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  • Rookie Sports Card 101  By : Frank James Howard
    Collectors collect rookie sports cards for many different reasons. Regardless of why you are interested in them, its critical to understand the substance of what a rookie card is prior to spending your hard earned cash on them.
  • History of the Olympics  By : 4Ps--Marketing
    The events that would eventually become the Olympic Games we know today have their origins in the Peloponnese, a peninsula in the South of Greece. Although the precise date is uncertain, the first time they were referred to in writing is 776 BC.
  • The National Sports Collectors Convention  By : Frank James Howard
    Back in 1980 a of sports memorabilia collectors convened at a Los Angeles area hotel for what would become the 1st National Sports Collectors Convention.
  • How Much Are Baseball Cards Really Worth?  By : trevonalvarado
    I have a son who eats, sleeps and thinks only baseball. I cannot really understand why this madness has come upon him. All that he can think of is the game and how he going to devise a strategy,
  • How to Collect Sports Memorabilia  By : Bonnie Browne
    Many people who are passionate about their interests love to collect items around these interests and show them off to their friends. Some people like to collect plates, spoons, salt and pepper shakers, pictures or autographs. Anything can be collectible as long as it is something you appreciate and enjoy.

    Sports fans like to collect any and all things pertaining to their favorite sport especially if it is authentic memorabilia.

    Sports collectibles are a very huge market and many sports fans are willing to pay any amount of money to get their little piece of history. I am thinking of world series winning baseballs, hit out of the park, caught and sold for big prices on ebay.

    Memorabilia does not have to necessarily be a big cost item. Some people save ticket stubs from events they have attended, Some collect game day programs. Some may be lucky enough to catch a ball hit out the stands at an ordinary baseball game and some are even able to purchase articles of clothing worn by an athlete during a particular game or practice. If they are lucky enough, sometimes these fans are able to get the player's autograph.

    You can also add to your collection by purchasing collectibles through stores, There are lots of places on the internet that you can find this specialty memorabilia. You can buy something that may be authentic or may not be.. Some collectibles can be very expensive especially if the item is in short supply or the athlete was, or is larger, than life - for example Muhammed Ali.

    If you are going to invest a large sum of money in your memorabilia then you want to make really sure that you are doing business with an honest and reputable store. Some firms have contracts with the athletes or their agents and deal directly with them when obtaining autographs, photographs and items of interest. They can attest that these items are 100% authentic. If they don't deal directly with the athletes themselves then they should purchase items only from officially licenced dealers. The merchant also should provide a certificate of authenticity and/or a hologram when he sells it to you..

    Whether you wish to spend a little or a lot, collecting sports memorabilia, be it in the area of boxing, baseball, hockey or other, can be a fun and sometimes profitable thing to do. You have something that you can hold in your hand or see with your eye to help you relive those pleasant memories again and again.

    To learn more please visit Boxing Memories.
  • Nike’s humble beginning  By : sportsgalore
    Nike has becoming one of the world’s leading brands of sports shoes and gear, it‘s influence permeating all cultures, fashion, trend and becoming even a status symbol especially among youth. Many NBA celebrities even have their customized footwear and authentic NBA jerseys designed by them.
  • How To Determine The Value Of Sports Autographs  By : autograph sports guy
    What makes a sports autograph valuable? In this article, I evaluate the factors that contribute to the value of autographed sports memorabilia.
  • Beckett Media Completes Controversial Website Overhaul  By : Jeff Summerville
    Anyone familiar with the trading card industry is at least somewhat familiar with Beckett Media. Beckett has become synonymous with the hobby itself and their pricing is the standard by which most sellers and dealers price their cards. Recently they went live with their highly publicized redesigned site. The results were initially quite disastrous with collectors jumping ship in droves. After the
  • Why Big Business Won't Kill the Sports Card and Memorabilia Hobby  By : Jeff Summerville
    The rapid ascension of Trading Cards and Memorabilia from casual children's hobby to thriving billion dollar industry has led to a great deal of growth and change within the hobby. Some collectors feel that this has been a positive change, while others have remained vehemently opposed to the commercial elements of the hobby. The latter group warns that money will destroy the hobby. So just who
  • Collectible Sports Memorabilia  By : kfairba
    Modern sports has become astonishingly popular. This popularity has propelled the collectible sports memorabilia industry to new heights, also. Physical connection to a sporting event or personality with a collectible sports memorabiliea item creates a special bond between fan and sport.
  • Card Collecting Is Not Just For Kids  By : Steve Dolan
    Trading cards represent one of the most popular collectible items in modern history. Trading cards are sets of printed cards, usually connected in a series or through a common theme, that are traded, bought, and sold with other collectors. When most people think of trading cards, they immediately think of sports cards.
  • Sports Memorabilia-What's it All About?  By : Jaks Lloyd
    However far we go back in recorded history, sport has always been a prominent feature of mans leisure and social activities.
  • History of Sports Memorabilia  By : Bob Rardin
    If it’s true that nothing says “USA” like baseball does, then it’s natural that sports memorabilia collecting in this country began with a connection to the American pastime of baseball. Tobacco Companies introduced baseball cards to Americans in the late 1800’s in an attempt to sell their products
  • Die Cast Sports Collectibles - Heavy Metal Fun  By : Frank Kush
    For many years, collecting sports items was limited to cards, jerseys, autographs and items that were directly related to the sport. Die cast sports items were available with most relating to auto racing. They were naturally a perfect fit to the die cast market that was mostly automobiles to begin with.

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