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  • Lure Parts - Fishing Tools and Accessories  By :
    The sport of fishing is considered to be one of the most relaxing pursuits that a person can undertake. Being outdoors, pursuing your favorite species of fish is unlike anything else.
  • Tips on Lake Fishing  By : Owen Jones
    Lake fishing is very akin to river fishing, or slow-flowing river fishing at any rate. The species of fish in rivers and lakes tend to be the identical, which means that the tackle, bait and lures will be the same as well, although you may require a longer fishing rod, say, a beach-casting rod to cast your bait farther out into the lake. Lake fish will often mature to a larger size than river fish, so your line should be more robust as well.
  • Freshwater Fish Art, Crafts and Collectibles  By : J.C. Banks
    Freshwater fish are extremely popular subjects when it comes to wildlife art. They are commonly depicted thru photographs, paintings, carvings, sculptures and other art.
  • Fly Fishing Reels for effective fly fishing  By : Hunter
    Fly fishing is the most commonly used method of catching trout and salmon fishes. Fly Fishing can be employed for fishing in both sea and fresh water lakes. Fly fishing reels can make a very important difference to this form of fishing thus they should be bought after a lot of detail.
  • Choosing fly fishing rods  By : Hunter
    Fly fishing is the most commonly used method of catching trout and salmon fishes. Fast gaining in popularity, this method is used for fishing in both fresh as well as sea water lakes. Fly fishing rods are different than ordinary fishing rods and many things should be kept in mind while buying them.
  • SaltwaterFly Fishing  By : Hunter
    Fly fishing is the most commonly used method of catching trout and salmon fishes. Fast gaining in popularity, this method is used for fishing in both fresh as well as sea water lakes. But salt water fly fishing is different from river fly fishing and different equipment is used for both. a fly fishing guide is highly helpful in fly fishing.
  • Fly Fishing Tackle  By : Hunter
    Fly fishing is the most commonly used method of catching trout and salmon fishes. Fly fishing is done both in rivers as well fresh water lakes. Fly fishing tackle as well as fly fishing reels are very important to fly fishing and cost cheap.
  • Techniques of River Fly Fishing  By : Hunter
    Fly fishing is the most commonly used method of catching trout and salmon fishes. River Fly fishing is fast catching up both as a hobby as well as a time pass. Choosing the right equipment is very important for river fly fishing. The right techniques have also to be employed for river fly fishing.
  • The Right Fishing Boat  By : Maria Johnsen
    This article contains tips about choosing the right fishing boat.
  • Carp Fishing Holidays in France  By : Jamie Hanson
    A milder climate and a large number of lakes make France the perfect location for carp fishing. The country is popular among Britons who travel across the Channel looking for a great catch.
  • Dos and Don’ts for Successful Fishing  By : Mikus Debra
    Some dos of fishing include setting the hook, selecting the line, the bait and the gears. The don'ts include not repeating the same spot for fishing, not losing concentration, not using the same bait always, and a lot more.
  • Different Types of Fishing Rods  By : Mikus Debra
    Different types of fishing tackles or rods include spinning rods, jigging rods, surf rods, carbon fiber rods, fly rods, tenkara rods, game fishing rods, boat rods, trout fishing rods and a lot more.
  • 8 Things to Consider for Buying a Wader  By : Mikus Debra
    Eight things to consider while buying a wader include cost, fittings, comfort level, durability, frequency of wearing, and the brand. Wader are important fishing accessories besides fishing tackles.
  • Casting History and Salmon Fishing Explained For The Beginner  By : Mark Crestin
    Salmon fishing tackle and salmon fishing basics for the beginning angler
  • Types of Collectible Fish Art  By : J.C. Banks
    Modern fish art includes photography, paintings, prints, posters, calendars, t-shirts, stickers, buttons, magnets and more.
  • Fishing – Make The Most Out Of Your Bait  By : Nicky Bullimore
    Fishing is a skill and form of art for those who are big time fishermen. For those of us who have only experience fishing now and again, we could be under the illusion that tie a maggot to the end of the hook is all we need whereas that couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • Choosing a guide in Key West  By : Jamie Hanson
    Key West is famous for its bountiful fishing grounds, from the salt water flats to the reef and also the Gulf of Mexico. Thousands of people come here year round to fish, both novices and professionals and everyone in between.
