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  • The Lionel Polar Express - The Holiday Train  By : Eric Nobel
    If you're searching for a really cool yet novel gift to give, consider a Polar Express train set.Lots of people and families are returning to simpler vocations and some are introducing this great leisure pursuit to a fresh age group. The Polar Express set is of a startlingly first-class quality for a beginner's starter set. I believe countless adults like myself would be pleased to enjoy this as a holiday gift under the tree for the holidays. It's a moving reminder of childhood excitement and awe.
  • Model Railway Trains and Scenery  By : Darin Browne
    Part of the pleasure of model railway trains is being able to construct the scenery around them. Once you have gotten weary of setting up the train set around the Christmas tree and putting it away after Christmas every year, you might be geared up to construct for yourself something more enduring.

    The benchwork is the basis for your model railway trains. Model railway trains hobbyists have the choice of buying an already made benchwork or building one for themselves. Buying a benchwork ki
  • Scales For Model Railway Trains Including O Gauge Trains  By : Darin Browne
    Model railway trains have captured hobbyists for so long. It is a magnificent way to spend time and to communicate your artistic flair. There are lots of aspects of model railway trains beyond just collecting the locomotives. The model railway train hobby also involves building scenery as well as learning all the information that goes along with model trains, such as scales and gauges.
  • Lionel Pre-War Trains  By : karl donald
    Lionel trains have a long history in the United States and beyond and have been enjoyed by children and adults alike for more than a century. Lionel began to build these trains over 100 years ago, but it should be noted that they weren't originally meant to be toys. Instead, they began to build them for the specific purpose of store display use, especially during the Christmas holidays. This first train was operated with electric batteries and the trains ran on a tack made of brass.
  • The Origin of MTH Electric Trains  By : karl donald
    MTH model trains are built by MTH Electric trains, which originally stood for Mike's Train House. This American company is based in Maryland and was started by Mike Wolf who at a young age fell in love with trains in the 1970's. Soon he began building them at his parents house. His passion for model trains was turned into a successful business.
  • Train Sets History and Facts  By : Jamie Hanson
    The second half of the nineteenth century saw the origin of model trains. These trains were produced ...
  • Hobby Trains  By : James Sibling
    Hobby trains have been my pastime all my life. Ever since I received my first one when I was 6, I have collected and treasured them. I guess my mother later regretted it, as she spent quite a hundred dollars on my hobby. It was no surprise that when I was about 10, she told me I'd have to earn my
  • Atlas Model Trains  By : James Sibling
    Much like other companies in the hobby train industry the story of Atlas hobby trains is a story of vision, entrepreneurship, and hard work, combined with a enthusiasm for a model that resulted in a business that grew bigger than what anybody would have imagined at the beginning.
  • Hornby Locos - Is Your Train Going Off The Rails?  By : Norman Stanley
    Model railway enthusiasts by their very nature are detail freaks and with my train set I am one of the worst. Here are a few tips and tricks to stop those derailments that I've picked up from experience and other train hobbyists.
  • Hornby Locos - Start A Collection For Life  By : Norman Stanley
    Hornby locos were born in the UK around 1920 and were marketed under the name, Meccano. This was a clockwork model and today there are serious collectors scouring the highways and by ways for any of these '0' gauge models.
  • The Power That Runs Your Model Train  By : Jimmy Cox
    No matter what kind of train you buy, electricity will run it. You may have chosen a choo-chooing, smoke-puffing steam engine or a growling diesel. It makes no difference, for a tiny electric motor working through a worm-drive makes the wheels go round. The motor pushes an extra piston on your steam loco, puffing out smoke which is really vaporized oil, and making the lifelike sounds of the engine.
  • Why Toy Train Sets Are Still A Popular Christmas Gift Today  By : Gregg Hall
    Toy train sets have been part of childhood for a long time. They are the quintessential Christmas gift and boyhood hobby. What Christmas tree is complete without a toy train steaming around its base?
  • Building an HO Railroad  By : William Davis
    Whether you are new to model railroading or a seasoned veteran, building your own HO railroad will take considerable planning. It is a little more involved than just assembling track on a piece of plywood. Will your HO railroad be an indoor layout or a garden railroad? What will be the theme of your railroad?
  • Model Railroad Structures  By : Brad Pierce
    People who are not interested in model railroads and don't enjoy model trains often just see the basics of the railroad, the tracks, train and scenery. These people just see a train running round the track and wonder what all the fuss is about. They often don't see or understand the time and effort that has gone into making the scenery and structures for the model train.
  • Controllers For Model Trains  By : John Vanse
    When Direct Current [DC] powered trains with permanent magnet
    motors were introduced, a different standard was developed for
    most two rail train tracks where the direction of trains were
    controlled by the polarity of the DC track power applied to the
  • The American Flyer Model Train  By : John Vanse
    Although The American Flyer model trains were at their peak of
    popularity between the 1940s and the 1960s, they actually had a
    long history before that, and their popularity seems to be on
    the increase again today. William Hafner, working as a toymaker
    in Chicago, developed a clockwork motor for use in toy cars in
    the very early part of the 19th Century.
  • Popular Lionel Model Train Sets From 1946  By : Joelyn Pullano
    In 1946 Lionel produced an array of outfits similar to those in their prewar catalogs. Among these offerings were 23 sets. This broad spectrum of sets allowed Lionel to offer outfits at several prices, with the least expensive outfit retailing for only $24.95, while the deluxe outfit was $85.00.
  • Model Trains A Rewarding Hobby For Enthusiasts Of All Ages  By : Tony Harries
    Model trains are generally more realistic than toy trains. Model trains are an ideal way for children to use their imaginations fostering creativity and they are a very interactive hobby, where users can create elaborate model railroad layouts.
  • American Flyer Toy Trains - A Tradition In Collecting  By : Gail Metcalf
    American Flyer toy trains began as an idea to develop a clockwork motor for toy cars in 1901 by a man named William Fredrick Hafner. In 1905, he developed a train that could be operated by a clockwork motor on O gauge track.
  • Brass Train Books  By : Michael W. P. Ball
    There are several books that cover the Brass Train and
    associated brass equipment. Most are of the paperback variety.
    In this discussion we will review both hardback and paperback
    brass model train books. There are numerous model train books
    available however, brass model train books are somewhat limited.
  • The Enduring Popularity of Lionel Trains  By : Greg Howard
    When Joshua Lionel Cowen started his business of building Lionel
    trains as model toys for children and adults all over the world,
    his aim was twofold.
  • 40 Boxcars and Their Different Types  By : Michael W. P. Ball
    Modelers of HO trains model after specific railroad periods of the United States and Canada. From almost the onset of American railroads the 40 foot boxcar has been in existence. It began to disappear from the railroads in the 1960s.
  • Model Steam Trains - The History Of Model Steam Trains  By : Adam Fletcher
    Steam trains were the first mechanical form of transport which
    first hit the United States soon after the civil war. These
    amazing machines were are turnaround for people everywhere
    making it so much easier for people to travel as well as making
    it easier to ship goods and services across the country.

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