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  • Tips For Beginning Gold Panners  By : Marlene Affeld
    Panning for gold is a fun and potentially profitable activity and not that difficult a skill to master. Have patience, gold panning is like any learned skill, one gets better with practice.
  • Cedar Creek Gold Rush  By : Marlene Affeld
    The Cedar Creek Mining District is located in Mineral County, Montana on the east slope of the Bitterroot Mountains, southwest of what is now the town of Superior. The district encompasses Cedar, Quartz and Trout Creeks and their tributaries, which originate near the crest of the northwestward extension of the Bitterroot Range. The creeks flow northeastward to the Clark Fork River. Mineral County is bound by Missoula and Sanders counties and shares a border with the State of Idaho.
  • North to Alaska - The Rush is On!  By : Marlene Affeld
    History shows that the majority of the Nome gold recovered to date has been gleaned from the beaches of Nome, rather than the creeks and rivers. Thousands of gold seekers tromped over this golden treasure in their quest inland, never realizing that they were grinding beneath their boots the elusive mineral they so avidly sought.
  • Guide To Metal Detectors and Gold Prospecting  By : Mark P Andrews
    First and foremost, you want to find a metal detector that is
    already known to be very good for finding nuggets of gold. A
    great many detectors are for multi use purposes, and some of
    these might not be the best choice for your intended purpose, in
    mineralized areas. You really need to steer clear of the old BFO
    and TR detectors since these now are the detectors of the past.
  • How To Find Gold  By : Mark P Andrews
    If you want to become a lot more successful at gold prospecting
    or gold nugget prospecting, the first thing to realize is that
    good research can make your job a lot easier whilst out in the
    field. Widespread internet availability today makes your
    research a whole lot easier and there is a great deal of
    information out there that you can search for.
  • Treasure Hunting For Gold  By : David Cowley
    Treasure hunting is the common name for a fun and interesting hobby enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. They use portable metal detectors to go outside and literally hunt for treasure. With the price of gold over $700 oz today, more and more people are getting metal detectors and heading into the hills.
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