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  • Magical Gemstone Used in Vintage Jewelry Design  By :
    Gemstones have long been used in vintage Jewelry designs as well as more traditional jewelry. Various coloured gemstones are used as the main focus of some jewelry pieces but can often be used in vintage jewelry to just add the finishing touch to a jewelry design perfectly.
  • Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry use and History  By :
    Sapphire gemstones use and history of the Blue sapphire stone. A powerful stone that invokes love and can be used to heal the Sapphire has a rich and wonderful history.
  • The Advantages Of Artificial Diamonds  By : Dr Phillips
    Artificial diamonds often look very close to naturally mined diamonds, making it hard for the average person to tell the difference between the two without consulting a professional.
  • Diamond, Cultured Diamonds And Cubic Zirconia Comparison  By : Dr Phillips
    When looking for diamond jewelry, many people become confused about the differences between cubic zirconia, cultured diamonds and natural diamonds. There are some important differences between these choices that should be understood before looking for jewelry set with these gems.
  • Jade: "Stone of Heaven"  By :
    Jade has an incredibly long, but sometimes confusing history. It is used for jewelry, as well as other ceremonial and decorative uses. The history of jade mining in China goes back 6000 years, and 4,000-year-old ceremonial jade items exist today. It is associated with the ancient cultures of Korea, New Zealand, and it was also used by the Pre-Columbian Americans.
  • Gemstones - natural, enhanced, synthetic, simulant - I'm SOOO confused!  By : Carolyn Sunday
    Ever wonder about all the different stones that are used in jewelry, and what the terms mean? Here are four basic categories:
  • The Other October Birthstone - Tourmaline  By :
    While Opal is the most widely recognized birthstone for the month of October, it is not your only choice. Tourmaline, a complex mineral, comes in as many shades of color as are displayed in fine Opals, and the pink variety is widely accepted as an alternate birthstone for the month.
  • Brilliant Round Cut Diamonds  By : DragonFly2Jewelry
    Brilliant Round Cut Diamonds. Where diamonds are come from and where can you buy them. What to look for when you buy diamonds.
  • Know The History Of Diamond Simulant  By : Shawn Willcoxon
    Diamond simulates are merely diamond-materials. In todayís market, diamond simulants play a very important role. Diamond simulants are not the same as synthetic diamonds.
  • The History Of Fake Diamonds  By : Shawn Willcoxon
    Fake diamonds seem to have a negative connotation nowadays. Perhaps it will take quite a long time before fake diamonds will have a good image to the public. A lot of people are asking, what are these so-called fake diamonds? Letís face it, diamonds are present everywhere.
  • Synthetic Diamonds - The New Era Of Diamonds  By : Shawn Willcoxon
    Itís about time that the diamond industry has its fair slice of the competition. Over the years, diamonds were controlled by a powerful firm from the United Kingdom Ė the De Beers. The De Beers know it all too well that the industry of mined diamonds could be on the brink of extinction.
  • The Black Diamond  By : christopher kyle
    Carbonado, universally known as the "Black Diamond", is a genuine polycrystalline diamond located in alluvial deposits in the Central African Republic and Brazil.
  • Know Precisely What Man Made Diamonds Are  By : Shawn Willcoxon
    After numerous years of ruling the diamond market, the De Beers have finally found their match brought about an unprecedented scientific advancement in creating diamonds. These synthetic or lab grown diamonds are absolutely magnificent that it is being viewed to take over the monopoly of the De Beers.
  • Use Faux Diamonds And Free Yourself From Anxiety  By : Shawn Willcoxon
    Scientific breakthroughs have now brought the quality and consistency of a faux diamond to an almost indistinguishable form. Brought about some scientific breakthrough, faux diamonds are practically indistinguishable by an untrained eye. Moreover, even specialized eyes will have a difficult time telling which one isnít real and which one is. The only way to tell the difference between the two is through a powerful loupe or a microscope.
  • The Other August Birthstones - Sard and Sardonyx  By :
    While the Peridot, with its distinctive green color is most widely associated with the month of August as a birthstone, there are widely and long accepted alternatives.
  • Discover The World Of January Birthstones  By : John Brana
    The term Garnet is derived from Latin which means granule or seed; "granatus", and it was therefore called due to the striking deep red of the gem being so especially close to that found within the seeds of pomegranates. Read interesting facts about Garnet and January's other Birthstone Rose Quartz.
