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  • Electric And Magnetic Drills - A Short History  By : SteelMax
    Tools have been around longer than human beings have. The name of one of our earliest ancestor species, Homo habilis, refers entirely to that species' ability to use tools. And in 1917, yet another revolution in manufacturing and technical ability kept the next generation of tools viable for the next century, and certainly beyond: electric and magnetic drills.
  • Air Travel Rules And Traveling With Tools (Even Antiques)  By : james dickisonn
    Have you ever run across an antique tool in your travels and needed to carry it back home? It is important to know that the airline industry as a specific set of air travel rules concerning tools. If you are planning on brining your tools along with you, you will want to take the time to famialrize yourself with these rules. Doing so may prove helpful, in more ways than one.
  • Antique Tools  By : Manuel Wiggins
    Man in history, although much more primitive than those who live today, used his brain and made implements and devices which would help him to survive. He had to have food to live and he had to defend himself from wild animals which roamed the forests.
  • The Types of Wood Used In Antique Tools  By : Joelyn Pullano
    How to identify the types of woods found in your antique tool collections. Provided is a list of different woods and how to tell them apart.
  • Tool Kit Essentials: 10 Tools You Should Have  By : Ellen Bell
    Almost every homeowner will need to make small repairs around the home from time to time, and having a good tool kit will these jobs a lot easier. When putting together your own tool kit, here are the top 10 tools to start with.
  • The Collecting Of Antique Axes And Edged Tools  By : Joelyn Pullano
    Edge tools are among the earliest tool forms, with surviving primitive axes dated to 8000 B.C.. Early axes were made by "wrapping" the red hot iron around a form, yielding the eye of the axe. The steel bit, introduced in the 18th century, was laid into the fold at the front and hammered into an edge.
  • Collecting Antique Axes  By : JP
    Descriptions of various types of axes.

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