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  • Martial Arts Weapons UK Law  By : LTW Supplies
    Theres a peculiar relationship between UK law and martial arts weapons – butterfly knives, for example, are illegal in law but fine to sell in their static martial form. So who polices what?
  • 4 Battle Weapons Every Ninja Warrior Should Own  By : Gen Wright
    Find out what you need to know about Ninja Battle Weapons and see if they are right for you. Learn the truth about Ninja Battle Weapons and make up your own mind.
  • Swords From the Ancient Dynasties  By : Gen Wright
    Defence is a major preoccupation for any ruler - from the rulers of way back in antiquity to President Obama today. Times of war see resources being drained toward a wasteful expense, as well as major scientific advancements as people try to find out why things happen, and how to mitigate the injuries caused by bad things.
  • When The Samurai Were Ordered To Give Up Swords  By : Gen Wright
    The Samurai are possibly the most famous warrior clans in the world. Stately, sombre and meditative in manner and lifestyle alike, they enjoyed a highly superior social status for nearly two millennia.
  • Functional Samurai Swords Or Battle Ready Japanese Katanas  By : Gen Wright
    Japan: it is a country steeped in beauty and tradition. For thousands of years, it has been a country to represent honor and bravery, and the weapons that have represented such virtues, such as functional samurai swords and battle ready Japanese Katanas, are exactly what keep those traditions alive many years removed.
  • Keep Those Collectible Pocket Knives Forever  By : William Cole Doggett
    You should not buy a pocket knife for you pocket knife collection outside of the mainstream manufactured brands if you want it to appreciate. It is likely that it will not be worth anything if you buy some knockoff brand. About the only knives that go way up in value that are not name brand are custom made knives.
  • Collecting Fantasy Daggers and Knives  By : William Cole Doggett
    In the world of collectibles, fantasy items such as daggers and knives always are a popular hit with many different people. Go to a knife show and you will see plenty of people surrounding the fantasy knives and daggers collection. What is it about these designs that strike us as fascinating? It is the design or the function?
  • Why Gerber Knives are Considered “Legendary”  By : Toan Dinh
    Gerber knives have a long history of precision manufacturing and amazing performance. Founder Pete Gerber, designed them in the 1930s and in 1985 was eventually honored by Blade Magazine.
  • The Different Types of Swords to Collect  By : James R Shaw
    An Eastern sword, also known as a pirate sword, European sword, or medieval sword, is characterized by its long, double-edged blade, as well as a straight hand guard. Samurai swords have a round hand guard and single edged blade, often with a slight curve. Another type of Asian sword is the Japanese katana, developed during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
  • Kershaw Knives  By : James R Shaw
    At its founding, the Kershaw Company manufactured most of its knives in Japan despite being an American company. Kershaw has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese KAI Group since 1977. Today, most Kershaw knives are produced in facilities in Wilsonville or Tualatin, Oregon, although some are still produced overseas.
  • Knife Collecting: A Great Hobby for Young and Old  By : William Cole Doggett
    Beginning with knowing what types of knives are out there and which ones are real and which are fakes or counterfeits, you must do some homework before purchasing your first knife. Even experts who have been collecting knives for years have been duped by counterfeits and fakes because they were not paying close enough attention to the details.
  • Tactical Knives Variety for the Collector and Practical User  By : William Cole Doggett
    Tactical knives first began as pre-tactical knives in 1990 when one of the best known knifemakers, Ernest Emerson, refused to use any part of a plant or animal that was endangered. He began incorporating exotic materials such as paua and abalone shells, rare woods and mother-of-pearl. The blades were either hand rubbed or highly polished. The pre-tactical knives were made famous by their bright colored handles and the prominent use of clip point blades.
  • Collecting the Original Rambo Knife  By : William Cole Doggett
    The original Rambo knife was inspired by Sylvester Stallone and created by a professional knife maker. This genre of knife was something I loved as a kid and owned several different versions growing up. Being a collector of the original Rambo knives is very exciting for me.
