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  • Metal Detector Techniques For Tesoro And Whites Metal Detectors  By : janetra
    When detecting in a new area search the whole area first without using discrimination in order to remove any junk. Then you can repeat the search to find targets that were being masked. Aluminium foil can easily be mistaken for gold and lots of other junk also sounds like treasure so it's best to remove these before using discrimination. When the junk has been removed use a grid pattern to search for targets.
  • Finding Old Coins With Your Metal Detector  By : Matt Chang
    So you bought your cheap metal detector, now, what the heck do you do with it? Many, many groups of people taken up metal detector hunting every year - and just as many give up within weeks. Why do you think it is that people give up metal detector hunting so quickly?
  • Cheap Metal Detector : Finding A Good Deal  By : Matt Chang
    Finding the right price on metal detector can also allow you get more than one. If you and your child or children all get involved in metal detecting, it can get frustrating trying to share one metal detetor. Getting a good deal on several metal detectors can go a long way in keeping the peace on the home front. There are some great places where you can snag a bargain on discount metal detectors,
  • Three Reasons Why The Metal Detecting Hobby Is the Best Hobby  By : Frank Pandozzi
    The metal detecting hobby is the best there is. Here are three reasons why.
  • Nine Metal Detecting Sites You May Have Missed  By : Frank Pandozzi
    Metal detecting sites are everywhere. Here are nine areas you may not know about.
  • Treasure Hunting With A Metal Detector  By : Lou Drake
    Ever wondered what treasures might lie hidden right beneath your feet...old coins or jewelry lost long ago, just waiting to be picked up by a passerby like you?

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