  • Techniques to verify the Legitimacy of Diamonds!  By : sanjuss
    While buying any kind of product from online stores there are many chances that you can easily be tricked by the online dealers. Such types of incidents mainly occur when a buyer buys expensive jewelry items like engagement rings. With passage of time and technology replicas of every kind of jewelry or stone like diamond are easily available from local and online stores.
  • Healing Power of Gemstones  By : Heinrich Meister
    Gemstones are one of the best ways to get relief from a long list of problems. They can work miracles on the person using and solve attitudinal problems in very quick time.
  • Origins of Blue Topaz  By : John Brana
    What's the difference between Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, and Mystic Topaz? Learn how each is formed from the same quartz crystal.
  • The Story of Swarovski Rhinestones  By : Max Luke
    Rhinestones provide a luxurious sparkle to jewelry, clothing, accessories and other precious pieces. Even the simplest items can be transformed into glamour using them.
  • February Birthstone - Amethyst  By :
    Carved intaglios from amethyst have been unearthed at excavation sites of ancient cities. The kingdoms of Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, and the Anglo-Saxonís were familiar with the material and used it in royal jewelry and other items. There are carvings in amethyst that exist today that are identified as from the Egyptian XII Dynasty, believed to be produced around 2000 B.C.E.
  • Topaz: November Birthstone  By : SilverBestBuy
    November birthstone Topaz. Where it comes from, the name Topaz and things you never heard about topaz. Reading this article may change your mind or even your birthstone. Lovely Sparkly Topaz Gemstone.
  • Citrine - November's Birthstone  By : John Brana
    A member of the quartz group, Citrine not simply makes attractive jewelry, it also has acquired quite a status as promoting prosperity along with numerous physical and intuitive benefits.
  • Cubic Zirconia and Zircon  By :
    Cubic Zirconia has no true natural counterpart, and is not a synthetic version of natural zircon. It is a man made version of zirconium oxide. There are several naturally occurring zirconium oxides, none of which have any commercial importance, and none of which are used in jewelry.
  • Rhinestones: All That Glitters  By :
    Originally, rhinestone referred to rock crystal, the clear variety of quartz, obtained from the Rhine River. According to some sources, in the late 18th century, an Alsatian jeweler, George Frederic Strass, developed a method of coating the pavilions of the stones with a metallic powder, which made them more reflective and brilliant, and a better imitation of diamond. Other accounts credit Strass (or Stras) with the introduction of a lead glass for use in jewelry.
  • What is Diamond Cut?  By : Ira Weissman
    Diamond Cut refers to how well proportioned the diamond is. For example, what percentage of a diamonds diameter is its depth? What are its various angles and how do they interact with one another? While these may seem like esoteric questions, these are the essential factors that determine how beautiful your diamond will be. For a great visual representation of why these issues matter, have a look at James Allen's page on Diamond Cut.
  • December's Birthday Gemstones  By :
    The month of December, with all its Holiday shopping, is known for offering a wide range of choices in everything imaginable. The same holds true with the birthstone for the month. Those born in December are offered 5 different choices! Lapis and Zircon are the two most traditional choices, with turquoise being a bit later addition.
  • Famous Rubies -The DeLong Star Ruby  By : Carol Speake
    The DeLong Ruby has an interesting history. It was originally purchased by Martin Leo Ehrmann in the 1930s. Not long after, in 1937, he sold the rare ruby to a Mrs. Edith Hagging de Long for a price tag of $21,400. Mrs DeLong then donated it to the American Museum of Natural History in the same year.
  • Clarity Of Diamonds  By : brandonalston
    When you go out for the shopping of loose diamonds one thing which you must keep notice of is the diamond clarity.
  • A complete guide for buying a diamond  By : Mark Fisher
    There are catalogue of various diamonds available in the internet, in the official sites of various shops. You can gather knowledge about them and then buy one according to your choice.
  • What Amber Is and How to Care for It  By : Rockjoint
    What Is Amber and How To Care
  • Fire Opal: A Cool Stone with Lots of Heat  By : Andrew Stratton
    Typically, the gemstone retains about 10% water content which makes it quite soft and delicate. They also come in a variety of colors-shades of blue, green, pink, black, white, red, yellow and orange. This stone is coveted for its play of color which is the dazzling display of color as light bounces off the spheres of silica.
