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  • Important Things To Remember When Starting To Play With Petrol Radio Controlled Cars  By : Cathy Robertson
    Petrol radio controlled cars are amongst the highly adopted toy cars from the spectrum of nitro cars. Nitro cars are cars that do not function on electric power but power derived from nitro fuels. These types of fuels are specialized fuels which are not obtainable at general stores or toy depots. In order to enjoy your Petrol radio controlled cars you may require these fuels which can be availed from specialized shops or even through online sources. As the popularity of nitro radio controlled ca
  • All About Radio Controlled Or RC Cars  By : Cathy Robertson
    RC cars are becoming famous day by day as one of the most coveted sources for recreational activities. These radio controlled cars offer enhanced level of excitement and enthusiasm to the players. For those who hold their interest it car racing field, RC cars are best options for them to gain pleasure in the activity. You may not only come across radio controlled cars but also a wide gamut of RC toys including RC boats, radio controlled hovercrafts, RC submarines, RC tanks, RC airplanes, RC mons
  • Where You Can Buy Collectible Cars And Toys  By : karl donald
  • Collecting Vintage Car Toys  By : James R Shaw
    Diecast cars, including the popular Hot Wheels and Matchbox brands along with countless others, first gained widespread popularity in the 1960's and 1970's. Often the most inexpensive toy cars, they make a wise choice for young children. Their low price also allows collectors to obtain a wide range of different models.
  • Why Resin Model Cars Are Special  By : Kadence Buchanan
    Resin cars are those model cars that are made out of this material. It's called resin of course, but what it is, is actually a plastic that is really a cast and not what used to be known as injection-molded. Due to the lessening of the injection-molded types of model cars, the machines that were once used to make them are no longer needed. The resin kits don't cost as much as the kits whose materials are made out of polystyrene. But they are pretty expensive.
  • The History of Die Cast Model Cars  By : Kadence Buchanan
    Since the beginning of the production of model cars, there have been a total of ninety-six different brands of model cars. Over a period of time, some of them have closed down, resulting in today twelve that are no longer up and running. Among those that are still going strong are the ever popular companies that use the die cast model to create their cars.
  • The Care And Feeding Of Die Cast Collections  By : Kadence Buchanan
    There are die cast model cars and then, well, there are toys. Where is the dividing line and how to serious collectors of die cast vehicles judge the quality of their collections? Like most things, there's more to this collecting passion than meets the eye.
  • The Simple Joys of Matchbox Cars  By : Kadence Buchanan
    The year was 1953, and the British toy company Lesney Products came out with the first so-called Matchbox car. It was then that they saw one of their biggest sales - a model of the Queen's Coronation Coach. This led the company to begin producing other scaled down versions of different vehicles - cars, dump trucks, cement mixers, and more. It was always important that they meet that special size requirement - that they fit in a matchbox. Thus, the brand was born.
  • Airbrushing Those Model Cars: Tips and How To  By : Kadence Buchanan
    The best way to apply paint is by airbrushing. It takes less time, and, come off it; we humans are totally all about making things a bit easier. But when you do use the air brush technique can be sort of tricky. So, here are some steps for air brushing that you should keep in mind!
  • The Skill Levels Of Model Car Kits  By : Kadence Buchanan
    Just as everything we do in life has different levels of mastery, so it is the same for model car kits. There are a total of five skill levels. Although, two of them can somewhat fit into one snug skilled level. These levels are determined by the detail that is applied to the models that you are trying to create. Read on to find which skilled level you are at!
  • Die Cast Corgi Toy Vehicles - a Brief History  By : Janet Ashby
    Collecting die cast toys is a popular hobby and many collectors specialise in particular brands. One very popular brand to collect is Corgi. Corgi die cast toy cars were first made in 1956 after some trials and errors to perfect the technique of die casting. They were launched by the company Playcraft, a sister company to Mettoy, on July 9 of that year and given the name Corgi. They were produced at the Swansea factory in Wales and they stood out from their rivals Dinky Toys, by being the first
  • Rare and Vintage Dinky Toys  By : Robert Wilson
    In the 60s Dinky Toys got a serious rival, the new kids on the block, Corgi Toys, complete with, (gasp!) windows! Dinky Toys soon followed and then innovations followed nearly every month, as the two big boys of the model car industry fought to get the upper hand. We had new features like 'independent suspension', 'interiors' 'GB' stickers, number plates and 'steering'. My friends and I greeted every new invention with glee and not a little awe.
  • Rare Redline Hot Wheels Making Tracks In Collecting World  By : David Bryan
    Hot Wheels are metal diecast toys that are manufactured by the Mattel Toy Company. Hot Wheels debut in the marketplace in the year 1968 and were a smashing success. The original line of Hot Wheels included 16 different cars, which are now more commonly known as the "Sweet Sixteen". These 16 diecast cars came in assorted colors and makes and were originally manufactured in plants located in the...
  • Automobile Models for Toy Collectors  By : Automobile Car Blog
    A lot of guys out there grew up playing with their toy cars, planes, trains, space ships, basically different types of vehicles. While there are those who eventually forgot about it as they got older and become more focused on work and their families, there are still some guys who never got over their fascination with such toys and have actually turned their old playthings into a collection.
  • Collecting Toy Cars: A Healthy Addiction  By : Paul Chenard
    I used to collect any metal transportation toy that I found interesting, anything that caught my eye (and that I could afford). In the late 80s, a Canadian-made Chime tin wind-up racecar toy from about 1935 came into my collection and suddenly, I had to find more racecar toys. I slowly traded away my other toys to acquire more metal (tin and diecast) racecars.
  • An Intro to Collecting Diecast Bikes  By : April Kerr
    Lots of people enjoy finding a pastime to occupy themselves when they aren't out working. There are so many different hobbies that people take up and they can include activities as diverse as diecast bike collecting to white water rafting. However collecting ornaments, trinkets and other objects is probably a lot safer and can be done without leaving your house.

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