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  • A Glance Into The Past: Wild Duck Hunting Decoys  By :
    This article is about the long history of duck decoys that are crucial for hunters and valuable for collectors.
  • Antique Duck Decoys  By : Joshua McNiel
    Duck decoys have been used for thousands of years. Hunters made
    their decoys using bulrush, cattail, reed, and what ever they
    could use that would float. They molded these items into a
    sculpture of a bird floating in the water, and decorated some of
    them with real feathers of the type of bird they were going to
  • How To Locate and Track Game  By : Jimmy Cox
    Finding where the game is located in hunting country is far more dependent upon an understanding of its basic characteristics and traits than upon an ability to follow each consecutive hoof mark in a trail.
  • How To Start a Duck Decoy Collection  By : Joshua McNiel
    Duck decoys were once only used for hunting, however collecting
    them has now became a popular hobby for many. In fact, some
    antique duck decoys have sold for over $100,000 at recent
    auctions, and they seem to be holding their value.
  • Hunting in Africa - Diary Day One  By : Neil MacLeod
    The main dining lodge was comfortable and inviting although my wife, Joanna and my three daughters were a little taken aback by the spartan nature of the luxury chalets. They were more like one room stone cabins, by European standards.
  • Hunting: Be Sure to Get the Trophy You're Looking For  By : Jimmy Cox
    Perhaps the biggest difficulty in assessing the size of big-game animals has to do with the area which produces the game. A game animal is largely a product of what it eats. With many species, the ranting of the young produces later adult animals of small size. This is especially true of deer. Antler development is determined by the incidence of certain minerals found in the game area.
  • Pellet Gun Hunting  By : Richard London
    If you're thinking about hunting with a pellet gun, there are a few guidelines to follow to make sure you do it effectively and humanely. Choosing the right gun, ammo, scope, and using best practices are all important factors. However, the first consideration is what game you should and should not hunt with a pellet gun. This article is intended as a quick guide to hunting with an air gun.
  • Reloading .223 for Hunting or Target Shooting  By : Bruce Mackay
    Reloading .223 - this is the enjoyable caliber for me. If I had my way I would shoot a lot more of the mid range caliber rifles. The idea of nearly no recoil, cheap to shoot still and decent for long range are all benefits. All these pluses and they are a real dream to practice with. Hitting the cross hairs at two or three hundred yards is just an splendid feeling.
  • Reloading Data and Tips  By : Bruce Mackay
    I have found that there is a lot of information on reloading data on the internet. The greatest way to find a specific or rare load I found was to go to Yahoo Answers, sign in and ask the question. This can take a few hours or a day, but the answers are remarkable and a lot of them are properly researched. I like it anytime I can get high-quality and fast help for free.
  • The Tips and Tricks of Precision Reloading  By : Bruce Mackay
    The thought of reloading for a season was looking like work when I started. The idea of reloading for precision and long range was not in my strategy then until I actually got my first seven mm Reminton Mag. This was the first time I had a long range gun with enough hitting power to kill moose at three hundred yards and more. Then I started to understand the stuff I needed to hit at that range. It was like learning how to hunt again and it was fun and exciting. I must have checked the stats on my caliber ten times just to make sure it was that flat shooting. I practically shot my barrel out trying to learn all the range and wind variables. Then I shot a enormous bull at over five hundred yards. I have never lost that feeling of accomplishment.
  • Tips for Reloading Bullets  By : Bruce Mackay
    Hi, I am Bruce Mackay and I am promoting reloading bullets on my web site at I just want to give an idea of the better tricks and benefits I have found in reloading bullet data. The biggest gain is the accuracy you can attain and the understanding of how to accomplish this. In my Hodgdon manual I have found most of the knowledge to accomplish this.
  • Using Wild Duck Decoys  By :
    This article reviews the usage and benefits of wild duck hunting decoys that are a crucial component in every hunterís gear.
  • What You Should Know About Compound Bows  By : karl donald
    Before the 1950s, there were just two options for individuals who loved archery - recurve bows and longbows. Which one you used depended on what you were going to use the bow to achieve. Target practicers used either style of bow, according to their personal preferences, while hunters usually chose recurve bows for their additional power - better for felling deer and other big animals. However, the popularity of the compound bow changed things.
  • Why having the safest hunting equipment is a must when hunting.  By : David brekke
    Safe hunting equipment reduces the risk of accidents and can save the life of the user some day.

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