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  • Dollhouse Tips and Lessons - Take These 7 to Heart  By : Stephanie Watson
    Dollhouse scales tell you that you are buying the right sized furniture for your dollhouse. Unless the title of the furniture item tells you it is 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch, the item is built on a 1 inch scale.
  • Lots of (Literally!) Little Things You Need to Know About Dollhouse Furniture  By : Stephanie Watson
    Dollhouse manufacturers use scales to help you make sure you are buying the right sized items for your dollhouse. The most popular scale for both furniture and dollhouses is the 1 inch scale. If the scale is half inch or quarter inch, it will say so in the title; all other items are on a one inch scale.
  • Miniature Dollhouse Furniture Wood Types  By : Stephanie Watson
    Oaks defining quality comes from its grain, and makes dollhouse furniture appear more realistic. Its natural color is lighter and fits in well with a traditional or classical style dollhouse. The lighter color fits well as a great color accent to fabric dollhouse pieces like sofas and chairs.
  • The First Steps to Creating a Wonderful Dollhouse Scene  By : Justin Oliver
    There are surprising a number of people who collect dolls and thus dollhouses. The ages range from single digits to triple digits. This includes everyone from young daughters, even some sons, and grandparents who just never got out of the spirit of collecting.
  • Dollhouse - A Miniature House In Your House  By : Brooke Hayles
    If you are just becoming involved with dollhouses, it is necessary to keep in mind that they can be customized or personalized to meet your specific preferences. Some interesting designs can evolve if you let your imagination run wild and plan and design everything in the way you want them to be.
  • Building A Dollhouse From A Kit  By : Jayne Cremasco
    Creating your own dollhouse from a kit, should be a rewarding, and satisfying hobby. With the precision quality of today’s die cut dollhouse kits, pretty much anyone who can read and follow instructions, can create their own heirloom.
  • How To Choose the Right Doll House for you  By : Jayne Cremasco
    A doll house, if created and finished with care can very well become a family heirloom. With this in mind, you should not rush into the purchase, but should take your time and look at different available models carefully before deciding on the right house for you.
  • What Finish to Choose for the Walls in Your Doll House  By : Jayne Cremasco
    There is really no difference in choosing how to finish the inside walls of your doll house, to choosing how you would finish the inside walls of your own home!

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