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  • Why Designer Laptop Bags  By : Gabrila Rupp
    In this information age, laptop bags are practically a necessity. Where once used only for work or by people who run their own companies or freelance, laptops now are more mainstream than ever.
  • The History of Prada Handbags  By : maartenralston
    The roots of the Fashion House Prada can be traced back to 1913 when Mario Prada began designing and selling handbags, shoes, trunks, and suitcases though two boutiques in Milan with clientele across Europe and the United States.
  • The History of Hermes  By : maartenralston
    The French high fashion house Hermes specializes in a variety of products,including ready-to-wear clothing, leather goods and accessories and perfumes.
  • Handbags: A Woman's Favorite Accessory  By : Jamie Hanson
    Apart from shoes, handbags are some of the most popular fashion accessories for women. A handbag al ...
  • Girls Love Handbags, But Why?  By : Gen Wright
    Find out why women are fascinated with designer handbags. Today, women are willing to spend more on a bag than on a holiday or even a car, but where has this come from?
  • How to know if your Coach purse is authentic  By :
    When you think about stylish designer purses, what is the first name that comes to mind? For many ladies, the well-established American brand of Coach is the label to remember. Since the 1940's this company has already made a mark in the fashion industry, by creating stylish leather goods from belts, wallets, purses, bags, shoes, and lots more. When it comes to functionality, Coach purses do more than just that, as they are excellent fashion accessories that accentuate any woman's sense of style
  • Ostrich Lily v/s Aligator From Designer Collection Of Coach  By :
    Coach has a prestigious name, and they continue to create items that amaze consumers. The only reason for moving their factories and such is to keep up with demand and costs. One of the newest bags created by them is the Coach Alligator Bag.
  • History of Handbags  By : Jennifer . T . Brown
    Since the beginning of existence, there have always been certain provisions which people found necessary to keep on their person at all times. handbag were established as an essential component of human transit since before the 14th century, as represented in prehistoric Egyptian hieroglyphi
  • Vintage Handbags - The Ultimate Fashion Statement!  By : Bernard McClay
    Nothing feels better than walking down the street or going to a party with a beautiful vintage handbag over your shoulder, knowing that no other woman will have the same bag. Vintage handbags are the ultimate fashion statement that will last for years and years as well as giving a unique edge to your wardrobe.
  • Get Smart and Spot Fake Handbags Before Itís Too Late!  By : Illiana Shoemaker
    All girls love bags and most usually have handbags as their collectorís item. With the help of Internet, many can now have deal with handbags. Some may also find the cheap handbags that look really great. Of course, if you got the type of handbag that any girls would love, you got that sense of pride and excitement to include it in your collection. However, sometimes you might just find out that w
  • 10 Most Popular Handbags and Celebrities Using Them  By : Illiana Shoemaker
    They say women spend more on clothing than men and women spend more on handbags than men. Handbags are real obsession of women, especially the nice and elegant designerís handbags.

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