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  • A Little History of Origami Planes  By : Victor Torrealba
    The history of paper airplanes has in no way truly been established, but it is supposed that the first part of flying paper was probably a crumpled up part of the first paper throw aside to the trash. This paper, we will give you a little little of the science behind the history of the origami airplanes.
  • The History of Balloons  By : Rob Colbourne
    In the European regions in times of old you might have been entertained by a jester or troubadour who had taken the entrails of a recently butchered animal and inflate it for amusement.
  • Balloon Modeling  By : Rob Colbourne
    The art of shaping and twisting balloons into shapes and figures is called balloon modeling. There are a number of different shapes like hats and boats that can be made, but animals are the most popular. A talented “twister” can make just about anything.
  • Origami Airplanes. Glossary of Terms  By : Victor Torrealba
    In this article there is a origami airplanes glossary of some fascinating words you might come across as you learn and explore your interest in origami airplane. Terms like aerodynamics, ailerons, airfoil, crease vs. fold, dihedral and many more are analized.
  • Secrets to Make the Best Paper Airplanes you'll ever Fly  By : Victor Torrealba
    The "secrets" to making paper airplanes fly well are largely the same adjustments which make hand launched gliders fly well. Most people have the unfortunate idea that a good paper airplane needs no adjustments after the basic folds are finished. The present article will show you several flying tips for make a paper airplane that fly very well
  • Paper Airplane World Records  By : Victor Torrealba
    For a long time Paper Aircraft have been very seriously used by large Aerospace Aircraft manufacturers, for scientific and theory testing of aircraft behaviour. In this article brings together the facts most outstanding made with paper planes.
  • Kite History and Flying Kites  By : karl donald
    In Egypt there are hieroglyphics carved some 2,500 years ago that tells the story of a Pharaoh and a kite. It seems that the Pharaoh had heard many things about his wily Assyrian vizier, Ahikar, and he wanted to test the man's cunning for himself. He ordered Ahikar to build a palace for him midway between heaven and earth. The punishment for failure would be banishment or death.
  • How To Fly A Kite - A Single Line Kite In Particular  By : Tim Parish
    Need a hand with knowing how to fly a kite? We've seen plenty of struggling fliers from time to time! If so, the information here should be very helpful. It's all based on our flying experiences with single-liners.
  • High Flyers  By : Yageur Fecuent
    Kites are made of think materials such as paper, silk, or other thin material spread over a framework. Kites require flexible tails for lateral and directional stability because they have only one plane surface. Popular kite making destinations are China and other East Asian countries. This practice of making kite is centuries old.

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