  • The Hardcore Knife Collector's Display Methods  By : William Cole Doggett
    My favorite scheme is a simple military medals style shadow box made of varnished wood. The shadow box makes a distinguished knives display and can even be customized to hold a small light to brighten up the exhibit. These shadow boxes are comparatively inexpensive and can be located in some of your large hobby shops or even at the all-purpose department store for five or ten bucks.
  • The Bowie Knife: A Collector's Guide  By : William Cole Doggett
    The starting point of serious collection would not be just a moment ago, but years back. Bowie knife collection has been well celebrated for compilation means, and not really for its utilization purposes. More than using them, knife "lovers" have been more at ease placing them in glass stands for keepsakes.
  • Weapons of Death Become Art - Katana Sword Collecting  By : William Cole Doggett
    The Katana swords were made as a weapon of death, and today there is a huge area of Katana sword collecting. Now that they are becoming real art and not the objects of their intended purpose, the katana swords are being displayed in bedrooms and showrooms across the country.
  • Hunting and Fighting Knife Collections  By : William Cole Doggett
    Since the discovery of iron and later, other metal alloys used in weapon and tool making, the knife is probably the most popular equipment ever produced. During the Stone Age, sharp-edged stones are tied to a long wooden handle to make the spear, which is widely thought to be the first weapon and hunting gadget. But the idea of a knife may have been earlier as archeologist theorized that humans used sharpened wood or stone in killing a game, and probably the use of a spear with a longer handle.
  • The Many Styles of Bowie Knives  By : William Cole Doggett
    The first ever Bowie knife came to be when James Bowie's brother, Rezin Bowie had made a long hunting knife for himself, but gave it to his brother James when he went to a duel. James ended up using the knife to defend himself while he was down and they say the rest is history. Everyone wanted a Bowie knife.
  • Samurai Sword Making - a Brief History  By : Janet Ashby
    Samurai sword making has a long history although the facts are often unclear, being shrouded in many myths and legends. Samurai swords called chokuto were used before the eighth century and had single edge straight blades. During the eighth century curved blades were introduced that were easier to unsheath, initially being curved only at the tang and later developing into fully curved swords.
  • Fantasy Weapons and Swords - a Buying Guide  By : Janet Ashby
    Fantasy weapons, and in particular fantasy swords, are available to buy in a wide range of styles including Lord of the Rings. Highlander, Dragon and Samurai swords. If you are looking for a fantasy sword you need to know what use you will make of the sword and what to look for. There is a big difference in fantasy weapons made for purely decorative purposes and those made to be functional or 'battle ready'. High quality swords can be expensive although there are some available below about $400.
  • The Braveheart Sword - Legendary Power And Strength From The Past  By : Dianne Hamments
    The Braveheart Sword received its name because of its strong association with the Scottish national hero Sir William Wallace. Wallace, who was sometimes called "Braveheart," was an actual historical figure who lived during the Middle Ages.
  • A Slice of History: A Knife Retrospective  By : Ann Knapp
    The first knives were most likely made of wood, bone and other perishable materials. These ancient tools were shaped by knapping, or percussive flaking of rock, such as obsidian and flint.
  • Utility Knife to Artful Weaponry, the Knife Leaves Its Mark in History  By : Ann Knapp
    As ancient as mankind itself, the knife is the earliest form of weaponry for which there has been no substitute. Essential for survival, the knife was developed out of necessity and has evolved through the ages. From knives made of flint, to copper, to iron, humans have a unique relationship to this tool, creating it out of the strongest material available and adorning them with patterns and
  • Middle Age Weapons  By : Gen Wright
    Buying middle age weapons is not for everyone. Only those who are passionate about how knights in the middle age do battle will be interested in such weapons. Mostly, they want to bring the experience of the knights into our modern day world.
  • How To Be Sure That The Sword You Want To Buy Is Made Of Quality Materials  By : Gregg Hall
    Swords can be made out of many different materials depending on what they will be used for. Swords are a dangerous weapon that can be used to kill people. Hopefully the only reason you would want a real sword is if you are a collector, and not to actually harm someone.
