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  • How a Hand-Grenade Works  By : John Homes
    How a Hand-Grenade Kills reveals the background of, and step-by-step procedure used to deploy a M-67 Grenade.
  • Tactical Watches for the Collecting Enthusiast  By : William Cole Doggett
    Tactical watches were created from the wrist type of watches that were conceptualized by a man called Louis Cartier. Cartier created a leather strap wrist watch for his Frenchman colleague named Alberto Santos-Dumont. This marked the start of the popularity of tactical watches in local France.
  • Military Rings And What They Signify  By : Dianne Hamments
    Military Rings are worn by current and retired members of the military as a highly visible demonstration of their proud participation in a branch of service. Their appeal supersedes distinctions of rank,gender and age: military rings are worn by officers and enlisted personnel, men and women, and the young and old.
  • Military Flashlights  By : Kristy Annely
    Military flashlights have come a long way from the brass body metal screw days of World War II. The flashlight used during those days was called the TL-122A. This flashlight and all other subsequent versions of it had their head angled at ninety degrees to the body.
  • Wind Up Flashlights  By : Kristy Annely
    Wind up flashlights are portable devices that are used for dealing with emergency situations such as power outrages and blackouts caused due to hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, flooding, and blown out street transformers. They are designed for rough use and can withstand shocks and vibrations that may occur while using them in emergencies.
  • What To Look For When Collecting Military Patches  By : Joelyn Pullano
    The collecting of military patches has become a popular hobby in the last few decades. Some people collect because they were in the military, and some because they are curious about the military or a certain war. If you are going to start collecting or have already, it is important to know how the patches are made and how to tell a real one from a fake one.
  • Books Away! Knowing the World War II Autographed Materials that You Can Buy  By : Joseph Baylon
    For many war enthusiasts, the Second World War marked a period of great change that makes memorabilia from that era worth collecting. The Second World War brought forth revolutions in artillery and war strategies, not to mention secret, surprise raids that marked the beginning of the war at Pearl Harbor, and the end of it at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Types Of Flak Jackets Used In The Vietnam War  By : JP
    Every frontline soldier in Vietnam was issued a flak jacket as
    part of his combat kit. The flack jacket is worn over the upper
    body, and was designed to give protection against small arms
    fire, shrapnel, and flying debris.
  • Molding Leather Armor  By : Jake Berlin
    In order to mould leather armor, soak it in water until it becomes pliable and soft. Then place it in the mould until it dries and hardens.
  • The History of Coats of Arms  By : Tony Luck
    The date and manner of the origin of coats of arms, often called family crests, has been a matter of much speculation. There is no evidence of coats of arms being present at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, nor were family crests apparent by the beginning of the twelfth century.
  • Medieval Chain Mail Armor - A Brief History  By : Art Allen
    The wearing of chain mail and body armor has been an effective means of protection in combat and war for centuries. Its use dates back to the Greeks and early roman empire where warriors and legionnaires donned metal plate and mail armour.

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