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  • How to Frame your own Picture  By : Sean Reynolds
    In order to get to grips with picture framing, it is important to get to understand at least some of the terms used amongst picture framers. The picture framing term, 'artwork size', refers to the actual size of the image, not the size of the paper holding the image this could theoretically be any size just so long as it is greater than that of the picture. Another important concept is that of the 'mat opening'. This term refers to the size of the hole through which the image shows through. In a
  • The Perfect Picture Light To Light Your Artwork  By : Charles Flaum provides a simple way to search through hundreds of styles of picture lights. While tremendously user friendly for individuals, the site and customer service is also specially designed for contract picture lighting needs, including picture lights for hotels, museums, galleries, churches, universities, and other public venues
  • How to Choose Display Cabinets  By : CG Cabinets
    Display cabinets are used for displaying precious and artistic items. There are many people who love to collect beautiful and interesting items that solve the purpose of display items in their homes.
  • How To Hang Artwork  By : Jeanene Stein
    Most of the time you want a painting to be the focal point as that is where most people look when they first enter your home or a room. Around that focal point you will want to create a room that helps bring attention to your artwork and the mood it sets. If the painting is large, one should hang it over a sofa or a piece of low furniture. When hanging art above furniture such as a sofa, you need to hang it at eye level or about 12 inches above the furniture.
  • How To Add New Life To Your Gallery Or Collection With Art Framing Projectors  By : Bill Dietrich
    Art galleries invest millions of dollars to promote the preservation, promotion, and sale of fine art. As such, art gallery lighting is more than a convenience or an adjunct support to display. Because of the diverse and often delicate nature of gallery art, lighting equipment must deliver the highest technical sophistication and aesthetic compliment to the experience.
  • Prevent Your Antique Furniture Being Scratched to Death!  By : Andy Murkins
    Has your cat decided that your couch is her personal scratching post? Does she love to see your face whilst shredding the upholstery to ribbons? Believe it or not, she's not trying to drive you crazy: She's just doing what all cats naturally do. The solution? Get her to scratch on a more appropriate item.
  • Using a Canon digital SLR camera to take inventory photos of your house  By : Carol Pruitt
    Having an updated inventory of your house is important. For example in case of disaster or burglary insurance claims are much easier when you can write down exactly what was in the house and also provide visual proof for that list.
  • Choosing a the right Philips digital photo frame.  By : Carol Pruitt
    Digital photo frames are the digital era version of the paper print photo frame. The Philips Digital Frame like any other digital photo frame has specific features and attributes that you should consider before making a purchase.
  • Upload your photos to the web for sharing and more  By : Carol Pruitt
    The Internet is a great tool for digital photos processing and sharing. There are many more things you can do with digital photos and the web than simply print them on sites like Snapfish.
  • Using digital cameras as security devices  By : Carol Pruitt
    Security cameras are everywhere. It is very hard to walk around in big cities these days without being photographed. Now there are easy ways for you to harness the power of digital cameras to secure your home or office.
  • Taking your photos on Coby DP-151 1.5" Digital Photo Keychain  By : Carol Pruitt
    Digital photo keychain are very similar to digital photo frames. While digital photo frames replace viewing photo prints on the desk, on a shelf or on the wall digital photo keychains replace carrying small photo prints in your wallet.
  • What is a digital photo JPEG file?  By : Carol Pruitt
    Digital photos are stored as files on memory cards and computer hard disks. They can be stored in different file formats (each format has a unique file extension). Digital photo files can be compressed to save storage space and can use a standard or a proprietary format.
  • Digital photo frames and what to look for when buying one  By : Carol Pruitt
    Digital photo frames are new products that replace old paper photo frames in displaying your photos on a desk, on a shelf or on a wall. This article explains what digital frames are, how you can use them and what you should look for when buying one.
  • Do more with digital photos than just digital photo printing  By : Carol Pruitt
    When digital cameras were first introduced they were used mostly as digital replacement to film cameras. Users would shoot photos, print them and archive them in photo albums. As users became more sophisticated new ways to use digital photos were found. Here are a few.
  • Dallas Arts District is anchored by the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts  By : Bmayes
    Established in 1983, the Dallas Arts District is a nineteen block, 69 acre area in the heart of downtown Dallas. Currently anchored by three world class art facilities with another scheduled to open in October of 2009, this “art village” will allow Dallas to boast of being the only city in the world with four buildings in the same contiguous block designed by four prestigious Pritzker prize winning architects. Quite a coup for this deep south cultural hub.
  • Creating A Period Victorian Funfair  By :
    One of the most popular forms of fairground entertainment, is the old fashioned Victorian style fair, or "Fayre" as it is sometimes spelt. Perhaps its a feeling of nostalgia for when Pax Britannica was at its height, or people could just be looking for something different from the loud music and flashing lights of the modern funfair. Whatever the reason for wanting a Victorian Funfair, there

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