  • Machete: The Marvelous Machete  By : Len Q
    Roughly described, a machete is a very long, heavy knife. It's made in varying sizes and designs. A very popular blade size is one that is usually 18" in length, 2 and a quarter inches in width and just a few millimeters thick. They're not too short and have good weight on them.
  • The Twisted Tactical Knife Collector  By : William Cole Doggett
    The tactical knife is called tactical for the obvious reason of design. The design is implemented with the purpose of creating the perfect professional tool. The tactical knife is meant to suit a particular user may he or she is a police officer, soldier or outdoorsman.
  • Why Collectible Pocket Knives?  By : William Cole Doggett
    Collectible pocket knives are a topic that is so interesting to me because of the fact that knives are so fascinating. There is a story behind every knife, design, handle material, their owners and so much more. I want to tell you about why I collect pocket knives.
  • What Is It About the Collectible Knife?  By : William Cole Doggett
    One of the most interesting hobbies that I have found is knife collecting. The collectible knife is something that is full of history and legend. Many of the most famous Americans are noted because of the knives they carry.
  • The History Behind Seafaring Swords  By : Charles Kassotis
    Even though battles have been fought at sea since ancient times (the first sea action so defined was during the war between Carthage and Phoenicia in 571 BC), the weaponry used at sea remained pretty much the same until the 1600s. This corresponds with the rise of national navies, especially with colonial powers, resulting in naval professions. Distinct weaponry began to be developed.
  • How to Sharpen Your Knife With a Sharpening Steel  By : William Cole Doggett
    There are many ways to sharpen a knife. This guide will show you the most common and basic method of knife sharpening. All blades are different and you will find that the steel used in the production of the knife makes a big difference in how it sharpens and maintains an edge.
  • The Iconic Pocket Knife and the Representation of Manhood  By : William Cole Doggett
    Every man should carry a pocket knife. You ask why? Well, I would be honored to break it all down for you. The pocket knife means so much to the man. It is not exactly the measure of the man; but it certainly is an icon for him.
  • Sharpen Your Knife to a Razor Sharp Edge  By : William Cole Doggett
    Can you grip your knife slightly and cut through a fruit while using very little pressure? Even better, can you shave the hair on your arm, provided there is hair to shave, by scraping slightly against the growth? These are tests of sharpness when it comes to your knife. If you are like me, you will want your knife collection to stay as sharp as possible.
  • Swords - The Noblest Of Weapons  By : Dianne Hamments
    Of all the different weapons that are in use today, and of all the different weapons that have existed throughout history, swords are by far the noblest. Yes, swords are brutally effective weapons. But they are far more than that.
  • Is Knife Collecting a Smart Investment?  By : Daniel123
    Knives have forever been an important part of society; although they may be less relied upon today, they are still widely used in a variety of situations, including medicine. The symbolic nature of a knife is very appealing to many people, as the object represents survival and self-sufficiency.
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Zamak, How do you choose the right Sword for you?  By : James Crowe
    There are literally thousands of swords in different styles, materials, and price ranges available today. This can make choosing a sword a daunting experience to say the least. Hopefully with this article we can help you narrow that down a bit, and point out a few things to watch out for.
  • Displaying Knives -Part 1: Getting Started.  By : Bill Harvey
    Arguably knife making is mankind's first art. Beautiful things, knives. So beautiful that they deserve a special display. Here is HOW-TO safely display your knife collection.
  • Displaying Knives -Part 2: The Design Process.  By : Bill Harvey
    Arguably knife making is mankind's first art. Beautiful things, knives. So beautiful that they deserve a special display. Here is HOW-TO design a perfect display for your knife collection.
  • Displaying Knives -Part 3: Gathering Tools and Materials.  By : Bill Harvey
    Arguably knife making is mankind's first art. Beautiful things, knives. So beautiful that they deserve a special display. Here is HOW-TO to make the perfect display for your collection. And a necessary part of any HOW-TO is to gather up the necessary stuff. (Makes it all easier in the long run.)
