even your chil ...
  • Ethical Fashion: Style with Conscience  By : Jamie Hanson
    The green movement has pervaded even the fashion industry that in just a few years, it has sprouted ...
  • Fashion and Technology: Marrying Beauty and Innovation  By : Jamie Hanson
    Technology and fashion are two of the most pervasive aspects of people's lives today. There is prac ...
  • Fashion Design: Changes Over the Years  By : Jamie Hanson
    In the beginning, the discipline of fashion design involved the creation of attractive apparel but o ...

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