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  • Meaningful Graduation Gifts for Your Daughter  By : Lewis Jewlers
    She's graduating. The last time you looked, she was riding her 2-wheeler bicycle without coaching wheels. Now she's getting ready to go on the walk across the platform to just accept her diploma and enter the world. From daddy's girl to graduate, you wish to gift her along with a meaningful gift which shows how far you love plus believe in her.
  • What is the State of your Estate?  By : Marsha Beaton
    The home had been closed up for 7 years, and I don't think a thing had been done to it before closing the door, or since that time! Bottles of black ketchup still were in the cupboard....sinks were stopped odors lingered...and boxes upon boxes of old bills, bank statements, cards, dog name it....were in corners in every closet. It made me sad to think about the lady who has been in a nursing home for these many years now....wondering what she would be thinking.
  • Collectibles Provenance - Pass It On  By : Jennifer Schill
    Provenance is "the origin, or source of an object; history of ownership; or, location of an object". In the art, antiques and collectibles world, provenance often means more monetary value. However, the story behind an object also adds sentimental value and historical value.
  • Picking up a digital camera gift  By : Carol Pruitt
    So you have decided to buy a digital camera for someone. Digital cameras are hot gift items. They are also high tech devices with many features and options. This article will try to help you pick up the right digital camera by understanding the considerations when buying one.
  • Last Minute Presents  By : Fiona Muller
    What to buy for Christmas for your friends and family can be a bit of a minefield. However there is no need to stick to giving the same old vouchers time after time. There are some wonderful exotic gifts in the shops at the moment so get out into the high street and start using your imagination.
  • Succession Planning for Collectibles  By : Laura du Toit
    Most of us prefer to ignore the inevitable death. Ignoring this will unfortunately not prevent it from happening and the fact that it is going to happen will not go away. You owe it to your family to have a proper estate plan in place and if you are a collector provision must be made for the distribution of your collection by means of an art succession plan.
  • How to Gift Wrap  By : Catherine Darcy
    A step by step guide to gift wrapping.
  • Gift-Giving for the Collector in your Life.  By : Bill Harvey
    Do families still make gifts for one another -or glue things to other things for Christmas decorations? Some of my favorite childhood memories involve baking and gluing and painting and generally making for the holidays. The following takes this tradition and does it for the collector in your life.

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