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  • The Differences Between Knitting And Crocheting  By : Pam McNeely
    For most people who have not worked with either knitting or crocheting, there appears to be little difference between the two, and even more confusion about what the process actually is. Most people at least know that both involve a needle and yarn, but the understanding usually stops there. For those who have done one and not the other, there is usually confusion about what the other method actually does and some of the things that are possible to be created with it.
  • Loom knitting: This Fine Art That Has Recently Found A Revival  By : Gina Williams
    Loom knitting is also referred to as French knitting, reel knitting, spool knitting, box knitting, rake knitting, ring knitting, bung knitting, frame knitting etc Loom knitting is an historical fine art that has recently experienced an revival. Knitting nowadays is extremely popular all over the world.
  • Educating Yourself About Yarns  By : Mike Selvon
    Go into a knitting shop and you will find a kaleidoscope of yarns. The task of choosing a yarn can be one of the best parts of the knitting process. All of the beautiful colors of yarn can actually be captivating. Only people who work with knitting materials on a regular basis can appreciate the attributes of the different ones, as they can vary in texture and color.
  • Knit Speak - A Knitter's English  By : Alice Seidel
    Are you a KIP - er? That UFO in your stash, what's that all about? And that pattern instruction, was it WYIF or WYIB? Huh?

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