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  • Hobby Room Air Purifier - 5 Features That Will Make Your Purifier Effective  By : Debbie Davis
    If you have dedicated a room to your hobby you obviously enjoy it and probably spend many hours there. And if your hobby generates airborne pollutants such as fine particulates, chemical vapors or fumes from paints, adhesives, acrylics, or fuels you need to be sure to keep air quality high by removing these pollutants with an air purifier. Here are 5 features to choose in a purifier to ensure tha
  • In the Public Domain  By : Sam McKenzy
    Copyright protection is largely a transparent issue in film production. It cannot be bypassed in high profile, commercial films; while at the same time it can just as easily be purchased or averted. This is to say that big budget films have the benefit of financial security and, truth be told, solid networking between different artists (i.e. good connections).
  • Collectibles for Life  By : Janet Montie
    Some of the things to consider when helping your child begin a collection are the feasibility, the durability, and the lovability of the collection.
  • Collecting Antiques - The Peoples Art Part 2  By : Stephen Morgan
    Posters were very much in the vanguard of this market and it is quote ironic that when you look back from the experience of hindsight to see such names that have been involved in this type of commercial enterprise it would appear to be quite amusing.
  • Collecting Antiques - It Never Gets Old!  By : Collectibles And Antiques
    Antiques have long been a part of our culture. Items are handed down through generations, some with special emotional meaning, some as heirlooms, some as valuable investments. They can be bought and sold at garage sales, on eBay, or at auctions.
  • A Beginner's Guide to Antique Collecting  By : D.C. Riggott Inc.
    Collecting can be a great hobby. This is a beginner's guide to collecting antiques. It discusses aspects of collecting antiques like the skills needed, information resources, different places to find antiques, and more.
  • Children and Collecting: Helping your Kids Learn, Grow, and Have a Little Fun Collecting.  By : Bill Harvey
    Collecting bugs, rocks, leaves, baseball cards, stamps, coins, or who-knows-what is a part of childhood. Here are some thoughts on how to make it educational too!
  • Collectibles Anyone?  By : Dianne Cranzle
    A collectible is commonly defined as a manufactured item designed for people to collect, but they can also include natural objects, such as butterflies and items manufactured for purposes other than collecting, such as stamps. Sometimes objects designed for other purposes become so popular among collectors that they are marketed specifically to that audience.
  • Collecting Antiques Is The Peoples Art  By : Stephen Morgan
    In this, the first in a series of articles, we discuss the growth in the marketability of what used to be called Peoples Art and the marketability of everyday packaging materials.
  • Insuring Your Valuable Collectibles  By : Robert Benson
    Many hobbyists have valuable collections and these collections (no matter what kind of items one may own) should be insured. In this interview, we will detail the importance of obtaining an insurance policy for your cherished valuables.

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