  • Fishing in Key West  By : Jamie Hanson
    Do you remember the last time you felt like a kid on vacation? You had so much fun you forgot all the stresses of adulthood- bills, job, savings, the economy, you name it. Vacations are for getting away from all that, and just one day out on the water Key West fly fishing definitely does the trick.
  • Great Fishing In Orlando  By : Jamie Hanson
    Fishing in Orlando is a marvelous experience with great excitements. Orlando is dotted in lakes whic ...
  • Deep Sea Fishing For Newbies  By : Nicky Bullimore
    So, you’ve never been deep sea fishing before, but you are considering it. What happens on a day out on a deep sea fishing boat and what can you expect from your surroundings?
  • Branson Missouri Fishing  By : Mark Ruda
    For those dreaming of the ideal fishing experience, look no further than the lake shores of beautiful Branson, MO. With three large fishing lakes within the Branson area, your fishing options are virtually unlimited.
  • Key West Fishing  By : Jamie Hanson
    Fishing in Key West is a major pastime for people there. You can dive in the water with snorkel, fis ...
  • How To Take Care Of Your Fishing Lures  By : Jimmy Cox
    After you have gone to the trouble of making fishing lures, there is still the problem of taking care of and repairing them so that they are always in good condition. This requires some effort and time but is usually easy for the angler who makes his own lures. Since he made them and put them together, he also knows how to take them apart and repair them. He also has the tools and fishing lure parts necessary for such work.
  • Top Fishing Destinations  By : Mike Galambos
    If you're a fishing enthusiast, you know there's more to the sport than simply standing in or near a body of water and waiting for the fish. Fishing is an experience that brings you closer to nature and clears your mind, body, and soul of the pressures in daily life.
  • Canada Fishing Trips  By : Kimi Garcia
    Canada enjoys a not undeserved reputation as a world class fishing destination. A number of picturesque rivers teeming with a variety of fish, peaceful scenic locations, and locals well versed in the craft, all add up to reinforce this reputation.
  • Types of Fishing Rods  By : Jason Harding
    It's the iconic scene: the young man or woman in a tank top and shorts walking barefoot down a dirt path in the soft, golden light of the sun streaming through the trees. Up ahead the river flows, and specs of water lightly touch the face of the fisherman holding an old fashioned wooden pole and a tackle box. The fisherman reaches the edge of the stream and sets down the tackle box. He baits th
  • Silver Salmon Fishing Techniques  By :
    Silver salmon is one of the most popular and well-liked sport fishing. There are many techniques used for catching silver salmon. This fish species is most prevailing and existing type of game fish which offers the great pleasure and sport in fresh waters as well as salt waters applications.
  • White Fish In Summer  By :
    The techniques used for catching the white fish are slightly different in the summer season. The white fish is basically the coldwater fish and its whities necessitate hole-up in deeper, cooler water during the summer season.
  • My Favorite Five Fish Decoys  By : Tim Spreck
    Should this group of five be composed of the most valuable, most rare or most unusual? Would I like to present my most favorite antique fish decoys or my most favorite contemporary examples? After several attempts which ended in despair, it became obvious that “most favorite” means exactly that.
  • Collectors Hooked on Fish Decoys  By : Tim Spreck
    Collecting vintage ice spearing decoys has been a well guarded secret among sporting collectible enthusiasts for several decades. However, the appeal of these great little hand-made wooden fish has begun to spill into the world of folk art collecting.
  • Knowing More About Largemouth Bass Fishing  By :
    The largemouth bass has become one of the most widely fished species in the world. This is because bass are so easy to find because of their great ability to survive any where they may be located.
  • Underwater Cameras  By : Joediveramerica
    Some of the most beautiful and interesting life forms and creatures are found underwater. Every flora, fauna, and marine life is a beautiful story. Many scuba divers submerge themselves in deep ocean waters to become one with the magical marine world. For them to be able to capture the amazing life beneath the ocean, they will need the help of good quality underwater cameras.
  • The Rules For Catching Redfish  By :
    One look at a redfish and you know it's built for brute strength. You have to learn some rules for catching the redfish because it's a fish with a fight even before it's hooked. The redfish is honed to test your tackle and strength. So to many anglers, the redfish rules the marsh.
  • Fishing Accessories  By : Jeanie Smith
    For some people, fishing is a pastime. For others among us, it is a serious sport. However you perceive it, fishing is enjoyable when you've got the proper accessories to use. Here is a list of some considerations to think over.
