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  • Caring For Your Collectible Doll  By : Evelyn Whitaker
    Learn how to clean your cherished dolls and keep them looking as if they just came out of the box.
  • Doll Collecting - The Second Biggest Hobby in the United States  By : Evelyn Whitaker
    Describes which dolls are best suited for your collecting purpose and explains the different doll types available.
  • How to Store Your Doll Collection  By : Laura du Toit
    Doll collectors inevitably need to store part or all of their doll collection at some time. Be informed and avoid the pitfalls of incorrect storage facilities, containers and general conditions that can cause irreversible damage to your doll collection
  • Venturing into doll collecting  By : Laura du Toit
    Venturing into doll collecting can be a costly experience if not approached in the correct manner. These basic guidelines will assist you in knowing where to start this fascinating and rewarding hobby.
  • How to Survive Doll Collecting  By : Laura du Toit
    Doll collecting, like any other collecting pastime can be overwhelming for a newcomer. Here are a few basic guidelines to help you get through the teething stages of doll collecting, which if followed will ensure that you do not end up bankrupt with hundreds of unwanted dolls within a very short space of time.
  • Collectible Dolls Combine Passion and Nostalgia  By : Chris Robertson
    Every woman can think back to her childhood and reminisce about her favorite baby dolls. Perhaps her most treasured dolls were popular dolls with ever-changing outfits and accessories, dolls that had long tresses that could be brushed, or collectible porcelain dolls handed down for generations and displayed in a special case or on a special shelf.
  • Bobble head wins the heart by its unique quality.  By : Ron Edwards
    The bobble head is a type toy, the head of which bobbles or wobbles with the help of the spring connected to the body of the toy. The bobble head came into existence in Germany, where it was initially called Nodders.
  • How to Take Care of Collectible Dolls  By : Ted Roberson
    Collectible dolls--they can be objects of devotion, recipients of emotions, triggers of wonderful memories, beauties to behold, and sometimes a handful of cash when they are sold. But you wouldn't want to caress a dust-laden collectible doll with tattered clothes if it looks like a bugaboo from a previous century.
  • Little Girls and Their Dolls  By : Jayne Cremasco
    I have had people say to me...Little girls just donít play with dolls any more. My response... Have you encouraged her, or played with her?
  • Doll Collecting Changes and Trends  By : Jayne Cremasco
    The past 30 years have seen tremendous changes in the collectible doll industry. Until that time, collectors only had antique dolls, or newer children's dolls to add to their collections. As there were relatively few "new collectibles" to purchase, the market on these "played with dolls" and antiques was vibrant and exciting.

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