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  • Hoisting the Sails On Your Own Models  By : Jimmy Cox
    Custom has evolved two classes of old-time ship model; one group exhibits a remarkable perfection of detail but seldom provided with sails. The other group is scenic in character and is generally represented with all sails set.
    Models in this general category include a host of model representations of early and medieval ships. Obviously the methods of making and spreading the sails for this general group of old-time models differs considerably to what must be done for a true scale model.
  • A Precious Model Ship Revealed  By : Jimmy Cox
    The Traveller was the flagship of a fleet of twenty-six ships that traded among the Islands of the Caribbean from 1750, until 1829. This enterprise is a salt water saga of vigil, hardships and little ease. The stouthearted family that owned and operated these vessels pitted their resources and courage against the cruel sea for eighty years; sometimes winning great stakes when their luck was in; at other times losing everything through the vagaries of the sea.
  • Model Sailboats Are Beautiful and Collectible  By : Mitch Endick
    From the days of the ancient mariners, the simple sail has been used to harness the power of the wind. For thousands of years, sailing vessels have traversed the great oceans of the world. The sight of a sail on the horizon could be a dangerous omen or a sign that company is coming. The sailboat, like the ocean, has captivated the human imagination.
  • Collecting Model Ships  By : Charles Kassotis
    Collectibles can be very rewarding. It is fun to collect items in a set, and it is rewarding to display them. Additionally, many collectibles look quite attractive as part of any home décor. Among the most attractive collectibles are model ships.

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