  • Citrine: A Gemstone with Refreshing Brilliance  By : Andrew Stratton
    The most valuable color is burnt-orange and the most popular is a slightly lighter yellow with a hint of orange. It should be easy to find a citrine necklace free of inclusions. Typically, only the clear stones are cut into facets. If there are inclusions, they are used in different cuts that reduce their visibility.
  • The Ruby: Fire in a Gemstone  By : Andrew Stratton
    ike the sapphire, this gemstone is corundum, a crystallized aluminum oxide formed under heat and pressure. In fact, it is exactly like the sapphire and the only colored corundum that is not called a sapphire. The chrome particles are what give it its delicious red color.
  • Aquamarine: Blue as the Sea  By : Andrew Stratton
    The most desirable and largest supply of these gems come Brazil, known for the deep sea blue color it produces. There are also mines located in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Tanzania, Madagascar and Zambia. The oldest mines are in Madagascar, but when the Brazilian mines were found the Madagascar mines became less important. People appreciated the intensity of color from Brazil over all others.
  • Conflict Diamonds  By : Gen Wright
    The story of conflict diamonds or blood diamonds as they are also known. Conflict diamonds are also known as blood diamonds, and awareness has risen sharply in the past few years due to work done by Amnesty International as well as the international blockbuster 'Blood Diamond', set in Sierra Leone and starring Leonardo Dicaprio.
  • The Greatest Diamond Of Them All  By : Gen Wright
    Learn about the Diamond that's the size of a small country. All of us girls LOVE diamonds and probably the most famous diamond quote is "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" as sung by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
  • Some Tips on Diamond Flaws  By : karl donald
  • The History of Diamonds  By : Gen Wright
    From the earliest civilisations diamonds have been sought after, prized possessions. Diamonds are so desired because of their rarity, the effort required to find them and the skill required to release their brilliance.
  • Jade: A Mystical, Virtuous Gem  By : Andrew Stratton
    Many cultures have a gemstone that they consider to be most precious and, in the case of the Chinese, even heavenly. Jade is more valuable than gold in the Chinese culture and it is evident in how they use it in their daily lives. One emperor chose to be buried in a suit made of the lustrous green stone to protect his body from decay.
  • Sapphires: The Cool, Elegant, September Gemstone  By : Andrew Stratton
    Sapphire is a classic gemstone that comes in shades of blue. This gem makes a fabulous piece of jewellery. Read about its history and origins and find out how to care for it.
  • Tanzanite: A Rare, Lovely And Unique Gemstone  By : Andrew Stratton
    Unique. Rare. Beautiful. Blue. These are all words that can be used to describe the gemstone tanzanite. So, what exactly is it? This gemstone is made up of calcium aluminium silicate and is actually a member of the zoisite family of gemstones. But, because of its rarity and sheer beauty, it gets its own category.
  • My Hunt for the Perfect Diamond  By : Rodger Ewing
    Finding the perfect perfect diamond can be a difficult job if you donít know what you are looking for - my journey.
  • Evaluating Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry Under The Right Lighting  By : Gen Wright
    Nowadays there are many different sources of jewelry lighting and the options seem endless. Colored gemstones are worthless without their color and it is very important that their color is judged and graded correctly before purchasing. The best way to evaluate gemstones will always be in natural daylight, this is not always possible and with all the altering environmental aspects that affect it.
  • Swarovski Rhinestones - The Many Uses  By : Gen Wright
    Swarovski rhinestones are becoming more and more popular these days due to a few reasons. Firstly, their sparkling outer appearance are naturally attractive.
  • Inclusions and Flaws Of Diamonds  By : ghostevyta
    When a diamond is considered to have a flaw, it is an imperfect gem stone. Something about the diamond did not form correctly, or there are tiny imperfections within the stone.
  • Understanding What Is The Difference Between Jewelry Lab Certificates and Appraisals  By : ghostevyta
    To all writers and non-writers out there, now is the time to start digging up those creative writing skills back.
  • The Royal History of Diamonds  By : ghostevyta
    When did diamonds first become recognized as precious stones and used for jewelry? The earliest reference to them has been found in a Sanskrit document dated around 300 BCE. They were associated with the gods and were used to decorate religious icons and statues. In India, only kings, the highest caste, were allowed to own them.