  • Lure Terminology  By : Jeanie Smith
    There are many ways to lure in fish to your boat. Words like rigging, chumming, and luring come to mind. However, there are many varieties when it comes to lures and trying to decipher between all of them can be a confusing process. In addition, knowing when to "chum" as oppose to "lure" can be equally challenging when you are ready to catch the most fish that you can.
  • Fishing the Texas Gulf Coast  By : Carl Willis
    I have been a lifelong fisherman, so I considered it a blessing from on high when I had the opportunity to relocate to Corpus Christi, Texas two years ago. Corpus Christi is located on the Coastal Bend along the Texas Gulf Coast. This area is a fisherman’s paradise with a variety of fishing environments to choose from. Each of these fishing environments presents the avid fisherman a wonderful outing and some of the best fishing in North America.
  • All About Fishing Supplies And Equipments - Learn About Interesting Suggestions Now  By : Nathan Knightley
    When I was a little boy, I was absolutely fascinated by my dad fishing tackle box. It seemed to me that he had the most wonderful and wide-ranging fishing
  • Fishing for Treasures With Antique Fishing Equipment  By : Derek Tither
    Antique fishing equipment can include a wide variety of items, not just the rod, reel or tackle. Several collectors delve into all things angling, collecting objects like fishing licenses form the 1930s and earlier. It is really up to the collector what items he or she wishes to own, but there is no doubt whatsoever that there is a myriad antique fishing equipment around the world.
  • Heddon Lures - A Century of Classic Fishing Lures  By : Jeff Plante
    For over a century, Heddon lures have been some of the most popular fishing lures around, coveted by both serious anglers and collectors alike. According to their literature, Heddon has been producing fishing lures for over a century, dating all the way back to 1894. In fact, James Heddon is acknowledged the world over as the creator of the first artificial fishing lure.
  • A Day Out Fishing  By : Nicky Bullimore
    So it is time for the company day out and you’re looking around websites and in magazines to figure out what you can do which can be enjoyed by all. You hit the amusement park last year, so what can you do this year that’s different, but still gives you a buzz?
  • Mill End Fly Lines - The Bargain of the Fly Fishing World  By : Mike R Hughes
    When browsing through a fishing tackle website or catalog you may well have come across 'Mill End' fly lines being sold at very low prices. Originally, these would have been short bits of fly lines left over at the end of a manufacturing run and sold off cheap as they would not be the normal 30 yards in length and
    might have minor defects.
  • Bennet Springs State Park  By :
    The Park Lodge has great food, and with a good camp spot, you can even walk to the river to spend your day fishing. Give Bennett Spring State Park a try this year for great Ozark trout fishing.
  • Antique Fishing Equipment - Fishing for Treasures  By : Paul Winter
    Time is the medium through which we decide the value of items created or possessed. A classic is something that deifies the test of time, only to become a treasure sought after many years later. It's these old pieces our past that send a spark of nostalgia to a simpler time, and antique fishing equipment is no exception to this.
  • You May Own Some Antique Fishing Lures  By : Mumby
    Collecting old fishing tackle and lures is an interesting and
    natural extension to the sport of fishing. It has been one of
    the most untouched and under exploited areas of collecting in
    America. Collectors willing to pay money for artificial bait
    tend to be sport fishermen themselves.
  • Fishing for Treasure With Antique Fishing Equipment  By : Cornel Tanady
    Antique fishing equipment can include a wide variety of items, not just the rod, reel and tackle. Several collectors delve into all things angling, collecting objects like fishing licenses form the 1930s and before. It is really up to the collector what items he or she wishes to possess, but it is no doubt that there is a myriad of antique fishing equipment out there for anyone.
  • Antique Lures  By : Magnabait
    One of the main reasons why a person would be interested in locating antique lures is because such lures are very decorative, historically interesting and make wonderful additions to any collection of modern lures.
  • Going Back To Antique Fishing Lures  By : Eliseo Lau
    More and more anglers are moving away from all the high tech
    fishing equipment and supplies available on the market today and
    going back to the roots of the sport, finding and learning about
    antique fishing lures. The beauty of finding these antique
    fishing lures is that they truly do have a history, as well as
    being tried and true tackle.
  • Antique Fishing Rods-What A Great Addition To Your Collection  By : Dan Mason
    Antique fishing rods are a hot commodity today, as many fishing
    collectors are looking for them to build up their fishing

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