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  • Fact Check: Tole and Toleware  By :
    Being derived from ‘taule,’ an early French word for ‘table,’ by implication tole was ware for table use. Sheet iron used to make household articles was also referred to as tole. To forestall rust it would be painted, making ‘tole peinte’ (painted tole). The relationship of the word to sheet or tinplated iron notwithstanding, early on painted toleware was raised to its highest art form on a base of pewter, an alloy of metals in which tin is chiefly component.
  • Blue-Dash Chargers  By : Old And Sold
    Mystery hangs about the blue-dash chargers. Many collectors of pottery have never seen one, few collectors have ever possessed one, I dare say most readers begin in ignorance of what blue-dash chargers actually are. Well, they are large circular dishes, usually about I4 inches in diameter, though some are 18 inches in diameter, and some only two-thirds that largest size. Around the rim of most of them are flat dabs or dashes of blue ; hence part of their name.
  • Heirlooms in the Dream Dining Room  By : Amanda Somers
    For romantic dinners, try to minimize the other lighting, indoors and outdoors, and arrange the candles around the dining table so that the glow is not just on the food, but on you both. Glass works a charm here, too. For a lighter and more distinctive look, you can try to open up the space with interesting furnishing elements.
  • Collecting Haviland China  By :
    A man came into his shop with a broken cup that he wanted to replace. The cup was so exquisite that he knew he was handling an entirely different thing from the china he had been importing from England. He knew right away that it was from France, but he was curious about what part of France it had come from. What French potteries were creating this wondrous china?
  • Pitfalls, Problems - And The Promise - Of Collectible Kitchen Plates  By : Simon Harris
    Are you looking to beginning a collection of collectible kitchen plates? This is a hot area of collecting right now -- but there are some things that you need to look out for! Let me share with you some basic guidelines and brief recommendations.
  • Antique China Repairs  By : Michael Russell
    Valuable antique pottery - such as Meissen, Sèvres and Chelsea (which date from the 18th century) - is too rare and delicate to be restored by anyone other than an expert. However, many other pieces of antique china, which probably have more charm than value, can be restored by anyone prepared to take the time.
  • Collectable Kitchen Plates Are A Great Decorating Idea  By : Ernest Jarquio
    Collectible kitchen plates have been around for a long time.
    Your grandmother may have had a collection of antique or
    specialty plates. Decorating with these plates is one way to add
    interest to your rooms.
  • Decorating Your Kitchen With Antique Plates  By : Lee Dobbins
    Antique plates can add whimsy and interest to your décor. Many
    people hang them right on the walls for a unique look. You can
    hang them up on special holders made just for this or use
    ribbons to hold them and hang from fancy hooks. Learning how to
    arrange your plates so that they look best is key to making them
    a successful part of your wall décor.

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