  • How Diamond Prices Are Determined  By : ghostevyta
    The cut of a diamond refers to the way the stone is shaped and polished, how the facets are arranged and how deep or shallow itís cut. There are various cuts of diamonds that refer to that, many of them patented. Both Asscher and Princess diamonds are square-shaped diamonds, but they are vastly different in how the facet are cut and arranged.
  • Guide to Cleaning your Diamonds  By : ghostevyta
    The cut of a diamond refers to the way the stone is shaped and polished, how the facets are arranged and how deep or shallow itís cut. There are various cuts of diamonds that refer to that, many of them patented. Both Asscher and Princess diamonds are square-shaped diamonds, but they are vastly different in how the facet are cut and arranged.
  • Diamond Color Guide  By : ghostevyta
    When it comes to the 4Cs of diamonds, color, or lack of it, is an especially important characteristic. Diamonds are given letter grades to denote the level of color, starting with the letter D for a flawless, colorless diamond. Why D, and not C, B, or A? The reason weíve heard is that when diamonds started being graded for color with this scale, it was decided to start with D, to leave room for the extremely rare possibility that a diamond would be found that was even more flawless than flawles
  • The Spectacular Blue Heart Diamond  By : ghostevyta
    There is a spectacular diamond in the Smithsonian Collection called the Blue Heart Diamond. Fans of the movie Titanic might think the ďHeart of the Ocean DiamondĒ was based on this stone, and it may have been! However, this diamond hasnít been cast in the ocean, but is safe and sound at the Smithsonian!
  • Diamond Shape Guide  By : ghostevyta
    The cut of a diamond refers to the way the stone is shaped and polished, how the facets are arranged and how deep or shallow itís cut. There are various cuts of diamonds that refer to that, many of them patented. Both Asscher and Princess diamonds are square-shaped diamonds, but they are vastly different in how the facet are cut and arranged.
  • What Is Diamond Certicication ?  By : ghostevyta
    Diamond certification is essential when you're buying a diamond and is different from a jewelerís appraisal, although the certification is part of any appraisal. Many diamonds look the same, but not all of them are going to be of the quality you might like. Diamond certification is the written proof of a diamond's attributes.
  • American Topaz at the Smithsonian  By : ghostevyta
    The worldís largest cut topaz, called the American Topaz, resides at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. A 172-faceted topaz weighing 22,892.50 carats (5785 kg), itís the largest cut yellow topaz in the world, and one of the largest faceted gems of any kind in the world.
  • How To Take Care Your Diamond  By : ghostevyta
    Diamonds are durable and strong, but should be cared for as though they were fine breakable china or more fragile gems. They can chip or scratch if youíre not careful, and they can get quite dirty with oils from your skin and cosmetics, hair sprays or perfumes.
  • Diamond Carat Guide  By : ghostevyta
    Many people equate the term carat with the size of a diamond, and as carat size increases, so will the carat weight. But the operative word there is weight. Carat refers to the weight of a diamond and is equal to roughly 200 milligrams which is less than a 1/4 of an ounce. A carat can also be broken up into 100 points. So 3/4 of a carat is also 75 points.
  • The Four Cs of Diamonds  By : ghostevyta
    When choosing a diamond ring, you have to consider the 4 Cs to ensure that you are buying the right quality and the right style of diamond for you. They are Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity.
  • Sapphire Jewelry - Dazzling And Gorgeous  By : Lee Dobbins
    The sapphire is a very important gemstone found in gemstone jewelry. Most people will think of gold or diamonds, but the sapphire gemstone has had a long history; it's use dating back until the Roman Empire. It's name comes from the Hebrew word "sapphiros", meaning blue gem.
  • The Lure Of Turquoise  By : Lee Dobbins
    This article gives you a little bit of information about turqoise which has been used in jewelry as well as for it's healing properties for centuries.
  • The Four C's: A Diamond Primer  By : Ann Knapp
    To celebrate, to commemorate, to reward, to romance - there are many reasons to buy a diamond. When making an investment in jewelry, especially diamonds, it is important to employ the 4 Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight to ensure value and appreciation. The Gemological Institute of America established the 4 Cs of diamond value to help diamond professionals describe and classify diamonds.
