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  • Elvis Presley Biography Reviews  By : Gen Wright
    If you search for an Elvis Presley biography either on the internet or in your local bookstore, you will find that you are spoilt for choice, but the best ones are written with a detailed understanding of the super star and all of his adventures. A great biography will be told with enthusiasm, but not too much bias. This type of biography is more difficult to uncover.
  • Elvis Presley biography- Anniversary of Elvis Presley Death  By : Gen Wright
    Without the trailblazer that The King was, we would not have a music industry like we do today. Many of the super rich and wealthy singers should be thankful that decades earlier this young man with the suggestive dancing allowed for the path to be created. Any Elvis Presley biography website or book will astonish you with the achievements of this music icon.
  • Elvis Presley biography- Why Do We Still Love Elvis Presley So Much?  By : Gen Wright
    Elvis Presley became a heart throb that many teenage girls lusted after and this was a new wave of hysteria that surrounds Elvis. This is one of the reasons why we still have a place in our heart for Elvis.
  • Elvis Presley biography- Elvis Presley Death  By : Gen Wright
    The death of Elvis Presley is still big news today due to the fact that no one is really sure what he died of. By the time of his death, Elvis had ballooned and looked like a bloated and expanded version of his younger slim and sexy self.
  • Successfully Pairing Food And Wine For A Great Meal  By : Gerard S Flemming
    When Pairing Food And Wine, Think Regional Connections, Complex/Simple Combos, Opposites Attract, Good Matches And Flavor Flexibility.
  • Elvis Presley 66-card Bubble Gum Card Set 1956 by Jeffrey Schrembs  By : JSchrembs
    All about the 1956, 66-card Elvis Presley Bubble Gum Card Set.
  • Review of Elvis and Me  By : ElvisCollectorWorldwide
    A review of the book, by Priscilla Presley, entitled "Elvis and Me" by Jeff Schrembs (World reknowned Elvis Presley Expert and Collector)
  • Elvis Presley Photos  By : ElvisCollectorWorldwide
    Buying and Collecting Elvis Presley Photos by Jeff Schrembs (World reknowned Elvis Presley Expert and Collector)
  • Elvis Presley Legend  By : ElvisCollectorWorldwide
    Elvis Presley Legend - a fan's reflection 2008 by Jeffrey Schrembs
  • Collecting Elvis Presley  By : ElvisCollectorWorldwide
    Collecting Elvis Presley Memorabilia/Collectibles by Jeff Schrembs (World reknowned Elvis Presley Expert and Collector).
  • Searching for Elvis In Rome  By : Phil Arnold
    Original Elvis Blogger Phil Arnold adds another installment to his “Searching for Elvis In...” series. He posts a column in ElvisBlog about his success finding Elvis goodies while on vacation in Italy.
  • Searching for Elvis in Reno, Salt Lake City, and Jackson Hole  By : Phil Arnold
    Phil Arnold, creator of ElvisBlog, posts a column telling about his vacation out west and the success he had finding Elvis goodies in three cities. Second in a three-part quest , “Searching for Elvis in...”
  • Searching for Elvis in Cairo  By : Phil Arnold
    Long-time Elvis fan Phil Arnold goes on vacation with his wife to Egypt.  He adds a little extra fun to the trip by meeting the challenge of trying to find Elvis goodies in Cairo.  First of a three-vacation quest.
  • Elvis Presley's Collection  By : Theresea Hughes
    Elvis had his own private collectibles; they were police badges and guns. President Nixon presented Elvis with a Federal Narcotics badge; Elvis had always been a keen collector of the law enforcement badges.

    Elvis took a great interest in the law; he would go out of his way to make friends with police officials at almost every town he was to travel.

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