  • Displaying Knives -Part 4: Putting it all Together.  By : Bill Harvey
    Arguably knife making is mankind's first art. Beautiful things, knives. So beautiful that they deserve a special display. Here, finally, is HOW-TO to do the magic and put it all together.
  • An Introduction to Civil War Military Swords and Manufacturers  By : Mary Murtha
    One of the most influential wars the United States ever participated in was the Civil War. Fought on the soil of America, this fierce battle pitted brothers and friends against each other. While firearms had already been invented, military swords were the weapon of choice when fighting was close and personal.
  • The Knives of Our Ancestors are Valuable Antiques  By : Tupper Wheatley
    The fighting knife has been around as long as men have armed themselves to protect life and country. Whether you search for specific hunting, survival, or tactical weapons, here is a sample of what every serious collector should hold in his coveted knife collection.
  • Excalibur Swords - Awesome Power, Legendary Beauty, Lasting  By : Dianne Hamments
    Excalibur - the famous "Sword in the Stone" Take a moment and
    let your mind's eye picture the images those words evoke. No
    sword, real or mythical, is more renowned, more beloved, than
    Excalibur. There is one simple reason, Excalibur is intimately
    associated with the myths, legends and romance surrounding King
    Arthur, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Collecting Early Ek Knives  By : Robert "Ek Knife Fan" Cure
    Early generation EK knives were made from 1941-1976 in Connecticut
    and Florida. These knives were made during John Ek's life. Most
    of these early knives were made of 1/8th inch steel, maple
    handles secured with lead rivets. They were crude but very
    dependable and built Ek's reputation for military knives.
  • The History Of Daggers And Collecting Daggers  By : Corey Palmer
    A lot of people have heard of the term dagger but there is sometimes confusion on what it actually is. A dagger is basically just a knife with a short blade that is usually anywhere from six inches to twenty inches in length. In the past, it was usually used in combat and even sometimes used for preparing food, cleaning animals for eating and other common cutting tasks.
  • Knives, Daggers, and Swords: Collectibles on the Rise  By : Chris Robertson
    Whether used in conjunction with Civil War reenactments and
    Renaissance Faires, or simply as collectors' items, knives have
    never been more popular. From the smallest daggers to the
    largest swords, knives of all types are finding their way to the
    homes of aficionados across the nation.
  • Samurai - The Honourable and The Treacherous  By : Nick Johnson
    The Japanese Samurai were warriors. Highly trained, skilled and efficient killers. Indeed, for many years the Samurai were the law of the land, a class of citizens above all except their Daimyo and the imperial Shogun. The samurai inhabited and roamed a land which was governed by the sword, and the samurai were masters of the sword.
  • Interesting Facts on Samurai Sword Manufacture  By : Nick Johnson
    A samurai's sword is his most sacred and prized possession. Not only did the samurai rely on his sword to defend him, but spiritually the sword held greater significance as the samurai actually believed his soul inhabited the sword. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the same discipline and respect in which the samurai wielded his sword, went into the actual making of the sword itself.
  • Japanese Samurai Swords Buying Guide  By : John Gottshall
    When it comes to samurai swords, there is quite a bit of terminology for the new collector to understand. But we want to make it easy for anyone to find a good quality samurai sword that will last a lifetime, no matter if you’re looking for one of the very sought after Paul Chen Katana swords for battle or just a quality sword to hang over the mantle.
  • The History And Uses Of Bayonets  By : Beth Johnson
    A bayonet is word not commonly used and you probably know what it is but have no idea how. These are the knife attachments that are placed at the end of a gun. Its primary use is so that the soldier has some type of defense in close quarters when their gun is no longer effective.
  • A Guide To Antique And Collectible Knives  By : Paul Sidelinger
    There are many seasoned sword and knife collectors who are
    interested in old, collectible, antique, vintage pocket knives,
    hunting knives, classic gun knives, boar knives, throwing spikes
    and stilettos.

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