  • Jewel Box of the Indian Ocean: The Story of Sri Lanka's Gems  By : Ann Knapp
    Imagine a place where gems are so prolific, they are scattered among the sandy bottoms of smooth-flowing streams. The beautiful and exotic island of Sri Lanka is just such a place. Marco Polo wrote of its jewel-like wonders: "from its streams comes rubies, sapphires, topazes, amethyst, and garnet."
  • Extreme Diamonds Fascinate Those Who Behold Them  By : Ann Knapp
    Marie Antoinette was known for her dazzling jewelry collection and love of bling. Sadly, as her countrymen starved, she could be seen wearing some of the world's most priceless treasures in the royal court, and that pretty much sealed her fate. A year before her death, the queen gave a collection of pearls to a friend who took them to Britain for safekeeping, fully expecting to be reunited with the jewels.
  • Many of the World's Famous Diamonds Captivate Hearts and Minds  By : Ann Knapp
    Diamonds have long held the fascination and desires of those who behold them. Their complete beauty has long held hearts and minds captive. Take for example the largest diamond ever discovered. The Cullinan weighed at 3,106 carats in the rough and was cut into nine major stones and 96 smaller stones. The Star of Africa, the largest cut from the Cullinan weighs in at 530 carats and is the largest
  • Moissanite: Imitation Diamonds from Space Feature Spectacular Fire  By : Ann Knapp
    One of the hottest new trends in jewelry, moissanite was borne from the stars to earth by a meteorite. Contained in a meteor crater discovered in Canyon Diablo, Arizona, the crystal was studied by French scientist Dr. Ferdinand Frederick Henri Moissan, a Nobel Prize winner for chemistry. Dr. Moissan, after which the crystal is named, observed the stone's sparkle and mistakenly thought it to be
  • The 478-Carat "Light of Letseng" Sells for $18.4 Million  By : Ann Knapp
    Discovered in the Letseng Diamond Mine in September 2008, the "Light of Letseng" recently sold for $18.4 million and is expected to render a 200-carat polished stone. The Letseng Mine, located in Lesotho, South Africa, has produced some of the world's most notable diamonds. Four of the world's 20 largest diamonds have been discovered there, including three from this century.
  • Buying Gemstone Pairs on the Internet  By : Edward Bristol
    The gemstone collector knows there are no two identical gemstones. Unless you settle for a calibrated and artificially colored stone cut by a machine you will have to accept some differences, even if only when you use the lens. This articles gives advice on pairing and purchasing natural gemstones.
  • The Colorful Characters of the Diamond Industry  By : Ann Knapp
    In an attempt to escape religious persecution, refugees from the Netherlands and northern Europe helped to establish the burgeoning diamond industry in South Africa. These Afrikaners, or Boers, were farmers who lived in the Cape of Good Hope, which was administered by the Dutch East India Company.
  • Know What You're Buying: Understanding Your Diamond Grading Report  By : Ann Knapp
    No two diamonds are alike, but to the untrained eye it can be nearly impossible to tell the difference between them. Even when two diamonds may seem identical, a jeweler may be able to identify huge differences in quality and value
  • Facts About Yellow Diamonds  By : David Cowley
    Yellow diamonds are colored because of the impurities that are trapped inside diamonds when they are created. If a few of the millions of carbon atoms have been replaced by nitrogen atoms, then structure of the diamond will not be significantly altered but the clarity will be changed. The amount of color displayed is dependent on the amount of nitrogen involved.
  • World Famous Diamonds 5  By : David Cowley
    This is one of a series of articles discussing the most famous diamonds in the world.
  • World Famous Diamonds 4  By : David Cowley
    This is one of a series of articles discussing the most famous diamonds in the world.
  • World Famous Diamonds 3  By : David Cowley
    This is one of a series of articles discussing the most famous diamonds in the world.
  • World Famous Diamonds 2  By : David Cowley
    This is one of a series of articles discussing the most famous diamonds in the world.
  • World Famous Diamonds 1  By : David Cowley
    This is one of a series of articles discussing the most famous diamonds in the world.
  • Caring For Your Diamonds Is Simple If You Know What To Do  By : Dror Klar
    If you are going to clean your jewelry at home, there are some things you need to know you can do as well as some things to not do. Some cleaners can dull your stone or leave a film on them. Some cleaners can even harm your stones and the metal they are set in.
  • Are Black Diamonds For You  By : Bowe Packer
    As with all fancy colored diamonds the formation of black diamonds is very uncommon making this a very expensive piece of jewelry to own. This diamond comes in many shapes and sizes. This sometimes creates a challenge for people to work with and on.
