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  • Otto Herbig - The Frontrunner of 'German Expressionism'  By : Annette Labedzki
    Otto Herbig, born on December 31, 1889, in Dorndorf, Werra, was a German artist, credited of being the torchbearer of the German Expressionism. As a school student, he seemed enthralled by the architectural brilliance of his native city, as was evident in his earlier paintings. Owing to his artistic aptitude, Otto Herbig got himself enrolled into the Munich Art Academy, during 1909 to 1911.
  • His Most Famous Woodcut (Kopf) - Max Kaus  By : Annette Labedzki
    German artist Max Kaus was born in March of the year 1891, in Berlin. He was credited with pioneering 'Expressionism' in Germany. His genre of art was marked by the simplification of realistic subjects in a manner that added a mystical appeal to them. His treatment of reality was also characterized by a degree of exaggeration to capture the underlying intensity of their being.

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