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  • Can Wearing Copper Jewellery be Sensible for Your Health?  By : John Brana
    Not solely does copper make lovely jewellery, it additionally will provide health benefits. Read about the origins of copper jewelry, care tips, and added health benefits.
  • How To Build Your Jewelry Wardrobe  By : Lewis Jewlers
    A woman's fashion arsenal can include a great numerous things. From modern accessories to that go-to black dress, building a wardrobe demands a brilliant numerous things.
  • Jewelry Enamels  By :
    Enamel is the hard vitreous substance (composed of glass and inorganic pigments used to produce color) fused to a metal jewelry object through the use of heat, and enameling is the technique by which the substance is applied. The object is heated until the glass begins to soften and flow.
  • Beware: New Reproduction Jewelry  By :
    Online jewelry dealers are often not only buyers of antique and vintage costume jewelry, but they are collectors as well. Whether buying or selling, everyone needs to be aware that costume jewelry is experiencing a rising tide of fakes, reproductions and 'reissues,' due to the increase in value of classic vintage pieces in this collecting niche.
  • A Guide To Cameos  By :
    Think of cameos and you are likely to picture a brooch with the profile of a woman carved in shell. Did you know that this style of cameo is only one of a broad array of carved miniatures considered cameos? Indeed, the very popular profile cameo is largely a 20th century creation. To understand more about cameos – miniature wearable works of art – let’s take a brief look at the different types of cameos and their history.
  • Diamond Stud Basics  By : ratetake
    Color and clarity are two big components to find out when purchasing diamond stud earrings. Carat, which measures the weight of a diamond, is normally one of the original components clients consider.
  • Extend the Life of Jewelry with Careful Cleaning  By : Ann Knapp
    From inexpensive baubles to family heirlooms, jewelry reflects new trends and the cherished moments of a woman's life. Careless treatment of any kind of jewelry, however, shortens its life, value and beauty. Careful cleaning of jewelry extends the wear and value of a collection.
  • How To Become a Jewelry Designer  By : Ann Knapp
    Creating jewelry requires more than just sketching ideas on a pad of paper or stringing together a few beads. Designing jewelry requires experience in forming metal through soldering and casting, for instance. Experience in metalworking will come in handy as well, possessing the ability to shape metal.

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