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  • Breyer Model Horses: The Most Collectable Model Horses Ever  By : Amy Carrigan
    One reason that Breyer is so highly regarded and greatly collected has to do with the sheer variety the company produces. Traditionals, Classics, Special Runs, Paddocks Pals, Wind Dancers, and even the micro-model Minnie Winnies comprise their model lines, and they also create some accessory kits to go along with some of these. While these different model lines have their focused collectors who want to own the entire lines, another excellent method of collecting Breyer horses is to go by color
  • The Breyer Model Horse Success Story  By : Steven Beckerman
    Founded in 1950 in Chicago, Illinois, Breyer Animal Creations, often referred to merely as "Breyer", is a division of Reeves International (which acquired them in 1984) and one of the oldest model animal companies to date. Breyer Animal Creations began as the Breyer Molding Company. The company specializes in model horses, although they have produced wildlife and domestic animal models at various times.

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