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  • Insurance For Your Valuable Collectibles  By : David Craythorne
    The collectibles market is full of passionate people. These aren’t people who have ‘pack rat fever’ and accumulate items just to have them, but people who choose to go into a specific collectibles market because it is a satisfying and fun experience for them.
  • Attribution vs. Identification  By :
    Attribution is a term often misunderstood and/or misused. The meaning is sometimes confused with, or intended to be a substitute for the word identification. An attribution remains only the subjective declaration or opinion of the researcher(s), even after careful research of a unique unmarked item is conducted and documented, with an aim toward arriving at a credible conclusion.
  • Antiques and Vintage: The Differences  By :
    As of late the terms, 'antique' and 'vintage' have started taking on vague meanings in the marketplace. Unfortunately, these and other terms that have always been essential constituents to the lexicon of collectors are, more and more, being used incorrectly. Often this is not due to the fact that the user intends to deceive or misrepresent their goods, but instead occurs perhaps because writing is not their first love or crafting descriptions is a skill they are still honing.
  • Fakes: An Historical Perspective  By :
    For as long as mankind has used his hands to create useful, intricate objects; as long as the mysteries of the natural world have been pondered, and tools or instruments made with the intent to tame or investigate that world; as long as a creative soul has sought to gift kin with a meaningful experience through art, or the warrior to gift himself with notoriety amongst his peers, there have been collectors with a penchant to own objects connected to other people, places and times.
  • releases the top 30 antique and collectible searches of 2008  By : ( the Webs largest online antique and collectible mall, has released their annual report on the most requested search terms used by people looking for for antiques and collectibles online in 2008.
  • What to Look Out for When Buying Collectibles  By : Evelyn Whitaker
    Don't get ripped off - know what to look for when buying collectibles.
  • Defining Antique  By : Craig Rad
    There was a time when saucers without handles, Betty lamps, and cow shaped pitchers with black and white spots on it were fashionable to use at home. The next time guests come over to your place, try serving them tea in a saucer without handles. They would definitely raise brows, appalled at where to hold the saucer from. However, they now hold value as antiques.
  • How To Identify a Qualified Appraisal and How To Pick a Traind and Tested Appraiser  By : Brian Kathenes
    Appraisals satisfy a variety of needs and legal requirements. At some point in our lives (or at perhaps at the end of it) we will all need the services of an appraiser. Appraisals impact your financial status, tax liability, insurance needs, and buying decisions. This article will help you identify the qualified, properly-written appraisals, and show how to avoid untrained, dangerous appraisers.
  • Unofficial Colllector Names  By :
    This is a list of terms that collectors use for themselves, but the words have not yet made it into a dictionary, so they are Unofficial. An Official Collector Name list is at
  • Collectibles Museums Online(tm)  By :
    --World's Largest Collectibles Museums Online List(tm)
  • Collectibles Price Guides  By :
    Collectibles Price Guides - Submit yours.
  • Official Collector Names List  By :
    All these names are found in at least one dictionary. There are other terms used by collectors that are common, but not yet recorded as "official" by a dictionary.

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