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  • Columbus Blue Jackets Facts  By : Gen Wright
    The Columbus Blue Jackets are a professional United States ice hockey team. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the team is a part of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL).
  • Types of Ice Skates  By : Jamie Newton
    Different types of ice-skates are available for various sports and recreational activities. Five main types of ice skates are figure skates, hockey skates, bandy skates, speed skates and the touring skates.
  • The Biggest Draft Day Busts in NHL History  By : Kevin Chaves
    Ahh, the day has come. The day where NHL team scouts have the chance to prove that the years of studying, watching hours of hockey and breaking down individual skills of a teenager was all worth it. We call it draft day, but NHL franchise's call it the day to change their team by relying on 18 year olds to lead them to the Stanley Cup.
  • The All-Time Best Defensemen in NHL History  By : Kevin Chaves
    The ole story that "offense wins the story and defense wins the glory" is a known fact. A defenseman may base their skill on shutting down the opposition, brute size or as a pure scoring machine. To be the best blue liner, you must combine all of these attributes and much more.
  • The Truth Regarding Ice Skating And The Sport Of Hockey  By : Nathan Knightley
    Hockey on ice is a very demanding sport that takes a lot of balance, strength and talent. There are a lot of obstacles that players face regularaly even with
  • 2008-2009 NHL Season Preview  By : Kevin Chaves
    The time of year has come that makes every NHL fan giddy inside like a little child waiting for Santa Claus; the beginning of a new season. A time where team hats and jerseys will be worn everyday at work, home and arena's around North America. Just like the ones before, this NHL season brings teams with new coaches, new players and new expectations.
  • The Top 10 NHL goons of all-time  By : Kevin Chaves
    The goon is used to protect each player on his team from idiots on the other teams by any means necessary while entertaining millions of people on the tube.

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