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  • Flotsam and Jetsam: Ephemera  By : Aby Garvey
    Ephemeraís ability to capture time is what makes collectors strive to find the perfect piece. Whether itís your Great Aunt Berthaís wedding invitation or your own first date ticket stub, the magic of ephemera is its ability to take a moment in time and pause it forever.
  • Where to get Users' Manuals From  By : Hamid
    A blogger ( recently purchased an original Macintosh 128K User Manual from 1984 and published some pictures from it and wrote a great post. He says, "I recently purchased an original Macintosh User Manual (thanks eBay!). I had seen one at a garage sale, and was struck by how it had to explain a total paradigm shift in interacting with computers. I figured I could learn something ab
  • Free Mouse Pads  By : Kristy Annely
    Free mouse pads were first introduced when advertisers saw the potential of distributing them with company logos with the hope that they would end up on every potential customerís desk. There is no limit to the number of free mouse pads that you can hand out at trade shows, job fairs or to family and friends for personal use.
  • How to collect Vintage Advertising  By : Diane Palmer
    If you love to collect advertising and old advertisements, then turn to the internet and the re-use centers, and your local newspaper.
  • An introduction to collecting car brochures - Part 2: Your theme  By : Annette Brown
    Before starting your brochure collection, in my view it is best to have a very clear idea about what you want to achieve.
  • Royal Ephemera - Make Sure You Buy the Genuine Article!  By : Jim Hanson
    An experienced dealer in royal ephemera advises caution when you contemplate buying that historic royal menu or letter.
  • All About Ephemera  By : Audrey Stanley
    If you're new to scrapbooking, you may be asking yourself, "What
    the heck is ephemera?" Well I'm glad you asked! This article
    will cover everything you need to know about ephemera and how it
    relates to scrapbooking.
  • An Introduction To Collecting Car Brochures  By : Annette Brown
    Ever since the first car was made manufacturers and tuners have been producing literature to promote their products

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