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  • The First Dragon  By : James Crowe
    Have you ever been curious about the first Dragon in history? Where it was from, did it have a name? I know I was. I also realized that I would have to settle on the first Dragon in recorded history. Since time travel still eludes me. That is when I decided to do a little surfing, well, a lot of surfing and a lot of reading, as it turned out. Yes, I even hit the hard copy.
  • Collectible Dragons Don't Have To Be Masterpieces  By : Ann Marier
    Collecting dragons is a hobby like all others that is started by
    some because of their cultural background and by others due to
    its unusual nature and myth. In China for example, collecting
    any type of dragons is considered good fortune and you can see
    that by the fact that most Chinese restaurants or houses will
    have in a form or the other dragons placed by the main entrance.

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