  • The Origin Of Baltic Amber Jewelry  By : Dustin Cannon
    While all amber jewelry has made its way into the U.S. popular jewelry culture, Baltic amber jewelry is just now finding its way onto the U.S. market since everyone has gone wild for amber in general.
  • Diamond Secrets  By : LarryChrisausb
    Carbon is about the most common substance in the earth. Diamond is one of the forms in which carbon manifests. Thinking this, one might say carbon is the most valuable substance in the earth as well. Just imagine the cost of a diamond ring. So, yes, itís expensive but very valuable.
  • What To Know About Diamonds  By : LarryChrisausb
    You probably have never seen a real diamond yourself, right? And I mean REAL diamond. Well, thatís because they are so scarce, making them extremely expensive. However, rich folks donít mind; theyíll pay anything to have diamond jewelries. I sure would too, if I had the money. The unparallel beauty of diamonds is really incredible.
  • Demystifying Diamond Jewelry  By : JanetJonespapp
    Diamond is earthís hardest natural mineral. Because it does not get destroyed very easily, it is useful as a gem; a precious stone. However more than its hardness, radiant beauty is sight to behold from anywhere you choose to behold it. Even the tiniest diamonds still glow with radiant beauty anytime.
  • Sure-Fire Diamond Jewelry Tips  By : JanetJonespapp
    Diamond is earthís hardest natural mineral. Because it does not get destroyed very easily, it is useful as a gem; a precious stone. However more than its hardness, radiant beauty is sight to behold from anywhere you choose to behold it. Even the tiniest diamonds still glow with radiant beauty anytime.
  • Gemstone jewelry fashions for fall 2008  By : Michele the Jeweler
    If you want to look fabulous with gemstones, you have to keep yourself updated with fashion world and know about the latest gemstone trends and fashions for fall 2008.
  • Sri Lanka and Its Gems  By : Edward Bristol
    Sri Lanka has long been known for its richness in gems, especially sapphires and rubies. This article will discuss the many other varieties of gemstone that can be found and collected from this island nation.
  • Star Sapphires and Rubies  By : Edward Bristol
    The most well know gemstones that exhibit asterism or "stars" are sapphires and rubies. This article discusses the characteristics of star sapphires and rubies and how to judge photos seen in internet stores.
  • How to Evaluate Colored Gemstones  By : Edward Bristol
    Though most people think only diamonds are graded, there is also a set of criteria to evaluate colored gems. These are summarized in a grading report. A gem's value is primarily based on its color. Here are the basics you need in order to understand a colored stone grading report.
  • Glossary of the Gem Trade  By : Edward Bristol
    For beginning gem collectors, there is a whole new dictionary of terms to be learned in order to wisely navigate the descriptions a vendor provides. The goal of this article is provided a working definition of the terms most often used by gemologists to aid beginners in making wise purchasing choices.
  • Colors of Rubies and Internet Purchasing  By : Edward Bristol
    A wide range of shades and qualities of rubies are available from internet vendors. How can you discern honest photography from dishonest? How does the beginning gem collector buy with confidence? This articles will discuss evaluating rubies that you see online.
  • Sapphires: Classifications and Purchasing on the Internet  By : Edward Bristol
    Sapphires, blues and fancies, are discussed in the article. All colors available and how they photograph are included with the hope that beginning gem collectors can use this information to make wiser purchasing from internet vendors.
  • Tiger Iron: Three-in-one Gemstone  By : Janet K. Nelson
    The creative beauty, cultural and biological presence of tiger iron gemstone jewelry and art objects are valued in many ways. This article describes the beauty and value of this natural gemstone.
  • Andalusite: The Unknown Star  By : Janet K. Nelson
    Who ever heard of an andalusite gemstone? It is often used in beautiful jewelry and provides meaningful expression. This article provides a description of its amazing beauty, diverse and changeable personality and a resource for viewing it and other similar semi-precious gemstones.
  • History Of Synthetic Diamonds  By : David Cowley
    As the name implies synthetic diamonds look like real diamonds but do not have the same properties as real diamonds. The ability to determine the differences between chemical compusosition, hardness, weight, and some of the light handling characteristics of real diamonds and synthetic diamonds with the naked eye is extremely difficult.

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